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I Want To Help You

Posted on Wed Jan 16th, 2019 @ 6:25pm by Lieutenant Selina Fenruse & Chief Armoury Micheal Robertson

Mission: Mission 8 - Shattered
Location: ISS Fenrir
Timeline: MD03 - 22:00

Selina smirked as she saw the man across the open space of the Admiral's party. She walked across and stepped in front of him. She knew he hated her and that was okay. Hating her was okay as long as he listened to her and what she had to tell him. "Hello, Captain." She greeted a sweet smile on her face.

Micheal saw Selina approach and felt the bile rise up in his throat. While he had no preconceived hatred to most nonhumans, there was something about the Betazoids that had always disturbed him. Perhaps it was their snobbish attitudes, or, more possible, it was their proven history of reaching into people's minds whenever it suited them. Either way, he didn't care for any of them. While he loathed Gregnol, he did agree with how the Russian had destroyed their homeworld. He just couldn't understand why the Butcher of Betazed had then decided to put several on his own ship or why it had to be that one.

When Selina stepped up to him, Micheal glared down into her face. "What do you want, Lieutenant?" He kept his tone as civil as he could, realizing that she was, at least, acting respectful to his rank.

"I'm not a Lieutenant anymore." Selina reminded him with a small smile. "You know that no Betazoid can hold rank in Imperial Starfleet anymore." The woman pointed out with a look towards Dixoho. "You are relieved she is back yes?"

Ignoring the comment regarding how her species was being treated, Micheal followed her gaze over to the beautiful Trill. Smiling softly without thinking about where he was, he replied, "Yes. While I know she can take care of herself, I still hated that she was sent alone."

"She wasn't alone. Mahone went with her." Selina reminded softly. "She killed anyone who got in her way, Micheal." Selina had seen her reports and the men she had slept through and killed, it seemed to be as easy as breathing to her.

Micheal was silent for a moment as he took in the news that Dixoho had not gone alone after all. Then he nodded slightly. "The Doctor," he uttered with a hint of contempt. While Mahone had saved his life after the failed duel with Reuben, Micheal still felt as if the Chief Physician had taken a few too many liberties on how he put the Texan back together. Micheal had discovered later after he had begun his rehabilitation, that the overuse of cybernetics had not been essential to his survival.

"Don't be like that." The woman said touching his nose with a grin. "Like Gregnol would send her alone. He is fond of her, after all." Selina reminded him, softly feeling the contempt he had for Gregnol. Who, in her opinion, went up against a man who burned a planet.

Micheal blinked at the sudden contact. Chuckling softly, he looked down into Selina's deep, dark eyes, the hatred gone for a moment. "Don't be like what? You, of all people, know how much she means to me." He gave her a sly smile before continuing. "You're not still jealous, are you?"

Selina levelled him with a look and glanced around for a second to check that Kita wasn't around. She didn't need the man she was with currently to know her past relationship with this man. He was lower than the lowest thanks to the cybernetics and the fact that he had been defeated by Gregnol and left alive. "I don't do jealousy. Especially from someone who sleeps around."

Micheal's face took on a hurt expression, which he quickly hid, though not fast enough to hide it from Selina. Keeping his voice down so that only Selina could hear him, he responded. "That's not fair, Sel. You know I don't do that. When I am with a woman, she is the only one I am with. I didn't sleep with Dixoho until after we broke up." He shook his head slightly, clearly disappointed in this discovery. "All these years, I thought you knew that." He paused before continuing. "I am truly sorry that you got hurt in all this. Look into my mind, if you don't believe my sincerity, Imzadi."

If it had been anyone else she would have torn into his mind and ripped it apart. "You don't get to call me that. Those words were of a foolish girl." Selina said. "And I didn't mean you I meant your stupid little girlfriend. How do you think she survives when poison isn't an option straight away, she sleeps with them. At least I gave you everything." She said poking his shoulder.

Micheal's armor cracked slightly at Selina's emotional display. He cast his human eye down to the deck. "I'm sorry, Selina. I never meant to hurt you." He didn't know what else to say. Selina Fenruse was one of the few people alive that knew how to get to the Texan's core with a single word or look. After a few beats, he tried to clear his throat but croaked quietly as he spoke. "If you will excuse me." He then turned and made his way out of the room as quickly as he could, without causing a scene.

Selina glanced around before following. Micheal had brought it up but he might now play a brilliant part for the plan for Asahi and Selina to escape Gregnol’s clutches. “I don’t excuse you.” She said quietly.

