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Helping Burnie Part 1

Posted on Wed Apr 22nd, 2020 @ 7:00pm by Leiddem Kea & Chief Engineer Michael Burnstein & Laurier Cami
Edited on on Thu May 14th, 2020 @ 11:02am

Mission: Prospecting
Location: New Laurium - Market District
Timeline: MD02 10:00
2011 words - 4 OF Standard Post Measure

"Whelp, this is New Laurium. Bit more dingy than I imagined," Cami remarked, as the quartet wandered through the open flea market-style district of the mining colony.

The place looked old and repurposed. An engineer's dream, really, to see how many old bits of mining gear or original colony tech had been turned into something new and useful - if a little ugly. It reminded her a lot of some of the old Cardassian Occupation ore processing plants she had seen in her childhood. The ghost stories her friends had told her of the evil overseers' spirits still haunting them. This place had a different feel. It was a little more optimistic, in her mind.

Casting a look over her shoulder she felt Leiddem nearly bump into her. She rolled her eyes at him. "Seriously, this is as simple as finding some parts to fix up the Rosie. Jea didn't even need to come, so it's not like we need a big old bodyguard to come with us."

"If it's a typical mining colony, they tend to be a little rough around the edges," Burnie replied with a shrug. He was noticing the repurposed and even out-right jury-rigged elements as they walked through the market, but also the general feel of the place. People might be happy for cargo deliveries and customers, but there was a certain element of suspicion too. "We'll probably be fine, but a little extra insurance never hurts."

"Less of the old please," Kea commented on with a small smirk as he took a step back to save walking into Cami. He ignored the roll of her eyes. One day she would learn to like him. "And actually Jeassaho is looking for Gregnol." The man said with a shrug as they carried on walking.

"More like didn't want you following her around too," Cami poked her tongue out childishly. "Right. So we need to find the sort of place that will have the parts we need." She glanced at Alika and Burnie. "Where should we start?"

Leiddem just poked his tongue out back at the woman before smiling. It was like he was on some old fashioned world yet this world was newer than most colonies he had been on in years. It was younger than the ship that they had arrived it.

Ignoring the banter, Burnie looked around. "It's a mining colony. There have to be industrial replicators, or at least a forge somewhere for big parts."

"We should have asked Liem." Lieddem piped up. The Betazoid liked the Ardanian. He had always been honest.

Cami shook her head, noticing something out of the corner of her eye. "Look. That's a power unit for an old ore processor," she pointed at a couple of grime-covered mechanics that were wheeling a massive piece of tech through. "Back on Bajor those were pretty hard to come by. If they're taking that to be broken-down then they'll be needing something industrial-sized."

"Good eyes," Burnie said with a nod to her. "Follow that power unit!" He flashed a grin - he'd always wanted to use a version of that line.

Lieddem just looked at the man and offered a small smile to him as he shook his head. It was not the time to tease but he would make sure he teased later on. "So what exactly are we needing to get done?" He wondered, changing the subject.

Rushing along through the crowd Cami started to wonder why Lieddem had even come along if he'd not known what it was they were supposed to be doing. "The evacuation corridors got all screwed-up by those idiots on the Temperance. So we're going to go find replacement parts so we can fix them. And that will almost certainly require an industrial replicator. Get it?"

"That's the idea. I have the prints on my PaDD, and with any luck the prie won't be too steep,' Burnie put in, and looked around at the run down industrial sector they were entering. "Or, given the state of this place, maybe we can negotiate goods in exchange for engineering services."

If the Betazoid had been anyone else he would have been annoyed at the woman but he just grinned. "I am just here to carry stuff." Lieddem shrugged. "Or other services... I might be good for some Security or Medical stuff." He pointed out that he did have skills.

"Let's not go advertising before we get there," Cami replied. "Look, they're going into that place over there." She pointed to where they were wheeling the massive piece of technology through a darkened archway that looked like it was made of left over manufacturing piping.

Lieddem shrugged. He was open like a book, had they not realised that by now? "Now that is huge. What is it?" He wondered following the trio through the archway his eye quickly adjusting to the darkness. He was like a lost little lamb with the Engineers but he would do anything for his sister.

"It's a bit on the rough side, but that right there is a industrial forge," Burnie said, breaking into a big grin and striding toward it. "Come on, let's see if they're interested in taking orders."

Cami hurried alongside, pressing on though the dim light until they reached a carved-out section that looked like it had once been part of the mining facility. The way it was set up was ramshackle, with massive steel netting and jury-rigged shutters made from alloyed materials. The whole thing looked recycled from old parts. She blinked in wide-eyed wonder at the heavy machinery that lay beyond, with a dozen-or-so ugly-looking mechanics working it.

"Who do you think is in charge?" she asked.

Lieddem looked around and eventually shrugged not that he was being asked at all. "Not a clue but it is pretty impressive." Lieddem could spot a few different recycled parts that he recognised. "Looks like they do not waste much here though."

