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Beer Hunting And Confusion

Posted on Sat Sep 18th, 2021 @ 10:15pm by Nollel Livaam (*) & Micheal Robertson

Mission: Holoworld
Location: Cargo Bay
Timeline: MD -09 10:00
1424 words - 2.8 OF Standard Post Measure

Nollel stood outside the Alexandria with a PADD looking it over for a moment. She was there to get a signature for some cargo that checks that had not been signed off. She sighed as she realised she was not going to be able to climb up she stepped back and just decided to yell to get attention. “Excuse me? Anyone around?” She could not climb up in current outfit and regretted what she had dressed in that day when she was spending the day running around trying to catch up on paper work and questions around things. Damn the Captain and his need to be organised and damn her own agreement with that need.

Hearing someone calling, Micheal stuck his head out of the open hatch. "Hey, Nollel," he said, a slightly confused look on his face. "What's up?" As he spoke to her, he was gently cleaning a small gadget of some kind with a rag. He was currently dressed in construction coveralls, but had pulled his arms out of the sleeves and the top have of the jumpsuit was rolled up and the sleeves were tied around his waist. He was wearing a dark grey tank top, which clung to his powerfully built frame, and was sweaty and a bit dirty from working on his shuttle.

“You have not filled in some paperwork. The Captain has sent me around chasing people up to get it all signed. This is some cargo searches from last month…. Maybe.” She frowned looking at the PADD.

Micheal frowned slightly. "Last month?" He tried to remember what, if anything, he had ordered a month ago

“Yes. Last month.” The blonde looked him over once taking in how dirty he was. “Do you have your PADD?” She asked not wanting to get her own one dirty.

Nodding, he reached into his right cargo pocket and pulled out a small device. After powering it on, he quickly scrolled through his inbox, starting at a month prior. "Hmm," he said, a look of concentration on his face. "The only delivery I have on here is dated three weeks ago, for a few coils of fiberoptics and tools. I signed for those. Which one do you have?"

Nollel frowned at the screen and sent it across to his PADD as she could not pronounce the item. “It was some tools and that… I can not pronounce it .” She explained shrugging as she attempted to pronounce it a few times before giving up.

Looking at the screen of his PADD, then chuckled. "The hefeweizen? Heh, that's a brand of beer from Earth. Old brand too. I forgot I put in that request chit." He thought a moment, then continued. "I put in the reqest for a few cases, back when Di and I got this shuttle. Are you telling me, they finally came in?"

“Came in a while ago. People have not been…” she paused for a second looking at her PADD. “… paperwork. Lots have been found and I have been asked to complete it to give us a clean slate.” She finished.

Nodding in understanding, Micheal stepped out of the runabout and stepped up to Nollel. "Well, I'll sign for it now, get it off your list." He then pressed his thumb to her PADD screen, accepting the delivery. "Question now is, where, on the ship, is my delivery?"

“Um… delivery?” She asked blinking rubbing her eyes looking at the PADD quickly. “Yes beer delivery. Um… I do not know. I cannot remember.” She admitted.

A concerned look crossed Micheal's face. "Hey," he said softly, as he reached out a gently grasped Nollel's right elbow. "You okay?"

Nollel looked up alarmed at the touch on her arm and flinched before she looked around recognising the cargo bay. “Yeah. I think I have that cold that is going around. Probably should not touch me.” She said trying to cover her lapse. What was going on? It was becoming more and more noticeable to her and others.

Now Micheal was really getting concerned. While he and Nollel had never spent much time together, she was his shipmate and friend. "I think we should get you down to sickbay, have Doc take a look at you, just to be safe."

“Nah I am fine. I should just go to bed or something. Tellarite cold drains you and gives you mental fogginess. We need to track down your beer.” She assured quickly. She just needed to catch up and then get to bed.

Micheal wasn't convinced. "Respectfully, the beer can wait. You don't sound like you, Tellerite cold or not. Come on, I'll help you get to sickbay."

Nollel shook her head. She did not want to go to sickbay but she was pretty sure that the man was not going to take no for an answer. "Okay fine but I am fine. Just having a bad day. We all have them." She said wrapping an arm around herself.

Adding a level of concern to his voice, Micheal replied. "True, we do. However, as my friend, I'd feel a lot more comfortable knowing that you're really okay."

"Fine. I will go later." She assured. "I have a few things that need to be done but once I have them done I will go and get checked over by someone there." She assured quickly. It was not an urgent thing so she really did not want to go worrying sickbay when they already had so much on with people being sick.

Micheal frowned slightly. However, Nollel was a grown woman. Unless she collapsed in front of him, there was nothing he could do. "Okay," he said finally. "But if I find out that you didn't go, I will be upset." He hoped she took his words for the concerned statement they were meant to be.

"Sickbay is next on my list to go through and get paperwork signed. So I will be there in the next hour or so." She assured pushing her blonde hair over her shoulder. She did not want to but she needed to get checked over, even if it was to get some vitamins.

Micheal exhaled softly. "Okay then. I guess we should find my delivery quickly, so you can get there sooner. If you're sure you want to wait?"

“Beer?” She questioned before she came back to herself. “The beer I cannot pronounce. That I can’t help with you’ll have to talk to dock and cargo master to find where he has put it.” Can’t have gone far unless it was damaged when the Ferangi attacked but she could not remember any liquid spillages.

Micheal didn't like what he was hearing. "Okay, Nollel, we are going to sickbay, now. Your speech is becoming confused. So, you can either allow me to escort you there, or, I'll be forced to call the Doc down here now. Your choice." He was worried that she was sicker than she claimed.

“I am going there now.” Nollel sighed putting her PADD in her pocket. “I am capable of going myself. Thank you though for the concern.” She said quickly. She was happy that people on the ship were starting to see her less as the bride who tried to blow up the ship and more the person who alerted the ship to intruders.

Changing tack somewhat, Micheal smiled softly. "Actually, all this talk of sickbay has me deciding to go. I banged my knee earlier, working in the shuttle, was goona just use some scotch to heal it, but...better to get it looked at proper. "I'll walk with you. If my knee goes out, maybe you could help me along." He gave her a charming, disarming grin as he spoke.

Nollel shrugged. "Suit yourself. I am fine." She sighed wishing that people would just see that she was having a bad week. Everyone had a bad week once in a while, it was how the world went sometimes.

Micheal wasn't buying it however, he knew he had to play things correctly. He had known Nollel for as long as he had been on the ship. She was a good person and he cared for her as a friend, possibly even family. "Oh, I know. You just have that little bug." He started to limp slightly. "As I said, I'm going to sickbay for myself."

"Okay... fine." She shrugged. He could do as he wanted just as she could. "I am sure you need some type of help." She mused annoyed.


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