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Medical Supply Surplus

Posted on Sun Feb 9th, 2020 @ 7:48pm by Dixoho Saa & Ships Doctor Quinton Sarratt MD & Liha t'Ehhelih

Mission: Mission 10 - Temperance
Location: USS Temperance, Main Sickbay
Timeline: MD09 14:00


Quin made his way to the shuttle bay with his list in hand, while he enjoyed his banter with the resident Romulan he was certain he would get more done if her ego wasn't in the way. He whistled a bit as he made his way to the assigned shuttle. He could have taken the transporter, but the shuttle would be able to carry more supplies and that would mean fewer trips back and forth. Which was a better idea? The soon they could onto something more exciting the better.

"Tell me why we aren't just running this stuff back and forth along the corridor again?" Dixoho wondered as she opened the door to the hatch of the shuttle that had left to her. It wasn't perfect but it would get them there and whatever they gather back.

"I like to keep an eye on my equipment and not trust it in the hands of others," Quin replied, "and frankly, a nice shuttle ride, even if it is short, is relaxing."

Dixoho shrugged, it did not bother her either way. "Well then jump in this cowboy lets go for a ride." The woman said indicating the co-pilot seat. It would be barely ten minutes but it would be nice to pilot the Alexandria herself.

"About time you got here," Liha said, swinging around in the pilot's seat. She'd started as a pilot - fighter pilot, which made a shuttle a bit boring, but it would feel good to fly again anyway. "Can you fly as well as fight, Doctor? I guess all that training in other areas explains a lot about your medical knowledge," she quipped.

Dixoho narrowed her eyes at the woman sat in Michaels... her seat. "My shuttle... my seat." Was all she said waiting with hands on her hips for the woman to shift out of the seat before she forcefully removed her.

Liha cocked an eyebrow, amused at the tone of aggression from someone she judged she could easily toss across the shuttle with one hand. "And here I thought the shuttles belonged to the Mary Rose. No one told me crew could buy one," she laughed but slipped into the co-pilot's seat with a teasing grin. "I wouldn't want to intrude on your side hustle. How did the doctor promise to pay you? Scavenged drugs?"

"This one doesn't belong to the ship," Dixoho said commented on simply as she slid into the pilot seat. "No side hustle. I will help my people." The Trill had been there three years, she had grown up on the ship and become an adult. The people around her were the family she had never known she had needed until recently.

"You plan on helping get the supplies, or are going to sit here and bitch about shuttle ownership," Quin stated, "and for the record, I don't offer scavenged drugs, I keep those for me, thanks."

Dixoho said nothing more about the drugs but she was sure that if she found something that might help her breathe better she would be acquiring them. She started the preflight checks turning off from the bickering that she could hear between the pair. She just had to hope once they got to the medical bay they would be too bothered with that to worry about each other.

"Using your own supply explains so much..." Liha snarked, throwing a grin back at the doctor.

"Enough the pair of you otherwise I'm turning this around," Dixoho commented as she sealed the door. It was not a big procedure process but she would rather focus instead of listening to them going on and on at each other. "You would think you are an old married couple." She added just for the satisfaction of seeing them look mortified.

"I'd rather be married to a Klingon... in heat," Quin retorted, "at least she'd be more workable." He smiled at the Romulan, "no offense, dear." He remembered how much she hated the terms of endearment.

"None taken, hlai'hwy," she replied in a sarcastically sweet tone. "It's good that you can admit to your limitations like that. And don't feel too bad. In my experience, most human males are similarly lacking in stamina."

"Your expereience must be severely limited, then."

Dixoho just smiled smugly and took the shuttle out into space. It was barely ten minutes and she was parking the ship in the bare shuttle bay of the Temperance. "Well, that is not odd at all." She had not had the chance to look at what shuttles or anything that had been left on the ship. "Where are all the shuttles? I've seen many abandoned ships after the war and there were always things left behind." There should have been at least ones out of service, not just a bare bay.

Liha cocked an eyebrow at that. "I don't know about Starfleet, but if a ship was too damaged and might be taken it was Galae practice to destroy every fighter and shuttle not used for evac. Otherwise, the enemy might repair them enough for use in infiltration. Of course, the ship would have been set to self-destruct too."

Quin stood up, as he looked over the pilot's shoulder, "definitely strange, it would seem our little derelict has a much bigger story to tell. This isn't a Romulan ship, so I doubt they would have destroyed everything in sight. No this is something very different. Guess we might be needing those extra skills, after all, Liha," he replied.

"Not quite so confident in your abilities, Doctor?" she replied, standing a stretching a moment before going to the hatch. "I'll go first, so long as you promise you can shoot well enough to be trusted if you're behind me."

