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So Many Eyes

Posted on Mon Jun 10th, 2019 @ 4:14pm by Chief Helmsman Eden Bowers

Eden had never been comfortable talking to a computer. She always did her personal logs as if writing a letter to her father whom she kept in contact regularly.

"Computer begin log." She spoke after she returned to her quarters having been directly released from Sickbay.

"Hi Dad. Just got home. People are looking at me funny again. I'm not sure what happened down on that planet but I must have done something odd. Not completely out of character for me I know. Still . . . I wish I could remember it. I woke up to Sebastian watching me from outside a force field. Maybe he was just being cautious but I can't help but wonder if he thought me a danger to him. He didn't look frightened of me, merely surprised. That's not all together that comforting.

I do remember little things, the purple sky and there was this tree. You would have liked it. Not very tall but nice and strong with a sort of cauliflower top to it. I feel like there's more about this tree that I'm not remembering. How do I know it was strong? Did I climb it?

I also have the faint image of fire for some reason but nobody seems burned or otherwise injured." Eden stopped talking and pouted at this point. "I just need answers and I'm afraid to ask anyone, even Sebastian. What if he decides I'm too odd after all? That's my greatest fear." She sighed and got up the courage to say, "I like him Dad, he appears to see me differently and I've never had anyone look at me like he does." She got up and tapped the panel on the wall instead of using voice commands, effectively ending the log.


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