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Legacy Building

Posted on Sat Oct 21st, 2023 @ 8:34am by Captain Rueben Gregnol & Chief Of The Boat Terrence "Jack" Rumm

Mission: Fractures
Location: Captains Ready Room
Timeline: December 2397
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As Jack sauntered toward the captain's study room, his fingers lightly traced the hull of the SS Mary Rose, a gentle acknowledgment of the ship’s rich history. There’s something about old vessels; they breathe a different kind of life, a special hum that echoed tales from yesteryears. He paused for a moment, taking a contemplative glance at a particularly worn patch of metal, pondering the stories it might hold.

Approaching the captain's study, he paused for a moment, withdrawing a weathered flask from his pocket, unscrewing the cap and raising it slightly in a silent salute to the ship. "To new beginnings and old tales," he murmured softly before taking a modest sip, feeling the burn of the aged whiskey as it traveled down.

The door parted with the familiar hiss of well-used technology, offering him a view into the study. Jack stepped forward, a knowing, playful smirk resting easily on his lips - he'd never been one for the formality of stiff introductions. His demeanor found a natural ease as he leaned against the door-frame, giving a wry nod to the individual inside.

"Come in properly." Gregnol prompted not wanting to have conversations like that with the door open.

Jack took a long step inside the study. "Name's Terrence 'Jack' Rumm, though most just call me Jack," he began, his voice hearty, the kind that had a real depth of timbre. "Heard a fair bit about this old girl, the Mary Rose. Figured she could use a hand like mine. And from what I've heard, Captain Gregnol is the kind of captain I'd like to sail the stars with."

Gregnol had been expecting the man having approved him coming on board after seeing his application but it did not give justice to the figure and self-awareness of the man who stood there. This was another man who had spent his life among the stars. "So what have you heard?" The man said rising slowly to his feet and holding out his hand to the man.

With a chuckle that hinted at both mischief and respect, Jack took a step forward, firmly grasping the offered hand, "Heard you were dead, Captain." His grip was firm, but not overpowering, the grip of someone who has weathered many storms. Releasing the handshake, he gave Gregnol a sly wink.

"But then, I've been 'dead' a few times myself in various tales spun across ports," he continued, his tone rich with amusement. Jack pulled out a chair, uninvited but with the self-assured ease of someone who belonged wherever they decided to sit. "Rumor mills in spaceports churn out the wildest tales. But seeing you now, it's clear there's a lot more to Captain Gregnol than what they chatter about in the backrooms of dimly lit taverns."

Gregnol smirked and shrugged. He had been dead many times as had his crew as they had disappeared from the universe for the 3 years thanks to the excursion to another universe. It still featured in his nightmares often that the people he loved and respected could be so twisted and that was before he even thought of himself and how he had become the Butcher of Betazed. "I can assure you that those rumours have been drastically exaggerated by Starfleet and Fenris Rangers." Gregnol assured quietly.

Leaning back slightly in the chair, Jack's eyes glinted with curiosity. "Now, Captain, given that I've apparently got my information slightly skewed, what's the most outrageous tale you've heard about yourself? And more importantly, is there any truth to it? Good to get a measure of the man I'm throwing my lot in with."

Gregnol smiled and brought out a PADD and a letter that had come from a friend in Starfleet. "This says that rumour has it that Gregnol, met his end once again in a cargo run gone awry. Whispers suggest he faced a cosmic anomaly, disappearing into the depths of the unknown, leaving us to wonder if he'll miraculously return from yet another death-defying adventure." It had come from an Engineer who knew his wife and himself from the Victory. "And there is a lot of truth to it. My ship disappeared for 3 years but it was only a week or less to us."

He slowly nodded, a wry smile gradually reforming on his seasoned face. “Seems like the universe enjoys dancing a complex waltz with you, Captain. Disappearing into the unknown and re-emerging from the abyss... it’s got a poetic ring to it, though I suspect the reality was anything but.”

The seasoned traveler tilted his head slightly, genuine interest permeating his voice, “But here you are, defying the odds and the gossip of your demise, steering this historical beauty through the celestial sea. Must say, there’s an undeniable allure to venturing into the unknown with a captain who’s got a knack for emerging from the cosmic depths.”

