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Back To The Uknown Planet With A Jolt

Posted on Sat Feb 2nd, 2019 @ 4:58pm by Ka'see 'Cassie' Anderson & Jasper Offermans & Chief Helmsman Eden Bowers & Johnathen Anderson Jr & Ryder Bray & Chief Comms Kendra McIntyre

Mission: Ishimura
Location: Unknown Planet
Timeline: 2243

Cassie awoke with a small groan and wince as she pushed herself back from where her head was resting she looked around. That was right they had been caught up in some type of storm and the ship had lost altitude luckily for them a planet was so close.

Everyone else was still out for the count and she just hoped that they were all alive. The young woman started to check them all and they all had pulses but it was the last one that worried her as it took a moment longer to find it. Cassie felt wherever they were it very much like breathing a hot and sour soup at that moment and it wasn't pretty caused by the ship having been filled with smoke as the viewscreen was smashed giving the scientist a view of the purple sky.

Jasper moved as his mind came to in the wreckage of the bridge. A smear of blood was on the side of his head where it had struck the station panel on his way to the hard floor. Besides the throbbing pain in his head, the arm he had tried to stop his fall had fractured, the humorous to be more specific, and there was nothing about the pain he felt when moving it.

"Purple Sky," he muttered as he tried to get his thoughts together, "at least we survived."

Eden had opened her eyelids and heard the words 'purple sky.' For a moment she thought she was dreaming and then everything flooded back. "Ow," she said at the rough landing. Still, it was the best she could have done on the short notice. She glanced around as she clutched the cut on her forehead from banging her head on the console. "Does anyone need help?"

"Nope!" Up sprang Ryder, who didn't notice the blood streaming from his side or the subsequent pain that followed. Instead, he turned to Jasper, immediately keying in on the other's injuries. "We should probably get you patched up, Offermans. Before any of that gets infected. Does anyone have the medkit?"

Jasper looked up at Ryder, "what about yourself? You've got a nasty bleed of your own."

"Do I?" Ryder looked down and around for a moment, patting himself for a wound. He winced when he hit his side, thought about it, and shrugged. "I'm sure I'll be fine."

Suddenly, from the pilot's seat, Johnathen groaned slightly as he started to come to. "Uuuugh..." He then started to cough as his lungs fought against the harsh atmosphere that was streaming in through the busted viewports in front of him.

Groaning from the floor, Kendra suddenly came to with a jolt. She sat up before thinking and was immediately greeted with a wave of dizziness. Her head pounded and she almost felt like she were lightyears away from herself. Upon hearing the cough from the pilot's seat, Kenda noticed the busted viewport. She pointed in the direction of the manual lockdown button that would seal off the viewport. Unable to get up without falling back down, she called out, "Push it... now."

Cassie reacted to both people but moved to Kendra, the woman would appreciate her help whilst Johnathen would most likely push it off. "You are okay Kendra. Just relax we've landed somewhere." The woman said thinking that there was no need for rank and surnames at the moment, they needed to get people better. Cassie reached under the co-pilots chair and pulled out the medi pack.

Eden hit the button and pulled out the medkit from behind her seat, handing it to Ryder and then thinking better of it, opening it herself so that both of them would receive medical treatment from her. Eden was fairly certain she wasn't bleeding, just dazed and stiff.

"I've got to get a distress signal," Jasper added with some concern in his voice. He attempted to stand as he spoke only to decide that the dizziness he was experience wasn't going to let him right then, "is the communications console still working?"

Cassie sighed as she looked at the communication console in front of Kendra and shook her head. It looked like to the woman that Kendra had slammed into it as they had crashed. “No… we have time lets get ourselves patched up and then we can think about things,” Cassie said seeming it looked like she was the most unhurt out of the group. Maybe it was her Vulcan heritage or the fact she just wasn’t thinking about the smudge of green blood she could see.

Accepting Cassie's medical aid, Kendra pointed out, "We have to seal the shuttle first. The viewscreen." She pointed to the shattered screen and the coughing Johnathen, "We won't be around long enough for rescue if we don't have air." She knew that she probably had a bit of a concussion, but she was functional.

Cassie shook her head. "We landed on a planet where we can breathe just relax," Cassie instructed cooly. They would have to repair the screen eventually but the air as breathable for now it wasn't a priority, patching people up was.

After a sigh of relief, Kendra relaxed a little easier, "That's a relief, death by suffocation isn't anything I want to experience." Now that one crisis was relieved, Kendra looked toward the communications console. Her head did a number on it, but the innards should still be workable. "Am I okay to take a look at the console?"

While everyone spoke, Johnathen quietly reached up to touch the nasty gash in his forehead. Before he touched it, he froze, wide-eyed. He then waved his right hand in front of his eyes a few times. "Uh, guys?" He interrupted with a slight groan. "I got a problem here. My head is killing me, and I can't see anything."

"Go to him, he's more serious than me," Kendra nodded to Cassie. She made herself act better than she felt as if saying that she was ok. Her goal was to make it to the communications console without falling over, which she did successfully.

"I'll scout ahead, see if we hit anything or anyone important," Ryder pointed out, moving to the back and the landing hatch. "You all stay here, just in case our initial readings missed anything."

Jasper nodded his understanding to Ryder as he moved to leave. He saw Kendra make it to the communication console and bit his lip. we better all get busy."

Eden frowned, not liking that one person was going off by himself. "Wait, I'll come with you." There wasn't much she could do in the shuttle anyway, she didn't know much about medicine, just the basics.

"Stay safe," Kendra called back to the exiting pair from her seat as she popped off the communications console. At first glance, the initial assessment showed nothing catastrophic. However, time would definitely be a factor given the transistors and microprocessors inside the unit. "This... may take a while," she stated mostly to herself."


Ensign Cassie McAvoy
Science Officer - Biology
USS Ishimura
(PNPC Gregnol)

Ensign Eden Bowers
Chief Helmsmen
USS Ishimura

Ensign Johnathan Anderson Jr.
Helm Officer
USS Ishimura
(PNPC Robertson)

Ensign Jasper Offerman
Operations Officer
USS Ishimura

Enisgn Kendra McIntyre
Communications Officer
USS Ishimura

Lieutenant Ryder Bray
Chief Security Officer
USS Ishimura


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