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Reeducation or Opportunities

Posted on Tue Dec 4th, 2018 @ 6:59pm by Christopher Byrne & Captain Rueben Gregnol & Deacon Kane

Mission: Shattered
Location: Brig USS Gamon
Timeline: Late, MD 02

As the cell hatch slide aside, Suna's senses were assaulted by the search of unwashed bodies, undine and feces. “GUARD!” she hissed, “Come here this instant, and explain yourself!”

“Yes Doctor what do you want?” the brigmaster asked, walking slowly up to the cell door,. Wrinkling his nose, the gritted his teeth, “Yeah, I'm afraid they're getting a bit ripe in there. Just waiting for the order to clean them out.”

Suna scowled, “Brigmaster, are you not aware of the Admiral's order to keep these prisoners alive and well fed until their disposition is determined?”

The brigmaster paled as he saw the fire in the eyes of Dr. Kita Tajima, head of science and personal physician to Lord Admiral Kita Shinji, her father. She had earned the nickname ‘Suna' meaning ‘Grit' which the Brigmaster was growing to appreciate as she was indeed chaffing his ass right now. “Doctor, I was told that security was finished with these prisoners. We were just storing them until Recyc can get around to them.”

Suna sighed, knowing that this was another reason her honored sister would mark her as squeamish, laughing at her reluctance to eat replicated food. “Our Lord admiral has ordered that all prisoner be kept alive, regardless of their security status. Now remove them, clean them up and see that they are fed.”

“Yes, Doctor right away.” He replied, frustrated by the expenditure of resources this bleeding heart was demanding. But her authority and the presence of her mountainous bodyguard who lurked just behind them made him do little in the way of protest.

Looking back in the cell, Suna covered her mouth and nose, “Doctor Byrne?” she asked tentatively, Dr. Christopher Byrne, are you in there?”

"Right here," the doctor weakly stated from his crouched position along the cell wall. While weak and in need of food and cleaning, Chris intentionally made himself sound a bit weaker than he actually was. "More questions?" he asked as though he were readying himself for anothher round of interrogation.

“In a way, doctor.” Suna replied looking into the gloom of the cell holding her hand in front of her nose, Then as she left the doorway, she said, “Brisik, If you could please help the good doctor.”

Suddenly the light from the hallway dimmed, many of the Rosie's crew were convinced that the jailer meant to shut them in again. But the soon found that it wasn't the door blocking the light, but a hulking form, that now stepped into the space. It walked over to Chris and swiveled it's head, looking down at him through a pair of what appeared to be arc welder’s goggles. Picking Chris up by his shirt, Brisik lifted him off the floor until he could look at the human face to face. Wrinkling his nose in disgust, the Reman let Chris down, “Walk, Now!” He ordered in a gravelly voice.

A short time later, Chris found himself freshly, if somewhat roughly, washed and cleaned courtesy of Brisik, a bar of soap and a very rough sponge. He now wore a clean set of blue utilities, sitting I’m an empty mess hall with a plate of curried rice and shrimp in front of him. Across the table, Suna sat, looking quite tranquil, drinking a cup of cold tea. “How is your food doctor?” She asked taking an almost meditative sip of tea.

Considering his living conditions only moments ago, everything nice seemed to be so much better. He was sure that buttered toast would have felt like a kingly feast. For how starved his body was, his medical training told him that he would probably pay for the curry spice later. However now, it was euphoric. "Wonderful," was his reply. He looked down at his fresh clothes covering his newly cleaned body, a bit confused he asked, "I appreciate all that you've done, but I have to ask something. Why the sudden change in my treatment?"

As if fate knew that it was to soon to tell the man the truth Alexis appeared in the doorway surprised to see the woman sat there opposite the man she had interrogated earlier. The man looked confused by the Betazoid paid him no mind as she slowly crossed the room. "Ma'am your father requires you," Alexis said sharing a look with the woman who silently rose giving instructions for Alexis to stay there with the prisoner. Alexis looked at her dress and sighed, she hadn't worn anything practical for this situation. The woman's dress was white, sheer and covered in silver stars, her job was distraction and getting to the truth of the men and women who served on this ship.

Chris' expression changed from optimistically confused back to neutral. Perhaps he would never know why the other lady had express such kindness. Was it a trap to get him to lower his guard, or was it a genuine attempt to ease his suffering. It was almost crushing to realize that he may never know, but was that the intention?


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