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Bridge Conundrums [On the Ship pt. 1]

Posted on Fri Dec 21st, 2018 @ 4:28am by Executive Officer Valiyi Uhin & Dodian Carli M.D. Psy.D & Chief Comms Kendra McIntyre

Mission: Shattered
Location: SS Mary Rose, Bridge
Timeline: MD 01 : 10:00

On the Bridge... (cont. from 'It was You?')

With a small gasp, Valiyi lifted herself from the Bridge floor, seating herself upright slowly and steadily. Her head pounded, and her vision was blurry. The gas that they had been hit with must have still been in her system. As her vision began to clear, she surveyed the area, realizing she was still on the Bridge. "Reuben..." she muttered in a mild whisper, "... Captain?"

A sharp pain was felt on Kendra's head, almost telling her to wake up. She tried to open eyes that didn't want to open. As she was finally able to get a read on her surroundings, she noticed that she was sitting as though she had fallen into the central railing of the Bridge. "Wha.. What happened?" was all that Kendra could mutter.

Slowly, Valiyi forced herself to stand, eyes upon the few denizens still in the room. "It seems our saboteur had decided to take action." Her thoughts flickered back to the image of Dixoho holding the whole bridge hostage. There was still confusion over what had occurred, but there would be time to sort that out after she sorted the Bridge out. Turning to the others, she gave them a serious look despite her headache. "And for whatever reason, they've decided to leave us behind. We should be wary. Is everyone alright?"

"I am alright," Kendra slowly replied, if my head would stop hurting. As she manned her station, the comms chief almost felt a little better being in a familiar setting. "At least we are no longer held prisoner." She had no idea what had actually happened as most of the last, she did not know how long, seemed like a blur.

"Good." Valiyi kept her calm as she leaned against the nearest console. Most of the ship looked to be intact, save for the loss of half the bridge crew. At least they were not completely alone, but Jasper seemed to still be unconscious. He too would have been in for a nasty little surprise. "We should see if anyone else was left aboard. Miss-... Kenda, was it?"

"Correct," the Kendra nodded. Reaching her hand for the first aid kit under her station came up empty, so she asked, "Where is the medical kit now?" She was still not used to the new layout of the Bridge after her century ice nap.

"I... am not certain. Typically, I bother Operations when I want to know where things like that have gone off to-" Valiyi turned as the Bridge door swished open, revealing a rather large, well-armed human in an odd uniform, insisting his presence into the area. Despite his appearance, Valiyi did not seem the least bit concerned.

And it was the guard who made his first move. "You're not supposed to be awake yet."

"Apologies, we don't like to disappoint," Kendra replied.

"And who do you think you are, storming onto our bridge? I think it is you who is the disappointment!" Valiyi snapped, demeanor changing. "How absolutely rude of you!"

The guard was taken aback by this, uncertain how to respond. He stood there, absolutely dumbfounded, as if he had never been talked back to by a woman. "Well I uh-"

Valiyi stamped a foot, motioning for Kenda to have a similar annoyance. "This is absolutely intolerable, wouldn't you say so, Chief?"

Dodian groggily opened her eyes noticing she was splayed across her console, this confused her slightly as the last thing she remembered was the ship being held hostage and their capture escaping. Then the unwelcome feeling of wanting to sleep. In the background she heard muffled speech unsure of what exactly what was being said, but as her senses began to refocus it became apparent something was wrong.

Her El Aurian senses were tingling, at least that's what she thought it was. An unnerving feeling, something pulling at her skin almost to tell her something was wrong. She had heard of it before when El Aurians experience a time shift, or something similar...

"I think he needs a beating." Dodian muttered loud enough to hear but she was deadly serious in her meaning. She had no time for most people let alone those who'd gassed her and threatened her.

"Of course, he does," Kendra nodded. Remembering something she read about recently, the communications chief pointed out. "This simply cannot be tolerated. I think this one needs a round with the pain sticks," her eyes narrowed into almost a pleasurable expression at the intruder. She was hoping that she had not overplayed the situation.

Valiyi Uhin
First Mate
SS Mary Rose

Kendra McIntyre
Chief Comms
SS Mary Rose

Dodian Carli
Science Cheif
SS Mary Rose


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