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Never Know What You Need Until It Falls Into Your Lap (part 2)

Posted on Sat Feb 10th, 2018 @ 3:55pm by Ka'see 'Cassie' Anderson & Johnathen Anderson Jr
Edited on on Thu Feb 15th, 2018 @ 4:16am

Mission: Ishimura
Location: Earth, Scotland
Timeline: Pre Ishimura - 2240

:::Continued from "Never Know What You Need Until it Falls Into Your Lap (part 1):::

:::Three hours later:::

"Cas," Johnathen whispered, while gently tapping her shoe. "Cassie, time to wake up. We're about ten minutes out." His voice was both soft and comforting in tone as he spoke.

The woman slowly awoke and looked around with a wince as she stood to stretch a little. She could see the familiar hills and greenness already. "Thank you... seriously, you will never know how much this means." She whispered softly thinking of all the things she needed to organise.

"Hey," he said with a grin and a head tilt, "Anderson taxi lines are always at your disposal, Ma'am." He waved his hand and bowed, then turned and sat back in his seat. "If you need me to circle for a bit, so you can freshen up as needed, just say the word."

"There isn't going to be anyone there." She admitted pointing to a large old-fashioned cottage. "That is home." She said sitting back down strapping herself back in.

Nodding, Johnathen sat back down and strapped in as well. "Okay then, hold on. I'm beginning the landing cycle. The pod slowly banked towards the cabin, dece6nding as it did so. Johnathen smoothly guided the craft to a spot about ten feet from the entrance. In about two minutes, they were safetly back on terrafirma. "Alright," he knuckled, stood and moved past Cassie. Popping the seal on the hatch, he reopened it and exited the craft. Once on the ground, he turned and offered his hand again, also again, diverting his eyes.

The woman did a much more ladylike approach than how she had gotten into the craft the first time and sat down shifting forward to get down. "Thank you for this." She whispered softly looking back to grab her bag from inside the hatch.

"I'll grab it, Cas," Johnathen said, as he reached in ahead of her to grab the bag. "You go ahead. I'll bring it in."

The woman nodded, thinking of her dress length suddenly and quietly moved across the open space to where the house was, imposing in its familiarness. Was she going to keep the house? Did she want to keep the house? She walked up to the front door and waited for it to recognize her. Once it did, the door opened into the darkened hallway. Taking a deep breath, she stepped inside.

After collecting her bag, Johnathen closed and sealed the hatch yo the shuttlepod. He then turned and followed Cassie inside, mindful to wipe his feet, out of respect, before entering. Once inside, the door slid shut behind him. As he looked around through the low light, he said, "Nice place, Cas." He then found a light switch, and actual toggle switch, and flipped it up, turning on a few lamps, that were scattered around the front room, which was connected to that circuit.

Cassie nodded at the man as she took in the room. It was comfortable with all the comforts anyone could think of then some. "It is a bit of best of both worlds." She whispered leading the way into the large living room. It had all the standard items you would expect but a large old-fashioned fireplace took up the majority of one of the walls. "Would you like a drink?" She offered.

"Oh!" He answered, suddenly realizing that he was very thirsty. "Yes, please. Thank you." Then he remembered that he was still holding her bag. "Cas? Where should I put your bag?"

"Oh sorry. Here let me take it from you. You should have just left it by the door." Cassie took the bag from him and chucked it by the door to take to her bedroom when needed to. "What would you like to drink. We have tons of teas." She admitted pointing to the old-fashioned stove and kettle. It wasn't a normal thing nowadays to have this much old technology but her mother loved it and to Cassie it was normal.

Johnathen shrugged. "I've actually never had tea. Uhh..suprise me?" He then carefully moved about the room, looking at the various knick-knacks and photos. Stopping at one, he asked, "Hey, where was this one taken? You look like you were having fun."

"Um..." She took the photo and looked at it. It was years old. She was barely a teenager but her mother had taken her to the Natural History Museum in London. "London. We are at the massive Natural History Museum. My mum booked an overnight evening for my birthday as we had just come back to Earth." She said smiling sadly as she put the photo back down and moved to the stove turning it on. She filled the kettle with water and put it back on the stove to warm. "Should get the fire started otherwise it'll be a cold night." She realised trying to work out what her mum used to do daily.

"Oh! I'll take care of the fire!" He responded, excitedly. Then he paused and gave Cassie a sheepish look. "If that's ok, that is?"

"Um... if you want but you don't need to. I know you have to get on. Tea shouldn't be too long." She didn't want to keep him too long especially as he had to get the vessel back to Starfleet.

Johnathen shrugged and shook his head. "Oh, I'm in no rush. I've got the shuttlepod for the entire week that the Academy is on vacation. The only rule is that I don't leave orbit with it. Other than that, my instructors have no issue with me using it as I see fit." That said, he finished moving towards the fireplace. After doing a quick check, he found everything he needed in pretty much the places he'd thought they'd be. After a few minutes of fiddling, he had the fire lit and slowly growing. He saw that there was enough wood to feed the fire until later that evening, so he would worry about getting more wood later.

The woman nodded. That made sense now to her, it was well known some pilots were allowed to borrow shuttles for practice as they were all tracked. "Well, I am lucky then that you were going on Vacation when you were." She had been very lucky. Silently she moved back into the kitchen and set out making a herbal tea.

"Oh, I wasn't going anywhere. Was just going to use the week relaxing and flying. So, I have no problem staying as long as you need me to." Once the fire was fully going, Johnathen placed the screen in front and sold back a little, warming his hands. That was when he realized that he had no other clothes to change into.

The woman looked at him surprised at the offer as she stepped into the room carrying two huge mugs of green tea. They didn't really know each other other than to study together. "You don't need to." She whispered.

Turning to face Cassie, Johnathen smiled softly, his eyes filled with an honesty as he responded. "I know I don't need to, Cassie," his voice full of the same honesty that filled his eyes, along with a level of warmth as well. "But I want to. I can't imagine the pain that you're feeling, however, I was raised to never let a friend in pain be alone. I'll stay as long as you want me to. When you say that it's time for me to leave, then I will, no questions asked."

"You really don't need to stay here Jonathen. We don't really know each other." She whispered brushing a stray lock of hair out of her face as she thought about the how empty the house would be so empty without someone else here. "You didn't bring any clothes." She murmured softly holding out the cup to him.

Stepping closer to Cassie, Johnathen reached out to take the offered mug, his fingers lightly running over here as he took hold of the mug. He was instantly in awe of not only how soft her skin was, but how warm as well! He blushed slightly. "Sorry," he whispered. "Hey," he reached out with his other hand and gently caressed her shoulder. "My parents raised me with many sayings. Most of them pretty corny," his eyes wrinkled as he grinned and shook his head. "But one of them holds true of this situation. Show me who will stand by you when times are their hardest, and I'll show you who your friends are. " He then shrugged a little. "I'm here for you, no matter what you may need."


Cassie McAvoy
Science Track - Biology
Starfleet Acdemy (Senior Year)
(PNPC Gregnol)

Cadet Johnathen Anderson
Starfleet Acdemy (Sophomore Year)
(PNPC Robertson)


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