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Awkward Captains

Posted on Wed Feb 6th, 2019 @ 11:10pm by Captain Ledeya ‘Ed’ Ehestri & Chief Helmsman Eden Bowers
Edited on on Wed Feb 27th, 2019 @ 9:36pm

Mission: War Games
Timeline: MD01 20:00

Ledeya was having a ball in meeting Commanding Officers and people she had known of but never met before from around the fleet. It was such an enjoying experience to have events like this happen, the base felt like a festival, lots of excitement and basic good humour. Nothing was going wrong so far. Ledeya was blending in with the crowds wearing Civilian clothes purposely.

Jane could honestly not remember the last time she was out of uniform except for the clothes she slept in. There was no reason for it. Hak was always gallivanting around the universe so it wasn't as if she went on a lot of dates. She worked, and then she slept. Occasionally she went for a jog or did something on the holodeck, but not very often. Even the night of Ambassador Vayr's party she'd been in her dress uniform. She smoothed down her dress for about the dozenth time and looked around, trying to find someone she recognized and could speak to before she became a permanent wallflower.

Ledyea saw a woman looking around and smiled. The woman was familiar but it wasn't the usual setting that she remembered her from at all, they had crossed circles before. "Saulitis right?" Ledeya wondered as she reached the woman and searched the crowd herself.

Though it was her name, very few people called her that. Even on her own ship she was usually referred to by her rank or position though Patrick, a civilian, called her Jane with her permission. "Yes," she said, before she'd even turned around all the way.

"I'm Ehestri. Commanding Officer of the USS Cosmos." It was strange to refer to herself by her surname. She normally at the very least included her first name into the mix so it didn't sound quite as odd.

Now that she mentioned it the woman did look familiar. Obviously, they'd met before but it must have been one of those conversations Jane so often had with people that didn't sink in because it was inherently awkward. She wasn't known for doing well with those skills. This last mission though had made her downright sociable. "Yes, sorry. I remember you. Well . . . I'm sure you're not forgettable to most people. You can call me Jane."

"Well, you can call me Ledeya in that case Jane." The woman said her name slightly slower than normal. Some species found it hard to say her name, to say the least, it was why in the Academy she had been known as 'Ed' for years and it had followed her around the fleet.

"Quite the turnout," Jane replied nervously. "I rarely get to see this much brass in one room. I'm not sure I'd ever get used to it. I feel like I should be delivering them coffee."

"I will never question someone bringing me coffee it is my weakness." The woman said brightly. She wasn't nervous in the slightest. "I used to be Chief Medical Officer so Captains have never scared me." The Betazoid said with a chuckle as she watched a Commodore walk across the promenade without even glancing there way.

"Do you want me to get you a cup?" Jane joked. "I was a pilot. I'm getting a little better with people as I get older. Maybe by the time I'm 90 I'll be the life of the party." She glanced around the room again, wondering if there were anyone else there that she might recognize or know.

Ledeya laughed and shook her head. "I would rather have a cocktail at the moment." She mused with a grin. It wasn't hard to see that the woman was going low key for a reason. "Maybe imagine them all naked?" She offered knowing that would make the situation even worse to some people but it did make her wonder how the woman had become a Commanding Officer with her lack of confidence.

"Only when I'm giving speeches, which thankfully I don't have to do today. It's fine, I'll get used to it. No need to try and make me feel better. Doors are opening, horizons broadening and getting pushed out of my comfort zone never hurt me. Speaking of being out of my comfort zone, maybe I should go introduce myself to this group." She pointed a few meters away. "They look almost as excited as I am."

"I'm not trying to make you feel better Jane," Ledeya assured softly seeing a group. "Have fun I am going to have a cocktail feel free to join me later on if you fancy something." The woman said pointing to what looked like a night club further down the promenade.

"Thanks," Jane smiled and wandered off in the direction of the new group.


Commander Jane Saulitis
Commanding Officer
USS Majestic
(PNPC Bowers)

Captain Ledeya ‘Ed’ Ehestri
Commanding Officer
USS Cosmos / TG 72-B
(PNPC Gregnol)


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