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Posted on Thu Oct 3rd, 2019 @ 6:59am by Captain Rueben Gregnol & Chief Engineer Mellicent Borden

Mission: Temperance


"All senior crew to the observation lounge. All senior crew to the observation lounge," he said wanting them to see the ship for there own eyes.

Mel was down in Engineering seeing to some minor details, nothing major just the routine things that needed attention. When the call came through she sat up too fast, smacking her head on the conduit she was working in. Cursing under her breath, she reached up and rubbed her forehead. "I swear to god is another vacation to a beach planet, I'm not..." she muttered as she slapped her comm badge.

"Engineering on its way," she huffed out. Heading to a nearby turbolift she pointed to Mack, "you're in charge, till I get back. "

The trip to the lounge was rather fast, so fast that Mel realized as she was entering the room she hadn't cleaned up. She wiped her hands on her tunic as she approached the table, "you rang," she stated waiting to see what emergency had dragged her out of Engineering.

Gregnol indicated the window where the Yeagar was floating nearby. "What do you think?" He wondered glad that she was the first person to arrive. It would give them a few minutes to talk before anyone came in.

"What do I think," Mel repeated the question as she walked closer to the window and looked out at the ship. "I think if you give me a minute or two, I might know a few good Ferengi's who'd be interested in the scrap," she tried to make a joke. She looked at her Captain, then back outside, "I don't know what to think without getting on that ship and taking a look at her bones. It is in rough shape and that is only what I can see from here. We need to get inside and take a peek...." she stopped talking.

"What do you have in mind?" she asked her head fulling with thoughts of extra work shifts and increased worked. "I'm already short a few Engineering and ..." She put her hands on her hips, "no, no way... I'm calling my Ferengi."

"I do not want Ferengi of all people near us." The man said firmly. "I need you to work out which is the better ship." Gregnol wasn't mincing his words, even with the parts they had gotten from Daucina the ship was a death trap. She needed a massive refit and one that they could arrange or organize due to funds.

Mel sighed, perhaps the Ferengi would be better tasked for this she thought to herself. "You want me to figure out which ship is better... does that things even run? Where am I getting parts for her, we barely have backup stuff open here?" she looked out the window. "Can't say it wouldn't be a fun task, but I am not sure. We don't know how long that things has been out here and what condition her systems are in..." she rubbed her chin, "it's going to be a bit of work."

"Not a clue yet. Why we need to go across." The man said."Of course, it will be a bit of work in the short term but the long term it might be better. We've had far too many near misses in this old lady so we need to look at our options." The man could almost feel the reluctance on the pixie looking woman's face.



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