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Talk Of The Long Game

Posted on Sat Feb 2nd, 2019 @ 4:57pm by Captain Rueben Gregnol & Executive Officer Valiyi Uhin & Jasper Offermans

Mission: Shattered
Location: ISS Gaman
Timeline: MD03 - 22:00

Hanudi' drew in a deep breath as he walked in scouting out the place. His eyes caught the trio of women near the food and he hesitated a moment before heading towards the table where they were gathered. Looking over the food choices he took a plate and began selecting a few items for himself before glancing back up at the women.

Alexis hadn't wanted to come to this event at all but all Betazoid Interrogators had been told to go to mingle and mix with everyone. "Hello, Soudia." The woman said having met him a few times when Gregnol brought him across for protection. They were both enslaved species but at least his world survived unharmed.

The Dal'chi warrior nodded and offered a faint smile, "Alexis, good to see a familiar face." Hanudi' drew in a breath and added, "you as excited to be here as I am?"

"I'm dying to be here," Alexis commented on looking around the room. There were far too many people in this room if things went wrong but she was sure that this was the Admiral chose it that way, no one would want it to go wrong in a massacre.

As the food was set out and everyone seemed to be comfortable in their conversations, a tall, mussy-haired figure strode past. His eyes lit up as he spied Micheal, striding past the pair talking. Aki stopped mid-stride, immediately turning toward the pair as if it was them he intended to speak with. "Akihito Takeshi. Pleasure."

"Ah, one of Roberston's crew." Alexis realized knowing the crew from the Punishers by heat. "Pleasure as well Takeshi."

The Dal'chi tilted his head and looked between the two and nodded. There wasn't much he could say though it was probably unwise at this point to be impolite. There was honor among his people, though twisted and perverted by those whom they were forced to serve. The logic behind it was not clear and he adjusted the pommel of his sword slightly as he glanced around again. "I don't have such a good feeling about this."

"Not a good feeling about what?" The young flight officer looked between the two, before eyeing the others in the room. He caught sight of the [i]Fenrir's[/i] armory officer sneaking off with another of the long list of people he couldn't be bothered to remember. Aki scoffed at the thought of everyone in the room. "Having three ship's worth of officers in a room trying to play nice with one another? Seems like a good idea to me."

"Trying." The single word escaped Hanudi' in response, "it also means we make a larger target, easy prey for someone with the desire to advance."

Alexis laughed softly before she snorted. "I would love to see someone try. It would make my day." Alexis glanced around and noticed several Officers that had wronged her when she had been on the Gaman. She would most likely assist the person who tried.

"It'd be fun to watch," Aki said with a shrug. "But the pretty lady here's right. It's not the greatest idea. It'd be like watching dominoes fall, and the one on top's probably gonna be that guy." He made a weak attempt at pointing in the Admiral's direction. "My mother always said it's a bad idea to shoot someone in their own house. She'd know, dad's tried."

"Being on top makes you the target," Hanudi' said drawing in a deep breath, "this is more like a house of cards."

"Let's just hope we aren't at the bottom of the falling cards." The woman in the group hinted at them as she watched Selina leave the room out of the corner of her eye.

"Looks like the bat is about to bite," Hanudi' mentioned in a low tone as he caught the woman leaving. There was a wry smile that began crossing his face as he glanced over towards Alexis "I have no orders to protect anyone so we better hang back and keep our eyes open."

Sipping the drink in his hand, Aki nodded in agreement. "Shoulda brought one of those notepad things I ganked off of our last conquest. Tons to write down."

"Notes might be beneficial," Hanudi' agreed with a nod, "alertness more."

Alexis just stayed quiet as she watched. No point in adding to the conversation now. They were all well versed in this type of thing, all knew how to act and behave putting on a front. Alexis knew that Selina was playing game after game with most men and women on Fenrir it was a given but what games could she be playing there.


Alexis Agrax
ISS Gaman
(PNPC Gregnol)

Hanudi' Sou'dia
ISS Fenrir
(PNPC Jasper)

Akihito Takeshi
Flight Control
ISS Punisher
(PNPC Uhin)


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