"I will make sure neither of you shoots the other eg I am your new baby sitter," Dixoho commented on with a roll of her eyes. She was sure that babysitting the pair was not what she should be doing with her time but they were leaving her no choice.

Quin picked up a phaser and tucked it in his belt and another one he carried in his left hand with a tricorder in his right. "Don't worry Doc, the thought never crossed my mind," he blew her a kiss. He looked at the tricorder, "I'm reading no life signs in the immediate area," he stated, almost like he was expecting to find something.

As the Romulan took the lead, Quin gripped his phaser a bit tighter as he followed her lead. It was odd being on a ship of this size and seeing nothing. No life, no energy, just silence... "This thing is very unsettling," he commented. He looked at the tricorder, "the med bay should be down that corridor and to the left, I think." He smacked the device, "I'm not picking up anything beyond the hanger bay."

Liha rolled her eyes. "You are the 'Doc' - at least in theory," she said, heading out of the hangar. "Let's hope there's working equipment in the medbay. We know there are at spiders on the ship, so either that tricorder is on its last legs or you're less competent than expected at operating it."

The Trill just stayed quiet and followed them. She had a few bits that she wanted to get herself but she would save them, medical supplies were more important. "It is to the right but close enough," Dixoho commented on finally just so they would not get lost.

Quin nodded, "then to the right it is," he kept a tight grip on the tricorder as he continued his scans, his other hand firmly on his phaser. He ignored the Romulan's comment for now. He knew she was probably correct, most of his equipment didn't work that well and the tricorder was probably on it's way out. The team turned to the right as they headed out of the hangar bay.

The three crew members carefully made their way down the dimly lite corridor, it was like something out of a horror novel. Littered with debris and broken panels, clearly whatever had caused this crew to leave their ship wasn't pleasant. Quin took a step as something moved in the distance. It was hard to see, but he was certain he could see a shape of some sort moving. He took out his phaser, "what is that," he asked pointing to the shadow in the distance down on the other end of the corridor.

"Put that down," Liha hissed, side-stepping to be well out of his line of fire. Starfleet medics! If not for the movement ahead, she'd have snatched the phaser out of his hand. "It's probably just a buddy of Eden's 'scary' pet spider. But don't worry, I'll protect you, if you don't shoot me in the back," she added acerbically, as she drew her own phaser, muzzle pointed down but at an angle to allow it to be brought to bear swiftly, and began to stalk toward a flicker of movement in the shadows.

Her night vision was better than a human's but not as keen as her hearing. There was a shuffling, skittering noise, and as she drew closer she could make out something like fingers, or spiders' legs - if there were several big spiders massed together... She swallowed, feeling less certain of her earlier mockery Burnie's reaction to the arachnid. Straightening her shoulders with resolve - she would not let anyone report back to Burnie that she'd been afraid of a bug, no matter how big, and she certainly wasn't going to show any hint of fear in front of the Doctor! - she took two swift steps forward, phaser lifting...

...and stopped. The torn mesh from a vent vibrated where it hung in the shadows, strands of wire shifting against each other from the draft of air. She puffed a breath, ready to ask the doctor if he was always so jumpy around air vents when the glint of fresh scraped metal caught her eye. Pulling out her flashlight, she examined the vent cover, noting score marks much newer than the other damage. She motioned for the others to come closer. "It's nothing worth shooting," she said, cutting an eye toward the Doctor, "but look at this. I think we may not be the only recent visitors here."

"Shoot first, ask questions later," Quin hissed, "when on a dark ship alone with this much mystery you don't wait to be shot at first." He examined the item that the Romulan was looking at. "These marks were recent, too recent," he commented as he looked over the vent. He knew he'd never hear the end of it, but he'd heard rumors of human size spiders, mysterious beings lurking over the ship. He wasn't taking any chance, Romulan pride or not.

Dixoho said nothing as she glanced at the metal that had been marked recently enough that no dust or rust was over it. "Let's just carry on and hope these other visitors left us some supplies." She muttered indicating the sickbay not far down the corridor.

Liha nodded. "Good idea, as long as someone doesn't shoot first and identify who he's shooting at later," she snarked, heading toward medbay. Still, she paused, listening before stepping in front of the sensor to open the doors and then rotated around the opening with a phaser raised to sweep the area. "Clear," she announced, reholstering her phaser. "But there may be spiders or other vermin, so don't go on a shooting spree at the first sign of movement, eh?"

"I wore my stomping boots for the spiders after meeting Stan," Dixoho said ignoring what was said about Quin. She was bored with the arguing now, it was like an old married couple shooting off retorts to the other. "So this is a Starfleet Medical facility." Dixoho had seen the one at Empok Nor but that had been Cardassian, this was completely different.

"You all have a list," Quin opted to completely ignore the Romulan, "gather whatever you can get your hands-on, we'll sort it out once we get back." Quin wasn't impressed, there wasn't as much here as he hoped but it would work. There was some equipment to pick from, a dermal regenerator, and a hand full of medication but the haul he had hoped for was limited; at first sight.

