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Posted on Thu Feb 7th, 2019 @ 9:00pm by Chief Helmsman Eden Bowers & Captain Sebastian Deauvuex

Mission: Ishimura
Location: Deck 20, Ship's Library
Timeline: 2243

Eden curled a strand of her hair around one finger and looked down at something in her lap. She was sitting in the library, on the floor in the smallest corner she could fine. A pile of PADDs spread around her. Whoever had come up with the idea for a library on a starship should be immortalized in Eden's opinion. There was nothing better than a good book. A sound made her look up. The Captain was standing there. She almost asked if she could remain at ease or if this was a social call but realized how impertinent that sounded. She sighed slightly and began throwing things off of her so she could stand up.

The man in question shook his head quickly as she made the move to stand up. "Don't. At ease." He said quickly not wanting to bother her, he was just looking for an item to read and to return the book he had been reading. It had been a couple of days since he had seen her outside of Bridge hours.

Relaxing back into her nest on the floor. "I lose track of time easily," she explained by way of the stuff surrounding her. "I suppose that's a good thing, I don't often get bored. Did you need something or were you just browsing?" Eden scratched the tip of her nose and looked at him expectantly.

The tall man held up the book he was carrying so she would be able to see the book. It was a french titled book that the man obviously could read as it was a well-worn book. "Just returning my book." He said softly taking in her appearance trying to work out why this woman was appealing to him at all.

"Ah, okay," She looked back down at her lap but his eyes seemed to be lingering on her. It made her want to squirm. "Did you want to join me? There's still a bit of floor over there that doesn't have something on it."

"No, I better not I need an early night. I just came to get a new book." He said shaking himself free of the staring. He really needed to get over whatever it was that was distracting about the helm officer. She was a good 15 years younger and under his command.

"Yeah, I should probably do that as well. I'm sure the Captain would not like it if I crashed us into something because I was sleepy." Eden joked as she started gathering up her pile of things. "What are you going to read next? I've always liked Jane Austen though I'm sure that would not interest you, not nearly enough action."

"Gargantua and Pantagruel ... the book I am reading isn't really action. I used to be a science Officer Eden, I am not your usual Commanding Officer." He admitted with a small smile as he picked up a few of her PaDDs and piled them together for her. "François Rabelais book is one of the most outrageous books I've ever read. Jane Austen, you say?" He wondered to himself as he disappeared into the stacks to put the book that and find this Jane Austen.

"I didn't know that," Eden admitted, "I didn't mean to generalize." She nodded about Austen. "I always liked Emma the best. I like how she's beautiful, but not vain and how she grows throughout the story. She's head strong and completely herself which was something I always had trouble with growing up. At least when around other people."

"It is a long story how I went from a Science Officer to Commanding Officer." Sometimes he couldn't believe it himself but here he was wearing this uniform with the very nice extra trips on his jacket. "We don't have that book but we do have Pride and Prejudice." He picked up the book looking at the cover.

"Ooo, my second favorite. I don't know why I didn't think to look for her novels before." Eden hesitated wondering if he would hand her the book or if he was thinking of taking it for himself. "Do I get to hear your story sometime?"

"Did you want it? I can get another book." He said offering it to her automatically. "Maybe." He said with a shrug. Not many heard his story unless he knew them a lot more than he knew this Ensign.

"No, if you want to read it, it's fine. I've read it before." She blushed slightly realizing that was probably a very personal thing to ask someone, about their past. "I'll just do some journaling before bed, you read it." Eden assured him as she gathered up her stuff in her arms, getting ready to leave.

“I will.” He brought the book back close and nodded. It was awkward but what could he do to fix it when things were hard enough as it was. “Goodnight Ensign.” He said brushing over her comment about reading it. His story wasn’t private it could be found by anyone but it was only half the story.

"Goodnight Captain," She gave him a big smile and started to move away. "Oh, actually. I invited a couple of people to my quarters for some games, just people I've made friends with. I thought maybe we could play cards or something. You'd be welcome to come, we don't care about rank." She used the term friends loosely as they were basically the only people who had spoken to her for more than a few seconds since coming on board the ship. "Tomorrow, 2000 hours."

Sebastian was sure that her friends would be happy to see him but maybe he could show up and leave very quickly pretend an emergency or something. “I will try my best.” He offered softly or he could stay and maybe after something relaxing he could try and talk about the awkwardness between them.

"Alright," she gave a nod, it was something. "I will see you tomorrow hopefully, well I'll see you tomorrow anyway, on the bridge." She shook her head and backed into a bookshelf before laughing embarrassingly and leaving the room.

Sebastian knew at that moment at her embarrassed giggle he was done for. He was going to hell for sure that was all he knew, he was in so much trouble. He glanced at the ceiling in a silence pray for help from whatever deity was listening to him.


Captain Sebastian Deauvuex
Commanding Officer
USS Ishimura
(PNPC Gregnol)

Ensign Eden Bowers
Chief Helmsmen
USS Ishimura


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