Our Future is vast...

Man kind has grown mighty and just on the shoulders of it’s ancestors sins. Yet among the hoards of the enlightened, there are still those few men who succumb to the temptations of our past. While the application of Zefram Cochrane’s brilliance has been put to use, pushing our species virtues ever more into the greatness of space; these few have hidden in the wake of expansion, escaping their guilt, misconduct and reputations not only across borders but across planets.

Welcome aboard the SS Mary Rose, a pastiche of a ship hailing from an era bygone, past checkered and history dubious. In all rights, she should have been moored in a museum, stripped of her warp core, drained of her chattels and propped onto a pole, a lifeless husk on display. Yet the SS Mary Rose has a tireless manner of slipping through the tight noose of fate, her history managing to have her plucked from her quietude and salvaged by a greedy merchant with an eye for earnings. Dragged from her stationary cradle adrift in the void, The SS Mary Rose is once more venturing the black. Now crewed by an itinerant band, whose motivations are questionable and approach is quite fly-by-night, the Mary Rose has been cast into the role of privateer vessel. Such craft find work only when wandering the outskirts of lawless space; their reputations, actions and mannerisms ensuring they remain unwelcome in the polite society of most UFP worlds.

This simulation is based on the dark side of Star Trek, people living on the very edges of the Federation. We focus on quality writing and not quantity like so many simulations out there allowing the story to grow in our own way, letting characters and our community develop. We are based in the Independent Fleet of Obsidian Fleet.

SS Mary Rose is a 13+ website and game, no persons under 13 may register/join this site. This is our privacy policy in line with General Data Protection Regulation

Current Ship Mission

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Latest News Items

» Mission 10 :: Shattered

Posted on Thu Sep 13th, 2018 @ 9:03pm by Captain Rueben Gregnol in Sim Announcement

Hi All

I want to properly get this mission on its way now as it gives us so many amazing opportunities to write some awesome stuff. We have prepared an AU timeline and a mission guide for a list of who is who is in our world.

This is the mission planner where you can sign up for plots or create your own.

Anyone want to discuss an AU version of a character please just send me a message and we can fit you in on the two ships we have to play with.


» New Players - Orym Wixx and Anthony Hooks

Posted on Mon Aug 27th, 2018 @ 12:53pm by Captain Rueben Gregnol in General News

Good Afternoon

We are really lucky in getting two very eager Engineers I would just like to introduce all of you to two new players – Adam who will be playing a civilian turned Chief Engineer on the ship called Orym Wixx and Lee who will be playing Anthony Hooks our new Assistant Chief Engineer. I would like to ask while they both settle in you offer lots of jp's and make them feel welcome on Rosie. They would have been onboard since shoreleave on Azzia.


» Mission 10 :: Shattered

Posted on Sun Aug 26th, 2018 @ 10:00pm by Captain Rueben Gregnol in Sim Announcement

Hi Everyone

As it’s the stroke of 10pm BST I can finally announce our new mission. I know I know it should be the stroke of midnight but meh it’s a school night for us Europeans.

As you can most likely tell by the announcements for the last week a new mission will be starting over next few days. There are still spoilers to be revealed and things to happen in the current one but everyone likes a little sneak peek right?

Dun dun duuuuuuu

Mission 10 :: Shattered

There have always been rumours of alternative universes and parallel worlds but nothing will prepare the Civilian Crew of SS Mary Rose for this newest threat to their ship and survival. Having been dragged to an Alternative Universe by the saboteurs. Unaware of what they have been holding in the Grotto or how much the alternate universe has been influencing them since the moment Gregnol took the ship over they are ill prepared for the might of the Imperial Starfleet vessels surrounding them and their doppelgangers. How are they going to get home?

Any thoughts or questions please pm me or contact me on discord.


» Promotion - 2XO

Posted on Fri Aug 3rd, 2018 @ 7:43pm by Captain Rueben Gregnol in Sim Announcement

Hi all

It isn’t often people get promotions as is the nature of the sim where the writing is more important than prestige but I am really happy to announce that we have a 2XO or Boatswain as we are calling him. Travis who plays Jasper Offermans has kindly agreed to step up IC and OCC to help in being the third side to our triad of command. Travis has been nothing but proactive in everything he does on Rosie from the moment he joined and we as a command team appreciate that.

