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Asking For Help

Posted on Mon Dec 2nd, 2019 @ 9:47pm by Commodore Ledeya ‘Ed’ Ehestri & Executive Officer Cornelius Harrington III

Mission: War Games
Location: Proving Grounds
Timeline: 2396

Ledeya looked up from her PADD as she saw the Task Force Commanding Officer walk in. She offered a small smile before returning to the PADD and coffee in hand. It was becoming more and more apparent that things were getting out of hand in hards in regards to the media coverage of the annual war games.

Neil nodded as he walked over to the replicator, "coffee, two creams two sugars, hot," he ordered. Sipping the beverage, he turned and headed over to the desk, "Ed," he asked using the Officer's nickname hoping to show that this wasn't a formal meeting, "hows things on the Cosmos?" His typical joyful mannerism was gone, replaced with dark circles and a certain lack of sleep look.

The woman raised an eyebrow at his using her nickname. It was unexpected to hear it from the Admiral and she indicated the seat across from her. "Not bad. Seems my crew have been enjoying the downtime a little too much but a drill today should put them back on track and wake up anyone who has overindulged." She murmured.

"There will come a point in your career when you will look back on these days, and miss them," he replied taking a long sip of his coffee. I wish drill were the least of my problems, but nothing that a strong drink won't help fix." He smirked.

"Not to speak out of phrase Neil but maybe a strong drink was how some of this started." The woman said softly. She was a voice of reason and calm despite her views on it all.

Neil raised a finger and opened his mouth but nothing came out. "You know what's sad is nothing in those articles is wrong, and yet every detail is. Someone has taken an innocent meeting, a sad event, a crew transfer and turned them into something that is completely fabricated," he added. He wasn't sure why he was talking to her, perhaps it was because she wasn't part of his crew, someone he wouldn't have to see on a daily basis.

The woman sighed softly and shook her head. "You really have gotten yourself into a little bit of a pickle." The woman said simply thinking of the night she had seen him with her Chief Of Security. It was a tricky one and the Betazoid was not one to offer advice on a situation like this.

"The trouble with rumors is no matter what is honestly going on," Neil replied, "everyone will assume the worse till things calm down." He took a sip of the coffee, "yes, like any man out there I have had my share of girlfriends.." he raised a finger, "the rest of the poor women in that article are merely innocent victims caught up in media frenzy." He sighed, as he thought of poor Captain Saulitis. She was a good Officer, and got her position by merit, and yet according to the news well, he didn't want to think of that. Hell, he'd only meet her like one or two times.

"So what are you going to do to counteract it before it gets more out of control?" It was a logical question and seemed like it was a needed question. Something had to be done to turn it all around before people lost positions and media allowed task force 72 to lose credibility with the people they served.

"Honestly," he replied, "I am not sure, anyone who sticks up for me will be branded as someone I paid off, the woman involved they will say are only attempting to save their credibility... I think I am going to have to go outside the box for this one. Before it's too late," he wasn't talking about his reputation or career, but his family.

Ledeya nodded. She could not help but be relieved that she had come in under Farragut but it did make her sympathetic for Kate and Jane. Both had earned the Task Group Commanding Officer status on their own merit yet it had been twisted and turned into something it was not. "I think that is a solid idea, Neil. Headquarters will not like this type of thing at all, they will want to nip it in the bid before it gets even more out of hand."

"Headquarters be damn," he was honest, "I am not even sure, yet, what outside of the box contains," he replied. "I've agreed to an interview but I am not certain that FNS is at all interested in reporting the truth." Neil longed for a drink, but knew that turning to his old habits wasn't going to help. He stood up and walked over to the replicator, ordering a second coffee.

"Not entirely sure the FNS is the cause of this. Sounds very much like the work of the New Day News or the person reporting to FNS has a very personal grudge against you. You have a leak somewhere on your ship." Ledeya said leaning back into her chair looking at him pointedly. They were getting the half-truths and bits somewhere.

"Either is possible," Neil replied, "and as far as grudges, while you tend to make a few enemies over the years. It could be anyone." He paused as the thought of someone on his ship finally made a bit more sense, "I didn't want to think that someone on, or used to be on, my ship could be the cause of this. But the information that gets to the media is rather personal. You have a very valid point."

"I normally do Sir," Ledeya said honesty. She was the one people came to when they needed advice as her former life as a medical office led her to have a lot of experience outside of the normal officer training. "I really do think you need to nip it in the bud now though. It is just getting weird and obsessive."

"If I am honest, Ed," he was being blunt, "I am not sure I know how to nip it in the bud now. These things have a way to building on themselves, and the more I protest and shout the more people seem to believe it. I am, what is the term, at a loss for words on this one."

"Then contact Command and get help. Do not be afraid to ask for help." Ledeya commented as her comm badge chirped. "Excuse me." She said standing and moving over to where the coffee pot was speaking quietly.

"Everything ok," he asked, curious to the interruption.

Ledeya smiled as she returned. "Yes, just Cosmos Chief Medical Officer reminding me of something." She assured quickly. She knew he would already know of her daily medication to dampen her telepathic abilities but it was not something that needed to be broadcast openly.

Neil nodded as he sipped his drink, "Medical Officers, they can be a pain at times but they do have the ability to remove us so you gotta keep them happy." He took another sip, "but perhaps you are right, I need to get ahold of someone at Star Fleet Command to assist in this. It's getting too big for me to manage, not that I ever really managed it to start with."

"Well unless you know any good hitman," he flashed a smile to show he was only kidding.

"Well, now Sir that would be telling." Was all the woman said as she returned to her coffee. She knew many people is many different places after all.


Captain Ledeya ‘Ed’ Ehestri
Commanding Officer
USS Cosmos / TG 72-B
(PNPC Gregnol)

Rear Admiral Neil Harrington
Commanding Officer
Poseidon Station SB50
(PNPC: Sarratt)


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