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Discussing the Party

Posted on Mon Aug 1st, 2022 @ 5:30pm by Captain Reuben Gregnol (Mirror) & Executive Officer Jake Ford (Mirror)

Mission: Mirror Mirror
Location: ISS Fenris
Timeline: 2397
1219 words - 2.4 OF Standard Post Measure

Ruben didn’t like the fact that his executive officer was dead nor the fact that his new one had been picked for him again like the last month. He hated his superiors picking his subordinates for him as be was fully aware of how to pick them and how to pick the best that was why he survived so long in imperial Starfleet. “We do not like each other.” The captain said simply as he looked over his desk at the man stood there waiting for him to say something. He had a lot to say on a lot of subject to his Interrogators no longer having abilities outside of the interrogation booths to the fact he had killed his executive officer without warning. “I don’t like a man who goes behind my back specially to the Empress to do her bidding when I am one of her most loyal subjects. But I am willing to look past that if we got on the same page and get out of this imprisonment in the Imperial Palace to get after the rebels.”

"I serve the Empress first," Jake replied calmly. "If she approaches me with a command, I am hers to direct. Even if that does mean undercutting the Captain of the Fenris." He straightened his dress uniform, complete with the new rank insignia and decorations. "So no, I did not go behind your back. But...this 'ball' isn't to my taste either. Many of these regents wouldn't think twice about seeing to our demise as agents of the Empress."

Gregnol bit his tongue hard to avoid just ending the man there and then. The annoyance was evident on his face. “Oh they are more than willing to see to your demise. I am more of a toy for their whims.” The man admitted with the stir of a politician for a moment.

"So what is your suggestion for escaping this apparent deathtrap?" Jake asked. "Presumably murdering our way out isn't an option, as appealing and liberating as we would both find it."

"Pick one of them and make friends." It had been his approach many times over the years. "You get extra points if it's the regent of Andoria." He added testily already thinking ahead to the woman. "Well that depends on if you are bringing a date along?" He demanded rising from his desk to start pacing.

"Assuming that is permitted for Imperial Starfleet men. I may have the Empress' favour, but bringing a plus one to a reception at the Imperial Palace isn't straightforward. Frankly, I would feel naked with just the one blade," Jake replied.

"Well, I have a plus one in our Science Chief Officer so it is assumed we are allowed." The Captain admitted turning from the shelf where he had been admiring a trinket for a moment thinking about the battle he had won to take it.

Jake's mind immediately went to Ledeya. His most trusted confidante, ally and occasional bodyguard in this sort of circle. Were he to take her along, however, it would not only put them both at risk, but it would also send an unusual message to others about the company he kept. No - he needed someone else. Someone that he could be certain would have a strong interest in making sure they were able to slip away when needed. "Agrax," he said simply, a faint smile on his face. "She'll hate everyone there, and we both know she can handle herself better than any simple grunt. And she's smarter than all of them."

"Agrax..." The stunned expression was hard to miss no matter how the Butcher of Betazed tried to hide it. He had not expected that suggestion at all. "I will let them." He finally said surprised at the suggestion and turn of events. Alexis was an interesting choice and not one he would have made but the woman was a warrior, why he had made sure she had not been sent to the breeding camps when the new laws came in. "You will be in charge of making sure she behaves herself."

"Agrax isn't going to, and we both know it. That's part of the point; it takes the heat away from us." Jake crossed his arms, guardedly. "Unless you have a better idea?"

“No but I do not want her arrested. It is a pain to get her out of imperial brig and we both know we like her really.” The Captain commented with a smirk. “We do not overly have many options right now. We have too much favour and the Empress is playing a game of chance in keeping us here. Maybe we should use Saa and the fondness the Empress has for her.” He mused aloud rubbing his face thoughtfully as he thought of the situation they were in.

"The Empress has a fondness for Saa?" It was news to Jake. There were still a few elements that had eluded him, though precious few now that he had ascended to his new position. "Intriguing. Perhaps both of them would be effective in different ways."

The Captain raised an eyebrow wondering if the man had not been playing attention at the reception. “Saa was her personal pilot and bodyguard when she was the crown princess,” Gregnol said lightly amused that Saa of all people was the one who would get them out of this limbo.

"Interesting." Jake made a note of that. "So we have potential distractions. Do you have a plan?"

"Not in the slightest." It was unusual for Gregnol to not have a plan or a hint of a plan but the Empress and her demands left him unable to plot and just resort to please her. "Any thoughts?" He asked the man finally sitting back down.

Jake scowled. He wasn't as familiar with these events as Gregnol, and both of them knew it. "Why am I the one having to plot? There are two of us there."

"You know what... fine this can be you proving yourself." Gregnol finally decided just staring at the man. "You might be the best XO I have had if you continue like that. I will not miss Robertson as I barely knew him and I did not like the way that he.... did things." The man had been a loose cannon that had been sent to him to either make a name for himself or die under his rule.

"I shouldn't have to prove myself; the Empress chose me personally." Jake crossed his arms, unhappy but a little resigned to the fact that he would have to do this himself. "But if this is what the Butcher demands, on his own ship, then who am I to argue? I will make arrangements." He left it deliberately cryptic. Not only did that mean that the Captain wouldn't be able to undermine him - if that was his intent - but it also left him room to work out exactly what arrangements he needed to make.

"Make the arrangements but remember she might have chosen you but this is my vessel. My opinion is the one that counts Ford. Do not forget that." The Captain said in one move dismissing both him from the room and his ideals that the empress chose him.


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