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Taking The Slow Road

Posted on Sat Jan 11th, 2020 @ 12:28am by Leiddem Kea & Jeassaho Kea & Laurier Cami
Edited on on Sat Jan 11th, 2020 @ 12:28am

Mission: Mission 10 - Temperance
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: MD10 19:00
1128 words - 2.3 OF Standard Post Measure

It was a slow road back to consciousness for Jeassaho after being rushed back to SS Mary Rose unconscious with a head injury. But as if a switch had been flipped suddenly Jeassaho stirred and opened her eyes looking around the sickbay. Why was she there? She had been in the Chief Engineering Officers quarters trying to find something important but what was it?

“Cami?” She wondered aloud, her voice sounded weakly but her brain was powering through why Reuben was not and why was she in the sickbay of all places.

"Jea!" The young woman jerked upright in the small seat positioned near the bed. "You're okay! By the Prophets I was worried for a while there. How are you feeling? Do you remember what happened? Talk to me!"

Jeassaho blinked a few times translating slowly from Betazoid to Federation Standard. "I feel like someone hit me across the head." The woman mused as she slowly sat up not at all sure if it was a good option for her or not. "I do not remember what happened. I was talking to Ford and then... nothing." There was a big fat blank where something should be.

"Hey, take it easy. Someone did hit you across the head," Cami said, leaning forward to stop her from rising. "Ford and Gregnol were really worried, too. I think the Captain was going to strangle a few people when he heard..."

"I am fine. Surprised he did not just do it," Jeassaho assured with a small grin as she thought about her protective husband. He was the type to do things and then think about it all over after.

"I think people have been actively avoiding him," Cami admitted. "Y'know, I was only joking before about you and him. He was genuinely worried about you. Never seen the Captain like that. Never seen many people like that." She squeezed Jea's hand. "Probably a keeper, huh?"

"Why I married the oaf," Jeassaho said with a smile at what the woman had admitted. She was a sweetheart and had been lucky to find a ship like the one they were on compared to some ships. "I know you were joking Cam. We are buddies and that was camaraderie."

"Goes without saying," Cami shrugged, smiling nontheless. "Just glad I do have a buddy on board. And hey, if we're supposedly moving over to the Temperance like a few people are talking about, then you probably need an extra bodyguard now!"

"Gees thanks." The woman put a hand to her head and winced at the pain. It was only going to get worse, if this was a Starfleet Ship her head would be fine but on this ship, not everything could be fixed. Sometimes the body had to do natural healing. "Damn civilian vessel. Damn husband." She whispered pushing herself to her feet.

"Hey hey hey! Where do you think you're going!" Cami rose up to her feet next to her. "C'mon, you're supposed to be resting!"

As if Cami had called out for help Leiddem appeared out of no where. "Sit your ass back down Kea." The man said without hesitation making Jeassaho look him up and down and laugh before wincing at the pain it caused her head.

"I need to pee." The woman said bluntly. "You going to help me to the bathroom brother?" She challenged.

"Ew. Don't they have, like, bed-bowls for that?" Cami made a face.

"I will crawl there if I need to." Jeassaho was not going to lose a bed bowl when she had legs and could walk.

"By the deities," Leiddem said with a small smirk at how ridiculous his sister was being but helped her either way to where the bathroom was. The man let her go inside the small room and close the door before he looked at Cami. "How annoyed is she?"

Cami shrugged. "Think she's more annoyed that Reuben isn't here than anything," she replied. "Seems like herself, though."

"Well, I am not going to be the one to tell her that he is currently stalking Temperance like some shadow monster looking to see who hurt her. She can deal with him later." Leiddem was not going to get between his sister and his brother in law. They were old enough to argue and discuss it out like any other couple. "She is awake that is all that matters."

Cami snorted at the remark about Gregnol. That was half the reason she was on the Rosie - other than making sure Jea was okay, of course. "Keeping her awake is important too. She's meant to be resting."

"Yeah Jeassaho does not do well," Leiddem commented on as the woman appeared looking a little less bothered.

"I really do not do resting well." She agreed without hesitation as Leiddem looped an arm around his sister and led her back to a biobed.

"Well, I'm sure I can make sure you're supplied with whatever you need." Cami crossed her arms proudly. "I'm used to rustling-up whatever folks need out here on the fringes. I once found a real bottle of Kanar on a freighter all the way out near Bolarus. So, whatever you want, the rest of the team will scrounge it up."

"I would like to get back to working." Jeassaho announced as she winced sitting down.

The nurse slash security crewman shook his head, that was only going to happen over his dead body. "Not for twenty-four hours according to the new doc. So you need to rest here or in whatever quarters you are claiming as Captains wife rest." Leiddem said firmly. "Little Miss peppy can walk you back to where you wish to go."

"Whatyoucallme?" The exclamation practically snapped out of Cami's mouth. "Tell me he didn't just say that."

"Little Miss Peppy." The man said without a hint of shame or remorse making Jeassaho roll her eyes.

"Stop flirting with my friends." She said added as she lopped her arm through the other woman's. "Come on. Ships needs his sorry ass and I do not have the strength to beat him."

"Not that it would need much strength anyway..." Cami added, poking her tongue out at Leiddem as she marched for the door alongside her buddy.

"It has been swell ladies but you rest up." The Betazoid just smirked as the women passed him and quickly made their own exit. It amused him even at 30 to wind his sister up even if her head must have been hurting.


Leiddem Kea
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Jeassaho Kea
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