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The Voices Are Real Part 1

Posted on Sat Feb 17th, 2018 @ 3:48am by Leiddem Kea & Caden Isaacks

Mission: Liberation
Location: Deck 7 - Sickbay Complex
Timeline: MD 03 17:00


Leiddem sighed as he walked into the morgue that was currently being used as a place for the medical crew to hang out and basically hide as it didn't have any bodies inside. The sickbay office was just to easy for people to find them all the time. He looked at the three people inside and sighed at the fact the room was silent.

"That was another person complaining about voices but nothing is wrong with them." As the lowest member of the crew in regards to the medical experience, he had gone to see what was wrong.

"It's curious, to say the least," the Romulan medical officer replied as he gestured for the other man to find himself a place to sit. "Have you yourself been plagued by voices? Because I have been and my girls have heard them too."

The tall Betazoid jumped up on the hold fashioned gurney and nodded. He had suspected it was a bridge officer trying to wind him and the Armoury Officer up as they were bored on the bridge but not he wasn't so sure. "Yeah, i did a few days back. I and Micheal thought it was someone on the bridge messing with us." It had only come to the man's thoughts earlier that there wasn't a ship-wide system for communication unless you wanted everyone to be able to hear it.

"What made you realise they weren't messing with you? That it had to be something else?" Lhaes was curious to hear what the other medic had to say.

Cate leaned against a steel desk as she sighed quietly. Her heart began to race as Leiddem and Lhaes admitted to hearing the voices. The same voices she'd been hearing. Rubbing her tired eyes, she breathed in deeply. She too thought it was just a prank, but now it was becoming real. She wasn't sleeping, she couldn't eat.. "I've heard them as well." she finally spoke up "I...don't know who they are, but it's freaking me out." she bit her lip.

Alternatively, Caden had not heard a damn voice, simply because he spent all his time in Sickbay fielding the crewmen who were too dense to think there was something wrong with the ship and not their brains. "We should figure out what's going on, then," he mentioned, "Preferably before they turn into something more tangible?"

Cate shrugged her shoulders "Well, when have you guys been hearing them? For me, it's the middle of the night when everything is quiet. Caden, consider yourself lucky..." she scoffed as she drank from her mug of tea "I don't know...has anyone actually tried talking back to them? Call me crazy, but maybe that'll actually help."

"Why should I consider myself lucky, exactly?" Caden's brow raised. "I've been trying to figure out if the crew's suffered collective brain damage - which they haven't, unless the scanners Doctor Mott picked up from our last incident were weird. But that wouldn't surprise me either. Have you seen any signs of mental trauma?"

"For me it's in the evening too. First time I really noticed was when the girls woke up screaming in the middle of the night. Even my son was disturbed by it but my girls were terrified." Lhaes looked at them in turn. "I haven't seen any patients yet, but if you have then we should probably compare readings on each of them. And for those of us who have heard them, perhaps we should run a few brain scans on ourselves?" He paused, pondering for a few seconds. "Are any of you telepathic?"

Everyone turned to look at Leiddem who slowly raised his hands. "I didn't sense anything." He said already thinking of what would be said before it was. "Nothing there. Just assumed it was a joke." He shrugged. "Maybe we should you know inform the Captain?" It seemed the logical course of action in something like that. The man needed to know what was happening on his ship.

Caden's eyes rolled, holding up his PaDD. "If we're going to do that, which I also recommend, I already have the numbers and what they've seen." There were no names attached, as he wanted to keep confidentiality, but there was nothing saying he couldn't report everything else. "It's probably better we do this sooner rather than later."

"Looks like you volunteered yourself," Leiddem smirked a little as he saw the PaDD. Seeing the man was so prepared he could go and tell the Captain that there were crew hearing voices. He wished he could be a fly on the wall for that conversation.

"I've not sensed anything either," Lhaes confessed, looking around at the gathered group before nodding at Caden. "Yes, please go speak with the captain and run the numbers by him. As soon as possible. I want a copy of that data too."

Cate nodded in response "We will all back you up, of course." she replied softly "Who knew...?" she shurgged her shoulders "I'm glad I'm not going crazy."


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