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Discussions Over Lonely Spaces

Posted on Wed Jul 10th, 2019 @ 9:35pm by Captain Sebastian Deauvuex & Chief Helmsman Eden Bowers

Mission: Ishimura
Location: Captains Quarters
Timeline: 2243

Sebastian smiled as he walked into his quarters and saw Eden sound asleep on his couch. It was adorable and he found himself kneeling in front of her and caressing the hair out of her face. It wasn’t often he saw her like that at all, normally she had this buzz of energy around her. Even when he had been poorly and his senses had been dulled by the flu it had been hard to keep up with her.

“Eden?” He said gently leaning down kissing her forehead to wake her.

She opened her eyes, "Ugh, I'm sorry. Don't know why I'm so sleepy." She ran her hands through her hair, brushing it back with her fingers away from her face. "Off duty? Shall I get us some dinner or something?" She stood up and stretched a little.

"Because you've been through a lot." The man commented on. "You didn't sleep much in the last week." He added as he fell back on the couch and got comfortable watching her. "I asked for room service." The man didn't do it often but once in a while meant he wasn't that type of Captain.

"True, but I thought I would have made up for it by now." She rubbed her eyes. "Oooh, food. Thanks!" She observed his making himself comfortable and smiled. "So . . . how was your day?" Seemed like a stupid thing to ask him, but Eden's strength was not conversation. She stretched out her legs and turned so they were across his lap.

The man smiled and put his hands on her calves smiling softly. It was nice to just have a normal conversation like this. Something normal in the sea of military training and day to day stuff. "It does take a while to pay a sleep debt." He commented on thinking of the woman still in Medical. "Not to bad. I checked on Ensign McCoy, ran through some Command Cadet stuff."

"Sounds like a normal-ish day." Eden said. "Well I guess you know what I did. I did bring some yarn though. Didn't work on it at all. I'm thinking of making a sweater but I've never made one before so I think the results will be comical. At least I can laugh at myself."

"Should always laugh at yourself." The man assured gently taking a stray piece of her hair out of her face. "Please just take it easy." Sebastian wanted to say more but he was really unsure what to say so the conversation didn't lead anywhere. He didn't want to jog any memories that might not be pleasant.

Eden nearly rolled her eyes. "I'm fine Sebastian, really." She frowned ever so slightly. "Are you going to tell me what really happened? What are you keeping from me?" From his affectionate manner, she was starting to believe she nearly died.

The man shook his head and was saved by the chime at the door that hinted of a Cabin steward bringing the food as requested. Sebastian extracted himself and got up going to the door bringing the trolley into the room with a viola. "What do you fancy?" He wondered.

She let out a big sigh, he was being as stubborn as she usually was. Eden would have let it go if he wasn't acting so weird around her. "I don't know," Eden said honestly. "I think anything will do, I'm hungry enough to eat the whole side of a cow."

Sebastian smiled softly as he pulled the cover off the dishes and showed her what was on offer. "I thought food from home would be the best bet." He mused softly as he looked at the Salade Niçoise he has for himself. It was a colourful salad with tuna, tomatoes, bell peppers, and anchovies along with lots of olive oil. He wanted something light after the big lunch. "I got some American food." He said doubting his choices now wondering if he had stereotyped her.

Eden smiled, "Mostly food from home was what we found that was edible on a planet, or ration packs. But this is great. Thanks. " She took a plate and loaded it with meatloaf, mashed potatoes and green beans. She sat down at the table thinking it probably wasn't very proper to eat such a thing on the sofa and waited for Sebastian to get comfortable in case he had some ritual like saying a prayer first.

The man nodded and followed her to the table. The moment he sat down he started to tuck into the salad without a prayer or anything religious. Anything like that he had given up many years ago before he had even joined star fleet. "Your food looks good. What is it?" He wondered looking at the meat loaf.

Eden chuckled. "It's kind of an ancient food on the part of Earth that I'm from. It's ground up meat that you add egg, bread crumbs or oatmeal to with seasonings and some kind of tomato sauce. They call it meatloaf, it tastes better than it sounds. Staple of diet for a lot of kids growing up, not me because my parents were weird. But I still like it."

"It looks yummy." The man said as he tucked into his salad. "So what did you eat growing up then?" He wondered thinking this would be a good chance to learn more about her.

"Everything from local plants my father deemed edible to field rations. It depended on where we were at the time. I had a strange upbringing." She said, as if he couldn't have already figured this out. "What about you, do you have any siblings? Have I asked you this before?"

"Maybe." The man smiled. "It was pretty normal food for France." He has always found it odd when he had ended up in San Fransico and the food that was eaten there. He had never had Chinese before in his left before he had been taken out on a night out.

"Hmm." Eden sat back and studied his face for a bit, forgetting about her meal until she got up the courage to ask him something. "Sebastian, do you think I'm odd?"

The man stopped mid putting the fork to his mouth and smiled brightly. "Yes... but I like it." The man admitted and put his bowl down. He gently stroked her cheek wondering what had clicked in her head to make her wonder.

The touch seemed to quiet her mind, and she watched him instead of opening her mouth again. Eden reached up and covered her hand in his, then brought his palm away from her cheek so she could kiss it. She loved his gentle yet intense affection. Then she smiled. "That's all that matters to me."

The man nodded at her before he looked away, the moment was broken. "All that should matter in it all." The man commented on turning back to his food. He didn't want to be that man around her but it was hard when he was intense.

"What's the matter?" Eden asked she hadn't expected him to pull away so soon.

The man looked at her and smiled gently. "I am trying to be less intense." The man admitted looking at her confused.

Eden laughed. "You are very intense but I never said that bothered me. Look, I just wanted to make sure that neither of us was in this for the wrong reasons, and we aren't. I've figured that much out for myself. So just relax and let things happen."

The man smirked softly. "I've never been in a relationship before for the wrong reasons. There is no reason to be that." Sebastian was very honest like that, it was one of his attractive qualities according to some people.

"Good, but you know, space is a big lonely place. Some people would." Eden shrugged and went back to eating her meal. Eventually she pushed her plate away and leaned back in her chair. "So . . . can I stay with you tonight? Just to sleep, I thought it might be nice."

Sebastian nodded. He would like that a lot and the fact she had highlighted the fact it was to sleep made it sure that he knew what was expected. “Space surely is a lonely place.” He agreed pressing a kiss to her temple. “I would really like that.”

"You would think so, but somehow love always finds a way." Eden said as she closed her eyes and savored the touch for a moment longer.


Captain Sebastian Deauvuex
Commanding Officer
USS Ishimura
(PNPC Gregnol)

Ensign Eden Bowers
Chief Helmsmen
USS Ishimura


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