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Washing That Man Right Outta My Hair

Posted on Wed Oct 2nd, 2019 @ 8:57pm by Ka'see 'Cassie' Anderson & Tasha Belikov

Mission: Temperance
Location: Deck 7 - Cargo Bay
Timeline: MD 08 12:30

Cassie was lugging a bag of stuff into the cargo bay when she fell flat on her face from the momentum and what was possibly heavy. She landed heavy and stood kicking the bag that she was hauling. Why she was doing this she did not know, it belonged to head out the airlock but there she was putting his stuff into storage just in case. She was still stunned it was coming to this after everything but that was irrelevant to the woman now. What was done, was done.

Tasha was getting used to people popping in and out of the cargo bay. It was almost amusing to the women since she was typically held up in the bay coming up with excuses to avoid interactions. A pang of guilt ran through her at the thought. The crew of the SS Mary Rose had been nothing but kind and welcoming. No one pushed her or asked questions she couldn’t answer, and yet she avoided them. Like a groundhog she popped up at the sound of the door and the subsequent walloping on the duffle bag. “Can I help?” she offered.

Cassie turned at the sound of the voice and frowned. “Only if you have somewhere I can store this? It is not mine but it needs to not be with me.” The woman said turning to start dragging it over to where the woman was stood.

The corner of Tasha’s lips tugged upward at the women’s comment. “But still on the ship?” She asked with a joking tone. She could understand the need to simply be, away.

“For my sins yes. Have you got somewhere? I do not know if the man would be back but I need it out of my space.” The woman said thinking the younger woman would understand without commenting properly on her situation. Married less than a year and her husband has upped and left her for the second time to chase after some bounty hunter on some stupid mission that took them away.

Tasha nodded simply as she pulled the PADD from her pocket. Her fingers tapped the screen a few moments before she looked back up at the women. “Just over here, do you need help?” She asked as she motioned towards to bag figuring that the two of them could wrangle it.

“Please. It will get it done quicker.” She admitted with a small smile even her Vulcan strength was being challenged by it. It would make chucking it somewhere easier. She wanted this job done with so she could just move on.

With a simple nod of her head, Tasha reached over and took the loop at the end of the bag and helped the women as they wound through the neatly organized cargo bay to the section she had indicated to herself in her mind. Once they arrived she set the bag into the container and turned to the women. “I just need your information for my chart.” She handed over the padd.

Cassie frowned but took the old fashioned padd. Things had certainly changed around here recently. More organised. “I will but my husbands information in so if he ever comes back he can reclaim his sh...stuff.” The woman looked Vulcan but sounded so human at that moment. The frustration and hurt were clearly evident on her face.

“That is fine,” Tasha replied as she simply watched the women. Her head cocked slightly at the tone of the Vulcan. Granted in her experience they always sounded annoyed but it was always with a hint of boredom. The part of her that didn’t want to be broken thought about asking her if she was ok, or if she wanted to talk about it but what would she do if the women said yes. “Well, it is done.” She said with a nod.

“Good.” The woman slammed shut the lid on the container and backed up a few steps. “Thanks.” A lot of the emotion left her body and she seemed almost relieved before she nodded. “A few of us are going out for some drinks tonight. Ladies night I think it is being called you should come along.”

“Oh, uh,” The women stammered. Panic threatened to overtake her for a moment. Her eyes were wide. She looked over the Vulcan, her cheeks flushed as she continued to stammer. “I, uh, guess…” she answered more surprised by her answer than anything else.

Cassie smiled. “You can help me drown my sorrows.” The woman offered relieved that she had not asked a million questions. It was nice to have someone like that on the ship. The other crew who had been stuck in the transporter with her just offered sympathy and kindness which Cassie really didn’t want. It just made her feel worse.

“Well, in that case,” Tasha replied softly with a nod. She was going to try, and perhaps Eden would be there. She hadn’t had a chance to catch up with the women since the night they had had drinks.

“Good. See you then.” Cassie commented with a firm nod taking no for an answer. Wasn’t like the woman had much of a choice really.



Tasha Belikov
Logistic Officer
SS Mary Rose

Ka'see 'Cassie' Anderson
SS Mary Rose
(PNPC Gregnol)


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