Quin dug around, going from cabinet to cabinet, gathering whatever samples or equipment he could find. Until he reached a rather large pull-out drawer. He was taken back something like this would be in the morgue, he reached and opened the cabinet as he slid out the large try. He gasped noticeably as he took a step back. "Well that's different," he commented.

"Just what was this ship supposed to be doing out here," he stated out loud to no one in particular. "She's from the Dominion War, right?" He rubbed his chin as he ran the tricorder over the table, "definitely not human and I don't need a tricorder to tell that." He looked at the badly decomposed remains. Quin looked at the screen as the word Jem'Hadar flashed in front of him. Something in his body told him he didn't want to know any more.

"Last I checked, Starfleet wasn't restricted to humans," Liha remarked dryly, looking up from where she was extracting isolinear circuits. Catching the brief word on the screen, she frowned. "Jem'Hadar weren't an uncommon sight during the war either, especially if your shields were breached. Though based on the remains, I'd say they survived the attack that brought this one. Maybe they were studying the body to look for vulnerabilities?"

"Not this version anyway," Dixoho muttered under her breath before frowning at what she was seeing. Why did he have to wander into the morgue when the ship was already like a walking morgue. "Well at least someone was trying to find vulnerabilities," Dixoho said positively thinking back to the news that she used to sneak a view at when she was a child and how the Jem'Hadar had scared her.

Quin shouldn't have been offended, the things he did in SI were much worse. But for some reason, he couldn't shake the being on the tray in front of him. He slid the tray back into his cabinet as he shut the drawer. In front of him, he could see several medscanners and various parts that would be handy once back on the Rosie. Grabbing the items he tossed them into a bag. "Frankly the sooner we get off this ship the better," he stated.

"What are you doing to do if we cross over to this ship?" Dixoho wondered noticing a stockpile of sealed medical bandages. She pulled them into her bag as she knelt to start opening cabinets. She was starting to think that the crew had stockpiled and prepared stuff for an event that had never happened.

"Other than freak out," Liha put in with a smirk. "I'd think a medic wouldn't be so disturbed by a dead body." She extracted more parts from one of the biobeds. "Though it might not be a great trade for medbays - this one isn't in much better shape than ours."

"Has newer biobeds." Dixoho pointed out with a small smirk but it was all that was different. The Trill put her hand down and instantly regretted it when she felt something cold and wet. "Oh, and we have less... gloop." The woman wiped the offending stuff off her hand on her trousers.

Ewwww Liha cast an appalled glance at Dixoho and the 'gloop', and then at the Doctor. "Maybe you should scan that stuff? You know, be a medic instead of a mouse, and make sure she hasn't just smeared something toxic and diseased all over herself?"

"Just gather what we can and let's get back," Quin replied, as he scanned the goo. "You should survive through the day," he nodded over his shoulder, "the Romulan I'm not sure about." He picked up a few more odds and ends, but he was unimpressed with the haul so far. "How hard would it be to take this bed back to the Rosie, or is that too much for a Romulan," he smiled?

"Two words: work gloves." Liha held her hands up to illustrate. "So I'll be fine. Not so sure about you, Doctor," she added with a smirk. "If you stroke out from fright, I don't know that the equipment here is in shape to save you. Though I could probably carry you out on a biobed - even a human could move one of these," she unlocked one from the floor and pushed it one-handed. "They roll."

"Do you think we can get this stuff back to the shuttle, or would you prefer to stand here complaining like a little old lady," Quin was growing tired of her constant whining. "I wasn't.." he stopped, "it's not worth it," he smiled. "Try to get the bio bed back to the shuttle without bitching it to death, ok." He looked over to the remaining crew, "she's right, gloves... you have no idea what's in that stuff." He slung a bag over his shoulder, as he picked up the crate.

"Touchy, touchy..." Liha snarked, rolling her eyes. She'd definitely hit a nerve and tightened her lips against a smile. She probably shouldn't enjoy getting under his skin so much, but hey, everyone needed a hobby.

"Could just wheel this through the evacuation corridor." Dixoho offered now that she knew she was not dying from gloop. She had survived so much it would be a terrible way to go.

Quin opted not to say anything as the group headed out of the medbay, they managed to get several useful items that would help their own depleted coffers. He regretted his reaction to the body, but in his defense, he wasn't expecting something like that on a Federation ship. The ship was a virtual ghost town, something long forgotten about. There was a part of him that wondered if the dead body in sickbay had anything to do with that. Had the Jem'Hadar come here to take care of things? He'd rather not know to be honest. He left the Engineer as she pushed the biobed, "let's just get this back to the ship and see where things stand now."


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