Out in the corridor, Micheal turned when he felt Selina approach behind him. He had a questioning look on his face, not sure what was about to happen.

"I came over to talk to you, to ask for your help, but that doesn't matter now. I see you no longer are even half the man you were back then. The man who would have helped a lowly Engineer without a second thought." Selina said just as quietly. Asahi was right, it was just them in this task.

Micheal took the verbal slap seemingly well enough. Straightening slightly, a bit of the dire that was always present in his eyes came back. "Selina," he began, his voice regaining its strength. "You know very well that no matter what happens, you will always have a place in my heart. If you are in trouble or need anything, all you need do is ask. If it is in my power to help you, I will. Nothing will ever change that fact."

Selina ignored his words and thoughts, she didn't want to know any longer. "You want to see your little girlfriend's alternative?" She wondered.

This question confused Micheal. "What do you mean?"

"Alternative you, Alternative her!" The woman said grinning. By the look on his face, he didn't know much about his girls mission to the other universe.

Micheal shrugged and then nodded. "Sure. Guess I am a bit curious. Why do you ask?" He stood to the side, to allow Selina to lead him to their destination.

Selina said nothing but smirked as she lead the man to the guest quarters that all the officers from Fenrir had been given for the day. Hers were luxurious compared to most quarters and, after they entered them, she moved to the console and pulled up the security footage from the Fenrir of the brig.

Micheal did a cursory visual scan of the room as he entered, always ready to strike back at a hidden attacker. Finding none, though, allowed him to relax, albeit slightly. Moving over to the activated console, he took a moment to absorb what he was seeing. Then, "Very interesting," he commented. "She looks and moves nearly like our Dixoho Saa." Looking over at Selina, he asked, "How about yours? Is she near as impressive as you are, my dear?"

"Your Saa is a lot stronger than this one. This one is sick, seems she has been sick a very long time. Seems she is also an abuse victim. She was very badly mistreated before she came to us. Mahone worked his miracles to heal her enough for her to even wake up." Selina revealed before she switched the view to her own doubleganger. The blonde was lying on a bio bed but it was easy to see how pregnant she was.

Micheal couldn't help but feel anger growing, deep in his gut, at the mention of Dixoho being hurt. Even if it wasn't his Dixoho. He was about to say something when Selina changed the feed, showing her double. His eyebrows rose in surprise at what he saw. "Pregnant? Did the child survive the transition from their universe?" Though he could be a cold-blooded killer when he wanted to be, something about children always warmed him. He had always wanted a family, but, circumstances had never worked out.

"She was hurt before she got here, a phaser at point blank range." The Betazoid said. "It seems that she was moved to the Fenrir for treatment. Seems the Betazoid rules apply to even other universe versions." Selina smirked at the thought of pregnancy.

Micheal shook his head slightly as he frowned at those words. Finally, after a few tense, quiet beats, he asked the question. "What do you need my help to do?"

"You don't get to help me anymore. You lost that right when you decided to..." Selina stopped and just frowned, her anger at the fact he no longer got to help gone. "You just don't anymore."

Micheal looked into Selina's dark eyes, seeing the pain he had caused all those years ago for the first time. Nothing was said for a few long seconds. Finally, he nodded sadly. "I understand. I am truly sorry for any pain I have caused you. Should you change your mind, I am here. Until that day comes, you have my silence."

"Maybe you shouldn't have done what you did. Being sorry doesn't suit you." The woman rolled her eyes. "You should really look at the crew manifest for the ship. You might be surprised." Selina said running a hand along his still human arm as she smirked.

Micheal nodded slightly, listening to what Selina was saying. "Perhaps you're right. And, if I could go back in time, I'd probably do some things differently. Unfortunately, that isn't an option here." When she then told him to check the crew roster for the Mary Rose, he arched his right eyebrow. "I will, thank you for the advice."

"And find yourself a new lover before you end up poisoned," Selina advised as well as she watched him carefully. She didn't trust Dixoho at all, the woman was wild and untamable in her opinion.

Micheal left Selina's quarters, his mind working over everything he had just learned. He had to admit, he was curious as to what, or whom, on the Mary Rose manifest was he supposed to be looking for. As he entered the nearest turbolift, he shook his head, thinking that he would undoubtedly know that answer once he made the discovery.


Selina Fenruse
Chief Inquisitor
ISS Fenrir
(PNPC Gregnol)

Captain Micheal Robertson
Commanding Officer /Bounty Hunter
ISS Punisher
(PNPC Robertson)


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