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Introducing The New First Mate (Part 1)

Posted on Thu Feb 15th, 2018 @ 4:56pm by Captain Rueben Gregnol & Dixoho Saa & Lieutenant Selina Fenruse & Chief Armoury Micheal Robertson & Executive Officer Valiyi Uhin

Mission: Liberation
Location: Deck 3 - Ward Room
Timeline: MD -21 08:00

Reuben was right a meeting was actually a perfect opportunity to achieve a lot of things with this crew. It is a chance to catch everybody up on what is going on in the overall scheme of things, it gave them a chance to air things and best of all he got all his senior crew together without having to chase them down. Things were so much easier on a normal Starfleet Vessel, he could track a lot easier without having to climb into tiny spaces or pits of Rosie that no one should ever be in.

The Captain wasn’t the type to call too many meeting. Some crews had too many meetings that should never have happened in the first place and he knew his crew were more than a little sick of having to sit through meetings. They were a waste of time and bore everyone to tears.

“Good Morning,” Reuben said as the new Executive Officer or First Mate as she wanted to be known as walked in.

"Captain." Valiyi strode into the room swiftly, eyes scanning the Ward Room as if she had never set foot in the establishment previously. The one thing she and Reuben could agree upon was that the idea of a meeting seemed dull, and there was more to the crew than paperwork, sitting, and speaking of the actions they could take. "I trust everyone will arrive as anticipated?"

"Valiyi." The human nodded back wondering if he should inquire about whether she had moved into the correct quarters yet and if her office was to her liking but that seemed just as dull as this meeting. It was boring to do meetings like this but there were lots to discuss from the attitude of some of the senior crew to the very person stood in front of him. "They should do." Reuben had given a confirmation that they would be attending when he had sent out the request.

"As I expect," replied the Betazoid. "From the small number of rounds I've done, most of the departments have a working order to them, which I can appreciate. I still have yet to discuss with most of the department heads, but I wanted to wait for after the meeting to deal with most of that."

A few moments later, the doors slid open, allowing Micheal to enter the compartment. He nodded to both senior officers already present. "Sir, Ma'am." As he moved towards his seat, he handed over a PADD to Rueben. "The latest armoury readiness report, Sir."

"Thank you, Micheal." Reuben nodded taking the offered PADD. Things were starting to get more organised now with reports on things. "I shall read it after this meeting."

Valiyi nodded her head in Micheal's direction. She said nothing but gave him a polite smile. There was an appreciation she had for such efficiency.

Micheal acknowledged the other person. "Ma'am," he offered his right hand as he continued. "We haven't been introduced. I am Micheal Robertson, Chief Armory Officer and bounty hunter. A pleasure to meet you."

"The pleasure is mine, Micheal." Valiyi returned the favor, offering her own hand for a shake. "And I do look forward to working more closely with you."

Micheal bowed his head slightly as he replied. "And I you, Ma'am." He then released the handshake and moved to sit in his seat at the table.

Braden walked in and nodded "good day Rueben, and Ms Uhin." Braden had been busy preparing to work in the Grotto but had expected a meeting today. Just the procedure to open the Grotto was enough for a half day meeting. He sat at the far end of the table from where the Captain would sit. He simply ignored the bounty hunter, with his attitude it seemed the best thing to do.

After Braden sat down, Micheal looked over at the dour science officer and, with a large, friendly grin on his face, waved. "Morning, Braden! How're things down in the science labs?"

Braden laughed wondering who the cowboy had mistreated to have such a happy attitude? He still wore a smile as he spoke up "Things in my area are just hunky-dory. Everything I do just seems to work just about perfectly. I am a truly blessed person." Braden shook his head then looked at the door to see who was joining the group next?

"That sounds like a bit of cockiness to me." Arms folded across her chest, Valiyi gave Braden a curious gaze. "Perfectly how, exactly?"

Braden was now in a good mood and he shrugged "well now Ms Diplomat who believes people can live together without rules. I believe the garden which is supplying all the required crew needs for fibre, veggies, and seasonings, as well as an abundant supply of fruit, is operating at a level which would be rather difficult to determine above how it used to be. In the same amount of space and with zero extra power drain on the ship. You were getting a few edibles from it before I took the project. Now Engineering and my friend Quang Tran helped greatly to put it all together so it was a crew effort to accomplish. So that was my only project until yesterday so I think that it is about as perfect as it could be. Yesterday I was given a new assignment as you know, after all, you were there. I have been up a few hours and have been putting together the tools I expect to need to deal with that task. Oh my wait, yes there was a fire a few months ago. I helped put the fire out, helped save the crew in the process." Braden took a deep breath, "so everything I have been involved in has been a complete success, thus a 100%, thus as near perfect as possible to obtain." He leaned back in his seat tilting his head "I fear modesty is not among my qualities, a minor flaw in my character I suppose."

Valiyi's brow quirked. "Except you seem to have forgotten that you have two hydroponics bay operators, both of which sufficient in their field plenty enough to operate the Hydroponics Bay as is. One of which from a Starfleet background, which, from my understanding, has one of the best to offer in the field of Hydroponics upon a ship of this nature. One would expect they would have some say in the matter of placement of where the edibles are being placed, and I presume they did not as you did not mention them. Nevermind the fact that I've found moisture dripping down from the ceiling of the Reactor Complex, which lies below the Hydroponics Bay. From my limited understanding of the matter of engineering, antimatter in the state that this vessel needs it in would not do well with excess moisture from any source, and while I would have to consult Engineering on the exacts, I've already made a strong recommendation to make sure they look into it, and the engineer I spoke to seemed to have agreed. I applaud your efforts, and that of Mr Tran and the Engineering Team involved, and while having an increased output of food is ideal, so too is the safety of the crew, or there would likely be no one to feed the food to. Of course, we can discuss our differences and our ideals at length later. I presume not everyone would like to hear a pair of scientists with extensive military backgrounds pontificate."

Braden smirked unphased by her criticisms. He replied matter of factly as well "You seem to be well informed for a passenger? As to the experts you mentioned they were both consulted and both were involved in all aspects of the placements of the plants. They had few comments and offered few if any recommended changes to the plan I developed. So it was in effect the layout I created. Since they are both in my department they are included in all reports sent to command. Since you are a passenger I was not reporting to you, I was being polite and answering your question. The moisture you are referring to was there before the gardens were expanded and likely is less now then it was before because those self-same engineers you mentioned repaired several seals as we made sure the structural integrity could handle the extra weight. As I have been told more than once, this is an old ship. I would suggest you take up any fears of safety with the Captain or one of the engineers."

Reuben raised an eyebrow before he put two fingers in his mouth and let out a deafening whistle. "Enough." He said with an air of authority as Selina and Dixoho both stood in the doorway mouth agast at the passenger and Scientists exchange of words and criticism.

"Well as Engineer I will make it my priority to check it," Selina said with an easy grace as she recovered and sat next to Braden while Dixoho looked at Micheal awkwardly before she sat in one of the last available chairs.

"Yes... thank you, Selina, for stepping into the breach for Theroh." The Captain wasn't going to go into details with everyone but he was relieved that Selina was there no matter how annoyed she was about the situation.


Reuben Gregnol
S.S. Mary Rose

Braden MacCloud
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Selina Fenruse
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