Jack's demeanor subtly shifted from playful to a more thoughtful gravitas, though the twinkle in his eyes remained unquenched. “It’s been a wild ride, sailing through the stars, watching crews come together and sometimes fall apart. You know, Captain, every vessel sings her own song, and every crew dances to a different beat. The question, in my eyes, isn’t so much about steering through the cosmic unknown, but how we keep the melody playing harmoniously amidst the chaos.” He paused, leaning back, his fingers forming a steeple, touching his lips as he pondered momentarily. “They say a ship and her captain are like a hand and a glove, but what about the stitches holding that glove together, ensuring it withstands the tests of time and turmoil? How does Captain Gregnol keep the melody of the SS Mary Rose playing, not just as disparate notes, but as a symphony that endures through the silent void?” Jack leaned in slightly, his voice a inquisitive hum, “I'm curious to hear the untold notes of that symphony, Captain. After all, we're going to be sailing this tune together. What’s the one piece of advice you’d give to someone about to join your orchestra?”

Now that was a question the man had not been asked in his forty years of being alive. It was a very unique and interesting way to look at joining a ship. Gregnol knew he looked and smelt Starfleet mostly but it was tainted after a decade of being out on his own first as a kidnapped slave and now as the Captain of this vessel. His thought processes had a lot more freedom and the question had made him start to think on his tune.

“Do not be afraid to make a bigger note than the rest of the orchestra.” It was true that sometimes different members of the crew needed to be louder and bigger than others. Evelyn had no idea what she was doing in an Operations issue just like Nollel would not know what to do in a medical. Sometimes certain departments and people needed to be louder than others in the orchestra to make it all work.

Jack chuckled, a low, throaty sound that seemed to bubble up from some deep reservoir of mirth. "A bold note in the symphony, eh? I've been known to hit a few of those in my time, sometimes intentionally, sometimes... well, let's just say the universe has its own sense of humor. But that’s sage advice, Captain. Know when to be loud, when to be soft, and when to let others take the lead."

His eyes, dark with the wisdom of countless voyages and encounters, settled on Gregnol with renewed focus. "A crew is a living entity, each member adding their essence to the collective. It’s a dance of trust and intuition, each person knowing when to step forward and when to fade into the backdrop. With a captain who values every note, every beat, I've no doubt the SS Mary Rose has a music all its own. I look forward to adding my own unique cadence to it."

“Let me ask a question back to you then Jack what do huh believe you can bring to the role and vessel. What is the note that you can add?” He turned it back on the older man wanting to know what made him tick back. It seemed like he had it made on his last vessel so had no idea what made the man come to his vessel instead of that.

Jack lifted a brow, that familiar playful twinkle igniting within his eyes. "Ah, Captain, your inquiry sings a melodic tune to my ears, it does." He settled back, the soft creak of the chair underscoring his thoughts as he wove them into words. "Well, if we're trading notes, then allow me to play mine."

Jack leaned back, allowing a pause to permeate the atmosphere, a brief interlude in his spoken melody. "You see, Captain Gregnol, I've sailed through storms of celestial chaos and danced to the rhythmic hum of countless vessels. In every vessel, amidst every crew, there’s a symphony, and each member contributes their own note. As a gatherer of those notes, I navigate the subtle undercurrents that steer a crew towards unity or mutiny. Been a bit of a 'Jack' of all tunes, if you will, ensuring the harmony within the crew never fades into discord. My long years have taught me to perceive the silent notes, the unspoken needs and wants, that drift through the hallways of a ship." His voice softened, yet retained its spirited rhythm, "My experiences have seasoned me with a sprinkle of many trades – engineering, navigation, operations. I help where I'm needed, yes, but at its core my role is ensuring every member aboard feels seen, heard, and valued."

Gregnol was not sure he could do much more lyrical or waxing words but he did understand them all the same. He hoped every remember felt seen, heard and valued but sometimes it was hard to grasp the lower voices of the crew which was why he had advertised for chief of boat as well as made Burnie 2nd Officer. His wife was amazing at keeping him in tune but he wanted her to focus on the Engines and keeping the new ship smell going for as long as possible. "You speak promising words Jack. And your references are good but why you? Why this ship?"

Jack's eyes twinkled, catching the room's dim light. "Ah, Captain, the heart of the matter, then." He took a moment, savouring the weight behind the question, before diving in with his signature gusto. "Why me? Well, every ship has its rhythms, and its unique cadences, but sometimes, what's needed isn't just another crewman, but someone who can hear the spaces between the notes. I've learned to feel the vibrations of a ship and its crew, to sense when something's just a tad off-key, and to guide it back into harmony."

Gregnol indicated for him to continue and to talk more about it all hoping he would understand it better. "Yes, and this ship." He encouraged.

