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Introducing The New First Mate (Part 2)

Posted on Thu Feb 15th, 2018 @ 4:56pm by Captain Rueben Gregnol & Dixoho Saa & Chief Armoury Micheal Robertson & Executive Officer Valiyi Uhin

Mission: Liberation
Location: Deck 3 - Ward Room
Timeline: MD -21 08:00

A pair of heels could be heard rushing toward the Ward Room as the blonde quickened her pace. As the door lifted, Catelyn ran a hand through her loosely tousled locks as she entered the meeting “Hello, everyone! Sorry, I’m late, I was tending to a patient. I do t know how you guys seem to keep getting injured, but you certainly do.” She sighed breathlessly as she leaned against the wall.

“Good to see, you, Captain.” She said with a nod “How far are we?” She asked softly as she smiled at the rest of the senior crew. She glanced at Braden and gave a warm smile.

"You are fine Catelyn." The Captain said with a small nod in her direction. "Nothing of importance has started as of yet." He assured quickly wondering if he should perhaps do a walk through with the medical staff if people were getting injured. "I will catch up with you with the injuries after this." He added as he stood lazily and looked at everyone.

Cate nodded, moving closer to Selina “Hey you! How’s the baby doing? Any kicking yet?” She asked sweetly as she folded her arms. “Feel free to swing in for anything you need.”

Selina looked at the woman surprised that she was bringing it up in the middle of the room. "Um... fine." She narrowed her eyes realising the woman had finally caught her after Selina had been avoiding medical since her arrival. "I..i... will," Selina said her voice lower in surprise that she had been cornered. Gregnol winked at Cate and nodded his thanks to her before he coughed bringing everything back onto him.

Micheal watched as the little drama unfolded. It had been a long time since he had been around a pregnant woman. His thoughts instant jumped back to his wife and children, and how happy they had been before...well...before.

Braden saw everyone listed on the memo was here so he sat up straighter expecting Rueben to begin the meeting. He was hoping it would be brief as he had much to do yet to prepare for the next morning's task. He was sort of surprised how the room had quieted down when Rueben whistled? He was also curious why the passenger Uhin was here at all? She appeared to have a lot of information though even of events from before she was aboard? He expected all would be revealed in time, it always was.

Cate had thought she whispered, but apparently, her tone was slightly louder with her excitement about Selina’s pregnancy. She gave subtle smile, she nodded “Well, I practically live in the medbay, so feel free to stop by anytime.” She replied back quickly as she sipped her coffee.

Looking to the others, she folded her arms, waiting for the more important information to begin.

Everyone seemed to have settled in, according to the cursory glance that Valiyi gave to those seated, and all were in attendance. She looked to Rueben, with a cool gaze. "Shall we begin?"

Reuben looked at the woman narrowing his eyes just a little before he looked back at the crew all giving him glances something interested whilst others confused. "Da... I guess I should." He said pointedly. "As some of you know Mahone left us to pastures new and our Chief Engineer has had to take a leave of absence." He glanced at Selina for a moment before looking at everyone. He didn't need to be reminded of the blonde and her views on him or the ship. "Selina is going to be looking over Engineering but she isn't Chief as she had made pretty clear to myself. She is doing it purely in the interest of safety." He added before turning to look at Valiyi. "I suspect some of you are wondering why our guest from our incident with the Ardanans is in the Ward Room." He knew it would be the burning question.

Cate remained quiet as the discussion began. She could feel the tension in the room. She had been wondering why the guest had been in the Ward Room herself. With a soft, deep sigh, her fingers laced into her blonde locks as she waited for someone else to speak up.

"I've asked Valiyi to be our Executive Officer as she has the required skill set to carry out the job." Reuben had no doubt about her skill set, she had been a Captain of a diplomat ship as one of her last ships. He truly thought if anyone had the required skill set she did to deal with this ragtag group.

Micheal nodded slightly as he listened. He had figured that the woman had been in Starfleet, just by the way she carried herself.

Braden shook his head, another planned ambush. Braden would have laughed if it was not so sad. So all that nonsense about her trying to rag on him was a setup. Well, that blew up in Rueben's face. The message though was plain enough, and at the first decent Port, he would leave. When the command staff went out of their way to falsely condemn someone it was time to bid them farewell.

"Captain, if I may..." Valiyi cleared her throat, sitting upright in her seat. Her tone changed, and her expression hardened. "I am honored that Captain Gregnol has offered me this opportunity, and I am looking forward to working with everyone in this room, as well as the rest of our staff. In the interest of transparency, I do come from a background with leadership and diplomatic experience, all primarily obtained through Starfleet. It is my hope that we will be able to work together regardless of our backgrounds."

Like Reuben could stop her at the moment if he tried. He could see the Betazoid fire in her easily, as she stood there, so he just took his seat and indicated for her to talk. Once she was finished he offered a smile and nodded. "We should be working together regardless of backgrounds anyway." He said looking around the room quickly before he decided to carry on with the meeting. "So moving on to other things." He let the room calm down and get over the revelation of the new way things were going to work on the ship.

Micheal was glad that they had an experienced executive officer. A ship ran much smoother when it had a competent person to the right of the Captain.

"In the interest of transparency, we are going to be developing and opening up the spaces that had been sealed up as useless by The Collector." He handed out pieces of paper showing just what was in the area that they were opening up. Mostly old labs but another transporter room was in the area.

"Honestly, this Collector's superstition is worse than the Third House..." Valiyi leaned over to give the archaic leaflets a critical examination. "I can certainly see these labs being fine additions to the Science Department... but this other room... What use would he have sealing all of these up? Is it from superstition, or could he possibly have hidden something in there we may not want to find?"

"Who knows but we shall be investigating," Reuben said with a look at the Science Chief to confirm that he would be looking and not just do what he thought best. "From what I can see looking through the DataCore it was done as soon as he came onboard." The Captain thought it strange seeing so much else had been ripped apart and changed like the two decks that had been ripped out and moved around for Cargo space. "Who knows what could be there like Valiyi suggested." It wouldn't be beyond a scope of the imagination to perhaps find anything else hidden. it was that type of ship.


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