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20 Questions

Posted on Wed Feb 14th, 2018 @ 4:13pm by Leiddem Kea

Mission: Liberation
Location: Deck 7 - Sickbay
Timeline: Previous Mission

Catelyn O’Mally has just been hired on as an extra doctor for the SS Mary Rose. It was her first time on a civilian ship, so this would definitely be interesting. She had met a few of the few members, gave exams and got to know a few as well. They seemed like a tightly knit bunch, which she liked.

Fanning her fingers through her blonde tousled locks, she began to clean up after a certain woman who left her tools every where. Giving a disgruntled sigh? She pulled the ponytail holder off her wrist and tied her hair into a messy bun “Seriously, Davis. Clean up after yourself.” She mumbled. “I’m an MD...this isn’t my job…” she sighed heavily as she finished cleaning.

“That is because it is my job Blondie.” Leiddem said taking the tray from her before she could even start to pick stuff up. It wasn’t her place to tidy up when she had a minion like him. “You just go rest those pretty legs and let me do the work.” He teased her over her love of heels on the ship where most women wore boots.

“Blondie, eh?” She asked as one of her eyebrows raised. “Well, don’t you worry.. me and my pretty little legs aren’t going anywhere.” She mocked him as she stepped back to grab her PaDD to finish charting. Looking down to her heels, she smirked. She loved them. She knew she was the only girl who wore really wore them, but she didn’t care. It was hard to feel feminine out in space.

Looking to the nurse, she half smiled “And it’s not your job to clean up after her either. I just get anxious with messes.” Rolling her eyes at her own confession, she looked to him again and paused for a moment. “Isn’t your shift up? Go. Go relax, have fun or whatever you guys do after your shifts are done. I’m good here.” She smiled sweetly.

“Well i call a lot of people blondie… well you and that pretty Engineer.” He said grinning as she looked down at the heels and then back at him grinning. He didn’t mind cleaning up messes even if it was from someone who was technically the same rank, he didn’t like messes either. “Meh if i finish here i only have to go to my main Security job.” Medical was easier and Cate was a lot prettier to look at compared to Michael.

Her index finger traced the screen on her PaDD, closing files and updating other charts. “Security, eh? So you’re a fairly important guy here.” She replied softly as she put the PaDD to her side. “Security sounds...god, so awful. What do you do, watch a monitor the whole time? Do you sleep?” She asked in all curiosity, but then suddenly realized that she had began a game of 20 questions “S..sorry. I’m interrogating you.”

“Maybe you should be the one going to security instead of me.” Security wasn’t so bad he had learnt a lot about himself since Michael had come onboard compared to the previous Department Heads. “Wanna play 20 questions since you started?” He wondered winking at her.

Cate laughed “Well, I suppose…” she replied, shaking her head as her fingers trailed along the edges of her coat, removing it and laying on her chair. “Well, you’re turn.” She winked playfully as she smoothed out her black scoop neck dress.

“And no i don’t watch monitors there are barely any cameras onboard. I mostly inspect weapon lockers and check no one is killing anyone.” He admitted sitting on the desk easily, his long legs dangling there. “Hmmm… How long have you been out in the universe on your own?” He often wondered how people got out in the universe on ships like this.

“Well…” she began as she propped herself to sit into the counter “That’s an interesting story. I’m an army brat...I’ve lived everywhere and I also have extreme wanderlust due to the constant moving around. I wasn’t like one of those kids who wanted to plant their feet and stay in one place. I’ve always been independent. My father wouldn’t hold

me back, either. He always pushed for me to spread my wings and fly. And fly I did…” She smiled, remembering her family from back then.

“I graduated from med school, got an internship in Starfleet and I was off. I was on a fantastic team for a while until something happened and I left. I needed a change, so I came here.”

“Well Rosie is the place for changes that is for sure,” The Betazoid had no doubt about that. The nine months he had been onboard so far had certainly changed him from the Marine he had been to quite a nice dependable guy. “It is your question i believe.” He pointed out with a grin.

Cate chuckled, pondering a moment “Hmm…” she wondered out loud as she crossed one of her legs “How did you end up here?” She asked softly as her blue eyes looked into his.

Leiddem sighed. He couldn’t tell her the real reason but he could bend the truth just a little bit. “I was hired by Gregnol as I was a Marine.” He shrugged looking at the floor.

This man got more interesting by the minute. Her eyes widened as he spoke of his service “Oh really? You know...I can see it.” She half smirked looking to his stature and how he carried himself “How long?” She asked, fully intrigued.

“You can see it huh?” Not many could, he wasn’t a big guy in the way of muscles as he was too tall and willowy but he knew he was as strong as the other guys, it had been proven again and again. “Ten years,” Kea said with a shrug. It wasn’t like he wasn’t going to go back after whatever this was, was finally over.

“Ten years is quite a while..” she remarked softly as she looked to him. “The way you carry yourself. You walk proudly, so I could see it.” She winked playfully. “Well, I have no patients for an hour, want to grab a coffee or something before you start your shift?”

“Who says i haven’t started my security shift already.” He was one of the few crew that had a dual role Assistant Chief Armory Officer and then Cate’s minion was his second role it seemed at the moment. “But i think i can make time for a coffee.” It was a shame she wasn’t Betazoid they would have an even more killer repore going.

With a grin, she pushed her body off the counter as she stepped back into the floor. “Ha…” She smirked “I believe it’s your question...”


Leiddem Kea
SS Mary Rose
(PNPC Gregnol)

Catelyn O’Malley
SS Mary Rose


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