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We're Not Pirates

Posted on Sun Feb 3rd, 2019 @ 7:21pm by Ryder Bray & Ka'see 'Cassie' Anderson

Mission: Shattered
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: MD 01 : 12:00

Cassie had woken with a worse headache than when she had gone to sickbay to get something for the hangover she was feeling. She had been drinking until late that evening and had woken to head to sickbay when the ship had lurched and that had been the last thing she remembered until she had woken.

"Hello?" She called out in sickbay confused and disoriented.

A light was immediately flashed in Cassie's direction, peeping from behind one of the sick bay beds. "State your name and designation."

The woman turned and looked at the man crouched on the floor. "Ensign Ka'see... And... McAvoy." The woman said nearly saying her married name instead of her maiden name. "I was a scientist."

In another instant, the light shut off, and a tall figure rose from behind the bed. "Jesus Kass. You're about the first nice person I've seen on the Ishimura. What are we at, war? I wake up and almost get these weird phasers down my throat."

Cassie looked at the tall man and crossed the space wrapping an arm around him gently being careful of any injuries that he might have. "You have missed so much Ryder," The woman said wishing her head wouldn't pound so she could explain to him properly.

"You can tell me later." The man gave his surroundings a look. "... We've got intruders on the Ishimura, but the current crew isn't wearing their uniforms. I almost accidentally knocked out a poor Trill scientist who was trying to get a plant to eat me. Who's who on this ship?"

"Ry this isn't the Ishimura anymore." The woman said softly as she chuckled knowing actually what Trill Scientist he was on about. She worked with Humili daily and it was just like the woman to do something like that. "It's a really long story about what happened to us but you've been out of it since you reappeared." The woman paused as she heard footsteps behind him and grabbed his hand tugging him to make him move.

Ryder followed behind her, making a confused face. "Anymore? What? That doesn't make any sense, half the ship's working like it's supposed to. I say half because I haven't gotten to the other half. How long have I been out? What happened with that weird cloud - oh say, is Eden alright? What about the others? Where is everyone?"

"Ryder!" Cassie said sounding very much not like her at all. "Okay short version. We are one hundred and fifty years in the future. We are on a civilian ship stuck in another universe right now." She said quietly as a shadow passed by them making her put her hand over his mouth.

He waited till the shadow passed, then a few moments after, before removing her hand from his mouth. He seemed to gloss over about half of what she had said. "Don't be silly, I can navigate my way through this," he said in a hushed tone. "This is definitely the Ishimura. It even has the dent in it from that one incident we had with the Klingon war priestess."

"We are one hundred years in the future." She finally said wishing she had a way to make it better for him but now wasn't the time or the place.

Ryder opened his mouth, before it slowly closed and he squinted. ".... We'll have to talk about this later. Who're the bad guys in all this? And do we have to deal with that cloud thing?"

"Cloud no, these people I don't know they seem Starfleet but the uniforms are all off," Cassie said as something passed them in the corridor again. Cassie held her breath as she listened to what they were saying about captives on the ship and one in particular that they were looking for.

"So they're pirates." Ryder said with absolute resolve, quietly as to not be heard. "They're all pirates and we have to do something about it. How many do you think there are?"

"Ryder... Please listen." Cassie requested softly. "We are the pirates. This isn't a Starfleet vessel anymore and I don't think we are in our universe." She admitted hearing more people talking in the distance. It was unerving being there especially when she knew if let lose she could take them on with her Vulcan strength.

Ryder's head tilted to one side as he glanced from the figures in the corridor to Cassie. "Are you saying we're stealing the ship?"

"No. Starfleet sold her legally off to the Captain," Cassie said wondering if the man had always been like this or was it Cassie just struggling with all the stress going on with her new home being invaded.

"Then they're the pirates," Ryder pointed out. "Ishimura or not, this is our home, and they've got phasers, so they're the bad guys. They need to go."

"They are the pirates." She agreed in earnest to his rationale behind it all finally. She nodded quickly but froze like a deer in the headlight when someone dressed in a blue uniform found them.

"Good, then we'll just-" As the blue-uniformed stranger popped into view, Ryder sprang into action, snagging the nearest tray table and aiming it at the stranger's face.

"Halt!" The man said pulling out a strange weapon pointing it at them missing the tray table coming at him. It knocked him to the floor making Cassie grab the mans hand not even caring if the man was moving or not they had an escape.

"Move." She ordered him slipping into her authoritative Starfleet voice as she tugged on his arm.

Ryder tugged his arm back for a moment, kneeling down to grab the strange weapon. "It'll be easier if we have something to help us get to them."

Cassie whirled around as he tugged free and she looked at him then the weapon with a nod. They need to get out of there and find the others urgently. "Just move." She said shoving him in front of her as the man they had assaulted started to moan.

"Alright, alright." Ryder kept his eyes on the strange man as they turned to leave the room. He didn't like this one bit. "... Once we're out of this, I'm gonna need a better sitrep, Kass."


Cassie Anderson
SS Mary Rose
(PNPC Gregnol)

Ryder Bray
Free Agent
(PNPC Uhin)


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