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One Final Hooray

Posted on Wed Feb 14th, 2018 @ 8:35am by Jeassaho Kea

Mission: Liberation
Timeline: MD 04 21:00

Jeassaho sighed as she came out from a Jeffrey tube and saw a figure walking towards her. She smiled and stood up, her annoyance over having to climb in some pretty small spaces over as she saw the woman. “What are you doing having a stroll at this time of night?” Jeassaho wondered with a grin as she let the woman come to her.

Amy sauntered over with a grin on her face as she brushed her raven hair to one shoulder. Her piercing blue eyes stared into Jeassaho as if she could see into her soul. “Ah! What a nice surprise...” she winked with a soft chuckle, careful to be quiet in the middle of the night “I couldn’t sleep. A walk usually helps me..” She replied as she approached the woman. Once she was close, her palm graced Jeassaho’s cheek gently, feeling her soft pale skin “Maybe I should take more walks at this time.” She winked as she brought her lips to hers. “God, even when you’re working you smell awesome. What is that perfume again?” She laughed as she backed away.

"Of course surprise." Jeassaho teased as she was kissed. The Bertazoid lent back against the wall grinning happily. It was nice being with a woman again but nicer that it was Amelia. The woman didn't ask for much or want much in return apart from kisses. "I don't think I am even wearing any. It's all me." She whispered softly moving to kiss her neck with a grin.

Amelia closed her eyes as she felt the kiss. It was sweet and tender. Leaning in, she nuzzled the brunette and kissed her hair. “So, what are you up to once you’re off shift?” She asked, grabbing the girl’s hands into hers “Wine and a movie?”

"Isn't that our plan most nights?" Jeassaho said with a smile as she was nuzzled. It was so tender and sweet, nothing angry or resentful about it all. It wasn't a secret that he and Amelia had a thing, it wasn't something you could hide on a ship like this at all.

“Well, let’s get on with it then!” She winked as she took her hands in hers. Fingers laced, she walked close to the woman. Jeassaho was an amazing woman, and she loved being with her. She knew things were complicated, so she could take whatever she could get. She was excited about what the future could hold. For now though, she loved living in the present.

"I have to search this junction first. What are you up to?" Jeassaho wondered as she held up there joined hands pulling the younger woman closer. They were in the new areas of the ship so she was wondering what the other woman was up to but she wasn't going to complain about stolen kisses out in the open like that.

“Oh just exploring is all. You know me, love. I never like to stay in one place for very long. The only place is the hangar. That’s my home away from home.” She replied with a gentle smile. Taking Jeassaho’s hand, she kissed it as they walked. “I’ll help you search?”

"Would you like a tour?" Jeassaho wondered as she tugged her into the nearest old lab with a grin. It was so old and dingy but it was interesting to see how the old labs worked. They seemed to be in good working order seeing they were mothballed by Starfleet after the second refit and the emergency that the ship had been put into.

“Don’t ask stupid questions.” She laughed softly “Of course, I would.” She grinned as she was pulled into the old lab. With a soft giggle, her hands cupped Jeassaho’s cheeks, bringing herself close so that their lips touched. The kiss was sweet; her lips tasted like something fruity. Whatever it was, she liked it. “Tour.” She winked mischievously

"Well, I know you like tours," Jeassaho teased the woman as she thought back to there drunken tour through the Engine Room before they had stumbled into bed together. "What do you think?" She wondered turning around to show the lab off.

Amelia smirked as she looked in the lab. All the gizmos and machines reflected along the pupils in her eyes. She wasn’t big into labs, science and the such. It was fascinating, yes, but she’d much rather be in the cockpit of a ship. Or fixing the ship, flying it, exploring space...the unknown. “It’s brilliant, mate.” She replied with a sweet smile as she walked around the dimly lit room. “So, what fascinating things happen here?” She asked as she hopped onto the counter to sit.

"Not a clue. I've been exploring but I can't seem to get any of the computers to run in this area to find out what they were working on." Jeassaho said with a grin running her hand across the dead console. Anyone who was interested in history would well and truly have a field day on this ship.

"Oy, love. What a conundrum..." she sighed before giving off a subtle smirk "Have ya tried smackin' it? My mother used to say that. If something wasn't working, smack it. Half the time, things actually worked." she winked as she swayed back and forth on the balls of her feet. "How old are they, anyway?" she asked as she began inspecting the equipment.

Jeassaho turned and looked at the woman shaking her head. "That was my first attempt." She joked with a grin. "About 100 years old. This area was last refitted turn of the century," She had looked through different areas of the ship the only area that she had seen from when she was first commissioned was deep in the underbelly of the ship. "She's had a lot of refits and rejigged. I've counted at least three by Starfleet and then whatever The Collector did." Jeassaho hoped whoever took on the Chief Engineer was able to see past all the problems and see the gem that Rosie was. She was an amazing history lesson in Engineering if someone was willing to learn.

"I can only wonder at this point, mate." she sighed as she hopped down from the counter. Observing all the tangled, dusty wires, she couldn't help but give a chuckle. This place was just a mess, but it was brilliant at the same time. "You love this, don't you?" she asked softly as she walked around the lab "One could only imagine what happened in here before. It's intriguing." she winked as she tilted her head. Running the tips of her fingers through her soft brunette hair, she smiled her sweet smile, listening to the woman next to her.

"Of course I love this place, it is fantastic," Jeassaho commented on with a grin to the woman. "I feel like i am actually an engineer again." It was nice to feel like she could get down and dirty with a ship's system again. "See that is better. Intriguing is fun."

"That's fantastic, love!" she smiled brightly to the Betazoid, putting her hands onto woman's waist to bring her close. Putting the tip of her pale nose to hers, she chuckled "I'm glad you feel back in your element, babe. I've felt that way ever since I came on board. "So, I can imagine you'll be here almost 24/7 now, yes? Shall I bring you some food from the mess hall?" she teased.

"Oh hello." The woman said with a smile as she was pulled close to her. Close like that Jeassaho and the human were the same heigh for once. "Yes and yourself. I can have you as well." The woman said kissing her nose with a grin.

Amy wrapped her arms around the Betazoid's waist and she smirked gently "You can always have me, love. Always." she whispered softly into her ear, kissing the lobe. Her lips then trailed along her cheek until they finally found her perfect, supple lips. Kissing them, she brought herself closer, pressing her body against the petite woman of her desires.


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