It will be worked IC towards him getting a promotion asap on Rosie but he will be appearing on Cosmos asap as 2XO. Another note about this promotion is he doesn’t know the next mission as we are keeping him in the dark about it so as not to spoil the surprise for him either. **evil grin**


» New Player - K'Taal

Posted on Thu Jul 19th, 2018 @ 7:38pm by Captain Rueben Gregnol in General News

Good evening Everyone

I would just like to introduce all of you to our new player Greg who will be playing K'Taal. They will be becoming our chief Communication Operator. I would like to ask while he settles in you offer lots of jp's and make him feel welcome on Rosie. I am sure they would appreciate a prod on discord to offer said Jps.


Latest Mission Posts

» Pioneering Motivations

Mission: Shattered
Posted on Wed Nov 14th, 2018 @ 5:53am by First Officer Valiyi Uhin & Tucker Youngblood

As she leaned against her desk, Valiyi had her arms cross against her chest as she waited patiently. Earlier, she had sent a yeoman out to find a member of the Operations team, as she had managed to lock herself out of the computer in her own office. Even at…

» Good To Be Home

Mission: Shattered
Posted on Mon Nov 12th, 2018 @ 11:20pm by Chief Navigator Dixoho Saa & Chief Armory Officer Micheal Robertson

Micheal was in his assigned quest cabin, sitting at the desk monitor, looking over the status report on the resupply of his ship as he was attempting to perform some routine maintenance on his cybernetic arm. He had already bathed and was wearing nothing but a towel around his waist.…

» It’s A Job, Trust Me

Mission: Shattered
Posted on Sun Nov 11th, 2018 @ 7:25pm by Engineering Chief Mellicent Borden


From the next bar over, Mel watched as the events unfolded. Mack had picked another fight and this time he actually managed to walk away without much need for medical help. Mel picked up her mug of bear and slammed it down, as she placed the half-smoked cigar back…

» Calls From The Otherside Of The Universe

Mission: Shipyards
Posted on Sat Nov 10th, 2018 @ 3:11pm by Captain Ledeya ‘Ed’ Ehestri & First Officer Cornelius Harrington III & Christopher Byrne

It had been a long recovery road, and while Neil wasn’t entirely released to full duty, he was ready to get back to work. He had hope, however, a light duty restriction would have allowed him to get out of the Task Force meeting; but that didn’t pan out. Picking…

» Confessions & Histories

Mission: Shattered
Posted on Tue Nov 6th, 2018 @ 8:37pm by Reessem Nubohn & Deacon Kane

You ARE a bastard. Hump thought to himself as he checked in on Reesseem's sleeping form. He covered her with of all things, an old Gorn long coat that he'd found in this Frankenstein of a shuttle, that someone had aptly named Forlorn Hope. It had obviously been someone’s home…

Latest Personal Logs

» Meanwhile....

Posted on Mon Jun 25th, 2018 @ 10:30pm by First Officer Valiyi Uhin

The following is dated before the shore leave to Azzia...

To: -Private Receiver-
From: Valiyi Uhin
Subject: Whereabouts

As you may well be aware, my current position from Starfleet has been taken from me. The actions of the Apostles were seen as reprehensible, and while we had no power over…

» Status Quo has to Go.

Posted on Sun Dec 3rd, 2017 @ 2:48am by Paul Cullars

"Computer begin log." The computer beeps letting him know its begun, it picks up some rustling of clothing, "Integration of dual personalities continues. I have found the new me enjoys flirtatious behavior. It appears Luxon was a bit more motivated to gain power and latnium to get multiple female companions.…

» New Ship, New Adventures

Posted on Wed Oct 18th, 2017 @ 8:27pm by

Hal took out a recorder he had with him as he sat in a shuttle on his way to his new posting.

"Begin personal log, continued year 2246. Well todays the day. I traded in my gray shirt for a beige one, and all the responsibility that goes with it.…

» background log Braden MacCloud

Posted on Fri Jul 14th, 2017 @ 8:33pm by


It seemed unreal that he had pretty stable resources. His parents had left him a tidy sum and then he had recently inherited his brother's estate. He was worth quite a bit of money it seemed anyway. He could have retired on a luxury planet and lived out his…

» Commission Conundrum

Posted on Wed Jun 28th, 2017 @ 8:15am by Humili Planita

Dated four days after Humili's boarding of the SS Mary Rose...

Commission Proctors,

I am writing to inform you that I have received your message that addresses your concern about my joining a group of somewhat ill-repute and taking a position aboard an unmonitored and potentially illegally obtained vessel.