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Need To Stop Meeting Like This Part 2

Posted on Sun Apr 14th, 2019 @ 1:11pm by Commander Alexis Agrax & Executive Officer Cornelius Harrington III

Mission: War Games
Location: Proving Grounds
Timeline: War Games

Neil’s head felt heavy as he attempted to open his eyes’. He groaned slightly as he reached up, holding the right side of his head. “Dear Lord,” he muttered, “what hit me.” He looked down at the bed he was laying in, as the sudden realization, he wasn’t wearing any clothing under the blanket. He grabbed the blanket pulling it up further, “what the hell happened,” he tried to force his eyes open but his eyelids were heavy. He tried to focus on the figure that was moving around on the far side of the room.

Alexis turned from where she was trying to retrieve a piece of clothing and looked at him. That was positive that he didn’t have a clue what had happened maybe she could just pretend they had passed out but now that he was awake and she was there wearing nothing more than underwear it was impossible to lie. “A really good night?” She offered.

Neil’s eyes focused, “What the heck was in that drink,” he smirked, “better yet, how many did I have,” he pulled himself up. It had been a while since the last time he’d had a really good hangover, but he was certain that this time was going to be a good one. “A good night indeed,” he replied.

It wasn’t exactly the first time they had ended up in that situation and Alexis wasn’t one to be shy but she wasn’t sure how she felt right then and there. “I don’t know what was in it or how many we had.”

“Well, this is certainly,” he added, “a far cry from sitting in a lounge, on a bar in a station.” He smirked, the two had been friends for a while and the friendship was as far as they ever took. This was certainly not what he had planned, but he didn’t regret it either. “You and I need to stay away from stations,” he picked up her dress that was on the floor near him as he tossed it to her. “We tend to get into..” he paused, “trouble.”

Alexis could hear in his tone that he had no regrets like the previous times but it left her confused as it seemed to keep happening. “Not the first time definitely.” The woman said taking the dress that was offered pulling it up and on covering herself up before she turned back around. “Good trouble though.”

“It’s always good trouble,” he replied. He threw his leg over the edge of the bed as he started to gather his personal effects. “Alcohol aside, last night was good.” He stood up a slight pain in his leg. The Doctor side it was all in his head, but still, he was certain it was real. “You know we keep meeting on these backwater stations, and people will start to talk,” he turned to face her. He walked up behind her. He wasn’t certain how they ended up going from talking about Liam to his kids, to well here; but he was certain it involved large amounts of alcohol and too much free time.

Alexis couldn’t help but agree, she wasn’t disappointed as far as she could remember but it was interesting that it kept happening. “I think we more than likely have all your Captains talking in your Task Force.” She commented on sensing him just behind her which made her turn around and look up at him.

“Wouldn’t be the first time,” he nodded, “that I was the topic of choice,” he corrected himself. Ever since that Adira showed up, he’d been the topic of discussion on several fronts. He took a step back, “so, about those triplets,” he couldn’t help but let out a laugh before he finished the sentence unable to continue the joke.

Alexis touched his chest softly enjoying the warm skin under her fingers. “Trust me no babies from me. I think three is enough for you.” She assured him. It was one of the few things she wasn’t lax in remembering at all, it was difficult to be that person trying to find someone to feel the hole that had been left inside of her if she didn’t at least take care of any possible consequences.

“Three might be my breaking point,” he nodded, “you have no idea.” He brushed a strand of hair from her face, “I”m glad we bumped,” he joked, “into each other. I wish I could get away, find a nice planet somewhere, and make these moments last longer. But life seems to always get in the way.”

“We always seem to bump into each @other.” She said smiling as his gentle touch on her face. “Moments like these can’t always last long.”

“One could dream,” he smiled.

“Wouldn’t be as fun if we got to dream like that all the time.” The woman commented on grinning back at him the awkwardness of waking up like this again disappearing.

“If only life was more like our dreams,” he commented, “of course that could also be problematic,” he laughed as he looked the room. “You do know that if we keep meeting like this, there is bound to be rumors. The TFXO and the Cosmos Security Officer sneaking off to out of the way stations,...” he smirked.

“Didn’t we have this conversation the last time?” She commented back seeing him glance around the room they were in. Was this his room cause it certainly wasn’t hers.

Neil laughed, “we did, and a very times before that as well.” He stood up, “and if I remember last time your exact reply was,” he coughed, “to hell with the gossip,” he winked, “or something like that.”

Alexis smirked a little as she sat back down on the bed now that her dress was in place properly. “Sounds like me, to say the least. I’m not sure how I feel that keeps happening.” She mused.

Neil pulled on his left boot, followed by the right, “it happens for a reason, I would like to think.” He paused, “and I don’t regret it, not for a minute.” Perhaps it was the unsolved issues in both of their life’s. They both had experienced a lot, and there was something comforting in the fact that had mutual pain. But Alex was right, was it health that this continued to happen. Or was this a type of avoidance.

“The deities wouldn’t let it happen if there wasn’t a reason but…” Alexis was being far too thoughtful at that moment. Maybe she just needed to enjoy the moment and what had happened. The fact they seemed to magnetically drawn together was bugging her at some level.

He looked in her eyes, “what are you thinking about,” he rolled over and sat next to her. He could see the look in her eyes, “something rattling around up there,” he smiled?

“Nothing.” She outright lied as she looked away from him. Maybe she had picked up some naughty habits from Liam or Nathan over the years as lying wasn’t a natural Betazoid move at all especially with her. “Haven’t you got a meeting to go to?” She hinted.

“There is a Task Force meeting, work dinner thing,” he nodded, “some oriental place. You know how these go, a bunch of ‘full of themselves’ Admirals feeding us a line of crap,” he muttered, “and then we smile and take it. Farragut hasn’t really told me the purpose of this meeting, but I am sure that is in part to ensure I actually attend.” He looked at her, “how do you feel about oriental food?”

Alexis found herself smiling a little at him before she turned and kissed him softly. “I don’t think I should come with you even if you are trying to tempt me with oriental food. My Captain will be there.” She reminded stressing that point quite pointedly as she caressed his cheek.

“Ah, to hell with your Captain,” he repeated her motto, “good food, and great company, the meeting might just be bearable.” He laughed, “besides, being seen together in public can’t be that bad,” he winked.

“I will think about it,” Alexis assured softly as she stood looking around the small room for her shoes. She didn’t sound like her at, she would have gone without a care in tag world a few weeks back and ignored the tabloids. “You could always come find me when it is over with? We are here for another night.” She tempted softly.

“You drive a hard bargain,” he kissed her as he stood up, “but you are right, if I don’t go soon Farragut will come looking for me.” He smirked, “it’s in the Promenade if you change your mind, and maybe we can stretch it out into a few more days.”

Alexis smiled softly as he kissed her again. “You better go. I don’t want to face your Task Force Commander Officer dressed like this.” The woman said smiling at the kiss. It really was like magnets attracted together or like moths to a flame.

“Yes Ma’am,” he nodded, as he turned to leave. These moments were fun, they were a chance to get away from it all and just be himself. But there was a part of him that nagged on, telling him he had to grow up. He was the single father of three now, he couldn’t afford to ignore his priorities. It wasn’t safe for the kids, and it wasn’t good for him.


Commodore Cornelius Harrington, III
USS Nogura
(PNPC Borden)

Commander Alexis Agrax
Chief Of Security
USS Cosmos
(PNPC Gregnol)


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