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Glad to be Home (2246)

Posted on Thu Jun 6th, 2019 @ 8:27pm by Chief Comms Kendra McIntyre

Communication Officer's Log: Supplemental,

After our... ordeal on the surface of Nerinea IV, I don't think that I have ever been so happy to be back in my own quarters. A few days in Sickbay seem to have fixed whatever happened to me down there. I still have a bit of a migraine, but doc says that it'll pass soon enough. I haven't been able to speak with the others, or at least i can't remember it, but I hope they are recovering as well.

I have never experienced a planet with such beauty. The way the colors spread across the sky looked like something from a stylized painting. The climate was temperate and I do not remember getting cold. It just felt pleasant all the time. However, the planet had a dark side that remained hidden from us.

We got early signs, of course. However, we played off our attitude changes as stress from the crash or just clashed in personality over the seven days. Doc says that we were all exposed to some kind of mood altering fungus spores. They took certain aspects of our personalities and amplified them. Part of me wonders if the planet actually meant for us to stay forever. It certainly caused us to do all we could to not be found.

Of the seven days, I can only clearly remember the first three. Of those days, I spent much of the time trying to repair the comms as well as trying to discourage a few of the others from getting lost. I can remember how irritated I was. I almost destroyed the communications array in a fit of anger. Had I been a stronger species, I may have succeeded. Apparently, I did succeed in repairing the comm array. The Ishimura found us and we did survive.

I am unsure about how exactly I reacted to the spores. However, none of us would have made it off of that world had it not been for us keeping each other alive. The biggest lesson the I've learned is that I need to brush up on my ability to make repairs to consoles. I don't want to be stuck in a position where I always have to seek Cassi's report. No matter what, the bed I have on the Ishimura will feel better tonight than any other bed I've ever had the pleasure of using for sleep."


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