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How Big A Mess?

Posted on Sun Apr 14th, 2019 @ 1:15pm by Captain Rueben Gregnol & Tasha Belikov

Mission: Daucina
Location: Cargo Bay
Timeline: MD01 10:00

Gregnol was sure that logistics was the backbone of the ship but the cargo bays were an absolute mess even as he stared across the vast space. He needed someone urgently responsible to him for ensuring that everything ran smoothly. Without them, the operation would quickly fall apart like it had the last few months, they had been lucky up until now. He was hoping that this new person would be able to sort this mess out and get them back on track quickly before the next delivery came in.

She could do this. Tasha kept reminding herself. She had worked in logistics long before her dominating husband had come into her life. She could do it again. She had lucked out and a civilian ship was looking for someone. This meant that she would be on the move. Perhaps that was the key to escaping the panic and nightmares. The thought softened her face at little as a smile almost appeared on her lips.

She took a deep breath before entering the cargo bay of the relic ship that she already loved. She looked around amused by the large area and the unorganized chaos that settled there. This would be fun. Standing in the middle was a man, tall, rather handsome, and confident. There was something a tad bit daunting about him. It was more how he reminded her of her ex. She shook her head as she approached him as if to dislodge the thought before clearing her throat behind him. She wasn’t sure what to say.

Gregnol turned at the soft voice and smiled a little. “Tasha?” He wondered knowing it would already be her as there was no other way she could have gotten on board otherwise as she was the only new crew that he was expecting. “As you can see if it a little chaotic. We lost the crewmember who seemed to have kept the ship in order six months ago and this is the chaos left behind in her absence.” He said sadly.

“Yes, sir,” Tasha said timidly. She cleared her throat again as she forced herself to stand up straighter. “This isn’t anything I can’t handle.” She gave him a smile that was backed by confidence she didn’t feel.

The man looked at her being timid and sighed. He needed to remember he was a big guy and that he scared people easily especially women. “Sorry I am Reuben.” He held out his hand to her having realised he hadn’t even introduced himself to her. She looked human so he took the human approach. “I am beyond rude when I am in a state of dismay.”

Tasha could tell that he had noticed her behavior. It wasn’t like she was subtle about it. Someday she was going to kill the man who made her like this but until that self-confidence became a reality she would just continue to admonish herself. She mustered courage she didn’t exactly feel and took the offered hand “Tasha Belikov.” She nodded a little proud in her delivery. “I don’t think you have done anything rude. I knew who you were and you know who I am. So let's consider it a wash.”

The man found himself laughing at the woman and the expression consider it a wash. What did that even mean? Had he been away from humans so long on Rosie that he didn’t understand Starfleet Standard anymore. “Well, Miss Belikov where would you like to start?” He wondered looking around the chaos.
Tasha looked around. She loved the organization and puzzle she found in logistics. It was going to be nice getting back to something she was good at. She didn’t let the rest of that thought enter her mind before clearing her throat and taking a step away from the man that unsettled her through no fault of his own. “For starters, I would like to inventory what you have and compare it to what you think you have. That will give me a good idea of where we are starting.” She looked up at him as if seeking his approval. It didn’t do much in her instilling confidence in others.

The man agreed there and then with himself he would treat this woman like a cadet on the Victory before his fall from grace and kidnapping, he would treat her with the utmost respect and try and nurture that little bit of confidence she tried to show him. The man cocked his head to a free-standing terminal. “You should find it here?” He said allowing her to access it.

Tasha moved to the terminal and began to touch a few commands bringing up the list. She looked over the items, her lip curling in concentration as she sorted the list with practised ease. Soon she had the list organized by relative size of the contained and crossed referenced with the date taken on board. She smiled, “That should be a good starting point.”

The man stood back and let her work for a few moments before he moved and sat back on a container looking at the containers. Majority of this cargo bay was stores for the ship but the rest of them were a lot more important they were the cargo warning them all Latium. “Starting point for?” He questioned. He knew she would be good but it didn’t mean he couldn’t keep her on her toes for a bit longer.

“I figure we can start with the cargo that you are being paid to haul.” Tasha started as she pulled up another subset list. “Then move on to the ship's supplies.” She thought for a moment. “I mean, it would be faster if we could slip the list and do both at once.” She looked at the computer system. Even in a disciplined organization the difference between cargo and manifest could very and she knew without a dedicated logistics officer for six months that she had a project ahead of her. She was excited and it could be read across her face.


Tasha Belikov
Logistic Officer
SS Mary Rose

Rueben Gregnol
SS Mary Rose


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