"I expect they don't," Burnie replied, casting around for someone who looked to be in charge. "With luck that means they'll be able to recast our wrecked parts, or at least take them in trade as partial payment for molding new ones."

A gruff looking man looked up from his work and looked at the group stood there looking around looking out of place. "Can I help you off worlders?" He wondered approaching.

Cami suddenly felt a little bit intimidated. The man looked beefy and probably a bit rough, especially when it came to outsiders. She glanced nervously between Burnie and Leiddem, her escorts, and cleared her throat gently. "We're wondering if we could, maybe, use your big replicator over there."

The man looked at them, looked back at the replicator and burst into laughter. "Now why would a slip of a girl like you want to use something like that?" He wondered ignoring Lieddem wincing at his choice of words.

"She's an engineer," Burnie cut in quickly. "As am I. Michael Burnstein, Chief Engineer on the Mary Rose," he added extending a hand. "And we need a few large sections of evacuation corridor replaced. We can provide the old ones, for raw material or in trade."

Cami was about to retort indignantly when Burnie piped-up. It was probably a good thing, too, as she'd either embarrass herself or end up flooring the guy. Either way wouldn't have helped them get what they needed. She bit her lip, impatiently wanting to jump in and prove her talents, if only to shut the man up.

"Evacuation corridor you say?" The man rubbed his face interested. The SS Mary Rose was the ship he had seen on the sky port. "How badly damaged?" He wondered. Leiddem put a hand on Cami's shoulder and offered a smiled. Normally he would have teased and said something about him not being the only one commenting on her height but he left it. She was a good Engineers and should be treated as such.

"Very," Burnie replied tersely and brought up an image of the twisted wreckage in ship storage on his PaDD. "But it's all there and I have the 3D model specs right here to fab replacements."

"What have you folks been up too?" He asked amused as he looked at the image. "Liem said you were all feisty but he did not explain that you were this fiesty."

Cami pouted at the implication, her arms crossing out of annoyance. "Doesn't matter how it happened. Just that we can fix it. Are you going to let us use your machine or what?"

The man looked at Cami and smiled a little brighter. "It matters to me girly. Most men around here do not have morals but I like to be able to look at myself in a mirror and I do not help pirates." Lieddem opened his mouth to mutter that they were not pirates but stopped as the man carried on. "I guess seeing Liem likes you that is good enough for me."

Cami shuddered a little at being treated as 'cutesy'. Moreso than being called a pirate. Stamping her feet and throwing a fit wouldn't have helped, though, so she bit her tongue and glanced at Burnie and Lieddem, hoping one of them would stick up for her.

Liddem rolled his eyes. "Yeah we know Leim so were are not pirate which is good enough for you brilliant. So you can help right?" He asked.

"Of course but it will have to be after shift. I cannot stop production before then the corporation will have my ass. I am Maasar by the way." Maasar finally revealed his name.

"That's fine. We're delivering cargo and not in a rush," Burnie said. "And if it's any help, it was pirates that caused the wreckage, so you're working against them by helping us."

"Hmm perhaps. Come back at 20 hundred local time and I will use my off hours and see if I can help." He mused as a woman strode over but stopped as she noticed Leiddem. It took a few moments but the Betazoid man recognised her.

"You?" He demanded recognizing the woman as Nollel Livaam, the bomber who had blown up SS Mary Rose's cargo bay two years ago for them.

"You know her?" Cami wondered out loud. She looked at the newcomer. "We'd appreciate the help. Right...?" She looked at Leiddem and Burnie for confirmation.

Burnie also looked from the woman to Leiddem and to Cami in puzzlement, but at Cami's prompt, came back to the business at hand. "Yes. Yes, we would," he confirmed. "Is there anything else you'll need from us?"

“We are old friends.” Leiddem frowned but kept the anger inside of him as he watched Noelle smile brightly at his crew mates and sprout lies about how they were friends. He was not going to call her out there and then but it was all a bit odd that her and Liem were both there.

Maasar frowned not believing what Noelle said but he could not be rude to her at all. She was welcomed by many of his men. “We are good here. I do not need anything until later. It seems Miss Livaam needs me.” He hinted that it was there escape option.

"I suppose we'll be back...later...then." Cami felt uncertain about the whole thing. Like this woman had given Leiddem some sort of anxiety attack. Prophets-willing that wouldn't be a problem for them. "Right?" she again looked to Burnie for confirmation.

"Yes," Burnie said. He didn't know what was up with Leiddem and the woman - she was attractive, but the security officer didn't seem the type to get uptight about that - and it seemed best to go somewhere more private to find out. ". We'll come by after 2000 local."


Michael Burnstein
Chief Engineer
SS Mary Rose

Leiddem Kea
SS Mary Rose
(PNPC Gregnol)

Laurier Cami
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