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A Wink Could Mean So Much

Posted on Fri Apr 5th, 2019 @ 7:23pm by Captain Rueben Gregnol & Chief Operations Tucker Youngblood

Mission: Mission 8 - Shattered
Location: ISS Fenrir
Timeline: MD02 10:00

Halan Zeti arrived at Captain Gregnol's ready room and rang the chime waiting for him to answer, she was one of the few that was loyal to the Captain and wasn't looking to stick a knife in his back. He didn't treat her like she was garbage because she wasn't human, of course it didn't hurt that she looked good, kept her department in line and kept his ship running very well.

For the moment, she was going to meet with the Captain to run through the department, maybe even convince him to help her get out of the fleet and actually return to her home world. She was tired of working for the Imperial Starfleet.

Gregnol looked up and smirked at that fact Zeti was finally arriving for there meeting. It wasn't unusual but it had been brought about by a 'wellbeing' meeting with Fenruse, eg monthly psychological evaluations. "Hello, Zeti." The man finally greeted as his guards let her in.

Zeti eyed one of the guards with disdain, before turning back towards the Captain. "Hello Captain, I'm here to discuss engineering and our current situation. How much longer am I faking warp core problems?"

The Captain made an shh motion before dismissing the guard with his own look of disdain. "Faking warp core problems are not something that needs to be commented on with the door wide open Halan." He hated having guards but it was something that Hump and Selina had insisted on as some people were still foolish enough.

Zeti smirked slightly as she placed a hand on her hip, her uniform hugged her curves and she was proud of the fact that she looked so good. "Oh it's me, Captain, no one is going to believe a Bajoran over a human."

Gregnol chuckled with a grin and indicated for her to sit down. "They might if you say it loud enough." The man commented on looking the woman over again. "So how is the sneakiness going?" The man had known the woman long enough to trust her. He only kept people he trusted close and on the ship.

"It's going fine, I just have to be more violent than I normally am," Zeti replied, as she folded her arms across her chest. "Being an engineering genius and really hot usually is enough, but lately my animals have been a little more wild."

The Russian just rolled his eyes again and pointed to the chair again. "Just sit. Animals are a little wilder?" The man couldn't help but wonder what she meant. Sometimes he couldn't help but wonder about a lot of phrases that she came out with.

Zeti say down in one of the chairs in front of his desk and arched one of her brows, "My engineers are being more violent, I'm calling them animals. One of them pissed himself when I held a blade to his throat after he killed one of my senior staff."

"Well most people would probably have that reaction if you did that to them," Gregnol said with a smirk. He had no idea the woman could be so violent still, he thought she had moved on from violence to psychological warfare to keep people in line. "Haven't heard anything like that about you for a while."

"I don't prefer violence, it's not in my nature but it can be an effective tool," Zeti replied, arching one of her brows. "It sent the right message to my staff and the rest of the ship is still talking about it."

The man raised his own eyebrow at the fact she didn't prefer violence. Wasn't that a precursor to Imperial Starfleet? He had survived the Academy by killing or maiming anyone who got in his way. "And if you don't prefer violence how have you made it this far and why do I keep you around?" Gregnol wondered as he looked her over again.

"Pray to the prophets of Bajor that you never, ever find out how I made it this far," Zeti's eyes glittered as she looked at him through her lashes. "Because if you do, it'll be far too late for you."

Gregnol just laughed before he turned deadly serious and looked at her with an intense look. "Zeti... I blew up a planet to stop Cardassian scum escaping. What do you think I would do to you think I would do to you if you tried?" He reminded her as he pointed to the portrait on the wall that showed Betazed burning.

"You'd be dead if I tried," Zeti said confidently. "And you blew up a planet because you're a hammer. Your solutions often cause the most damage. I'm a scalpel, I strike surgically and only cut what needs to be cut to cause the most damage."

"You are a fool." Gregnol rolled his eyes again at the woman. She was foolish to believe that when there was a chain of command and he knew for a fact at least five engineers were after her position, no one was foolish enough yet but you never knew when these things would happen. "Zeti one day that fooliness will kill you by my hand or someone more foolish." He said his usual comment when she was getting fired up.

"You won't kill me Captain, you see this relationship we have is mutually beneficial. We both know I'll never make a higher rank as someone who isn't human, so I have no desire for your or your XO's position. You look out for me and I look out for you. It works well for both of us," Zeti flashed him a charming grin. "Plus I know I'm good eye candy."

"Da you are easy on the eyes." He said with a lot less infusion that he normally would have. He glances at the painting again and frowned.

"Even more so when I'm out of uniform," Zeti laughed, as she arched one of her brows. "In the end, if someone kills me, I welcome it. Being a nonhuman among all of you humans who think they're superior is torture and because I am a slave I do not get any hope of retiring."

Gregnol looked at her and rolled his eyes again. It was his usual response to her being in his office. "Zeti..." He said in a low voice.

Zeti flashed him a charming grin, as she winked at him, "Oh Captain you love having me around, even when I make you face uncomfortable truths."

The man shook his head. He would have happily made her his new Executive Officer if she was human but he couldn't do that to her and make her such a target for everyone on the ship even if she was a pain in the ass. "Don't wink. I will only get the wrong idea." He commented.

"I can't help it if my natural allure gives you ideas," Zeti smirked at him. "If that's all, I really should get back to it. Do you need anything else Captain?"

That was always the request that he never knew how to answer. He always needed more but he shook his head neither less watching carefully as she left.


Captain Reuben Gregnol
ISS Fenrir
(PNPC Gregnol)

Lieutenant Halan Zeti
Chief Engineer
ISS Fenrir


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