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Facing The Unknown Alone Part 1

Posted on Fri Jan 10th, 2020 @ 7:02pm by Lieutenant Selina Fenruse
Edited on on Tue Mar 17th, 2020 @ 3:47pm

Mission: Cosmos
Location: Daucine - Commence Area
Timeline: 2396

It was not often that Selina or Melinda Fenruse were stuck for words but that was occurring. Selina could not explain what was happening and Melinda was helpless to assist her being far too many light years away on Earth compared to the Engineers location on the water world of Daucine where she had joined her first proper assignment in nearly two years. Haumea did not count as she had been doing that as a favour and that had barely lasted weeks before she gave birth on the snowy planet.

“It will be fine Mother. Me and Lia will make it work.” Somehow… Selina added mentally. “I have to go but I will call you soon. Do not worry. Ehestri is a good Captain. She’s a doctor. You like Doctor’s turned Commanding Officers.” Selina turned away from the terminal where her mother had disconnected the call after wishing her and Lialli luck too quick to walked into another woman. The Betazoid’s hands going out instinctively to protect the baby that was sound asleep snuggled up to her chest in a sling.

The Engineer wore a brightly coloured wrap-around dress and sandals, she looked stunning as the colour matched her skin tone and brought out the colour of her dark eyes more against her pale skin. The woman who had bumped into her was wearing a blue-tinged uniform.

“I am so sorry.” The woman who had bumped into Selina said quickly looking at her amazed as if she had not quite expected it. “I was not paying attention. I did not hurt you or…” As if to make her presence known the baby let out a small cry. “the baby.”

“Shhh, little one. It is okay.” Selina cooed to the little girl hoping she would settle back down. She was in her favourite place against Selina so it should not take much persuading. “No. You are okay Ensign. We are quite unhurt just surprised, there is lots of padding.” Selina assured noticing the pips at the young woman’s neck that labelled her rank. She did not look like medical at all, far too frazzled looking with her blonde hair tied back. “I was not paying attention to where I was going myself.” Selina had only been returned to active duty three weeks and she was just not sure if she liked just going through the motions. She felt good enough to at least conduct the more basic chores of her duties. At least she felt more equipped to be doing paperwork, or tricorder calibrations than to be drifting idly around the market place getting some air.

The transporter chief had mumbled something about this palatial setting being able to put Gorn to ease, but Selina was not sure about it all. Was she just being foolish thinking she could get her old life back with Lialli in tow after Starfleet Intelligence had destroyed her life in their attempts to get Gregnol to toe the line? Gregnol would do everything in his power now after she was hurt to avoid them and make things as difficult as he could for them now.

“I am glad,” The woman looked at the baby still with the amazed look on her face. She could not believe how tiny the baby was. “You look like you could use a time out from everything? Penny for your thoughts?” She said glancing around seeing her colleague stood over the other side of the plaza.

“You do not know the half of it. Are you a counsellor?” Selina wondered shifting her shades up to look at the woman properly. She had dark eyes but they were nowhere near as dark as her own, it was hard to see was species the woman was.

“Oh goodness no. I’m Science. I’m A…”

“Ensign come on.” The Trill called out urgently making the science officer turn and motion in a moment.

“You better go. She seems very insistent.” Selina smiled at the stern look the older woman was giving the pair.

“She’s my commanding officer technically at the moment so yeah I better do.” She took a glance at the baby again and smiled. “It will get better you know. Being a mum and being an officer. It all works… it will work out in the end. Do not forget to enjoy the little things, she will love that kind of thing. I know I did as a child.”

“Um… I…” Selina looked up from the baby who was settling back down to see that the woman was already moving off to where the Trill was waiting for her. She watched the young woman reach the Trill and exchange words that looked awfully like ‘what did you do that for?’ and ‘she looked sad’ before they disappeared from her sight as quickly as they came in. It left Selina with a feeling that she had missed something very important.


Lieutenant Selina Fenruse
USS Cosmos
(PNPC Gregnol)


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