He gestured around the room. "Why this ship? I've been aboard many, Captain, each with her own story and song. But the Mary Rose... there's an age-old allure to her, a promise of adventures yet untold, of horizons uncharted. Plus," he added with a mischievous grin, "I've always had an affinity for vessels with a history, a story waiting to be unraveled and added to. So, while other ships might gleam newer or promise more glory, I reckon the truest tales are spun aboard vessels like yours. After all, isn't it the heart of the ship, and the crew it houses, that truly makes the difference?"

The Captain leaned back in his chair, a thoughtful expression crossing his face as he considered the words of his new crew member. He gazed around the dimly lit interior of the Mary Rose, he could imagine for a moment that 400 years ago he would hear the creaking of the first Mary Rose timbers a constant reminder of its age and history. With a nod, he replied, "You have a way with words, my friend, and a keen eye for what truly matters at sea."

Jack chuckled softly, the warmth in his eyes evident. "Ah, Captain, the way I see it, words are merely the vessels we use to navigate the vast seas of understanding. But it's the intent behind 'em, the heart they come from, that charts the course. I've been aboard many ships, seen countless horizons, but it's always been the soul of the vessel, the pulse of its crew, that's drawn me in."

The man had to be a poet somewhere in his past that had to be for sure or maybe a time traveller from the days when the ship would have been wooden. The Captain said nothing but watched the man waiting for him to come back from where he had suddenly gone to in his head.

He paused, his gaze drifting momentarily as if lost in the echoes of distant memories before refocusing on Gregnol. "I reckon the Mary Rose has tales yet untold, and I'm eager to be a part of her next chapters. Your leadership, Captain, promises to steer us through both calm waters and tempests alike. To new adventures and enduring legacies!" He leaned slightly forward, a hint of curiosity in his eyes. "Now, Captain, who might you recommend I make a swift acquaintance with, now that I'm aboard? Who's instrumental in the rhythm of this ship?"

Well, that was a good thing that he wanted to join the ship and help them move forward doing some good with the Fenris Rangers. But who should he make quick acquaintance with? Now that was a million-dollar question, wasn't it? "My XO Ford, Nollel Livaam, Michael.... everyone onboard is instrumental but the ship would not run without those 3 people. He hated to admit that he was useless without them poking and prodding him. "Da and the Doctor... definitely need to make friends with her." He was not used to having a doctor who stayed for more than a week so it was a quick correction to add her in.

Jack's eyes shimmered with the reflected light of newfound understanding, processing the Captain's words. "Ah, aye Captain, the core of a crew, the pillars that keep a ship steady and strong. Ford, Livaam, and Michael," he repeated, his fingers subtly miming the action of jotting them down. "And a healer, the Doctor, you say? The bond 'tween a starfarer and the ship's doctor is as sacred as any. They be the guardians of well-being, both of body and spirit. I'll make it a point to extend me greetings to her first."

He straightened up slightly, his demeanor turning earnest. "I'm ready to take up my duties forthwith, Captain. Now, with the vast expanse ahead and the rhythm of this ship coursing through my veins, is there anything in particular you'd want me to attend to in the near future?"

Gregnol had been thinking about what he needed the Chief of the Boat to do and it was not exactly anything other than what the man had been in his resume as things that he had been doing on other ships. The man had the experience to think on the job and decide which he wanted from his crew. He did not have the time to mollycoddle with so many things going on constantly. "Nothing outside of what you have always done on other ships." He assured. "Other than listening out for comments and opinions on Fenris Rangers." Everyone who was onboard knew and supported their work but if that changed he needed to know before it got out of hand.

Jack nodded, appreciating the Captain's straightforward approach. "Understood, Captain. I'll continue with the duties as I've carried out on previous vessels, ensuring the ship and its crew operate in harmony," he affirmed.

At the mention of the Fenris Rangers, Jack's expression became slightly more thoughtful. "The Fenris Rangers, you say? I'll certainly keep an ear out for any comments or opinions from the crew on that front." With a determined nod, he continued, "Trust that I'll keep a close watch on the pulse of the ship, ensuring we all pull in the same direction. And I'll be sure to relay any notable sentiments your way."

“Perfect. Then you better go find Livaam and security to get yourself settled and organised for coming onboard properly.” Gregnol promoted thinking how successful this base had been for being on new crew and faces to the old vessel. It was like some one was finally looking down on them and realising the good work they could do in the universe with just a few more faces.

Jack extended a hand in a gesture of affirmation. "Will do, Captain. Livaam and security, then get settled. Thank you for your guidance and trust in bringing me aboard." There was a glimmer of genuine gratitude in his eyes. "The Mary Rose already feels like a place ripe with potential, and I look forward to contributing to her legacy."


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