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Reshaping Destinies

Posted on Sun Nov 5th, 2023 @ 9:03am by Nollel Livaam (*) & Chief Of The Boat Terrence "Jack" Rumm

Mission: Fractures
Location: SS Mary Rose
Timeline: Back Post
2108 words - 4.2 OF Standard Post Measure

Nollel found herself in the midst of sorting through the aftermath of Trades' hasty departure from the ship when the chime to her quarters disrupted her concentration. The operations office was not her preferred workspace; it required her to haul PaDDS back and forth to her quarters, turning her personal space into a chaotic mess. Yet, the trade-off was the luxury of having her own domain, complete with temperature controls, and the freedom to stay in her pyjamas all day if she desired. Gregnol would not care as her only obligation was to restore some semblance of order to the ship, a task she took on willingly.

With a quick glance at the chronometer, she ruled out Michael as the visitor. If it were him, he would have simply entered their shared quarters. Therefore, it had to be someone else seeking her out. "Come in," she called out, the anticipation of an unexpected encounter sparking her curiosity as she readied herself for the interruption in her meticulously structured day. They would just have to accept the pyjama bottoms and vest top.

The door slid open, revealing the imposing figure of Jack with a faint hint of bemusement playing on his face. "Ah, I hope I'm not intruding at a bad time," he began, his eyes flickering momentarily to Nollel's attire but his expression never wavering. "Captain Gregnol directed me to report to 'Livaam'. Now, I'm not sure who that is, but I figured I'd better start introducing myself around. I'm Terrence Rumm, but most just call me Jack."

He paused for a moment, eyeing the disarray of PADDS, gauging her reaction and letting the gravity of his deep voice set the tone. "If I've come at an inopportune moment, I can find my way back later. But if you're up for a chat, I'd appreciate getting to know the lay of the land, so to speak."

Nollel looked around as he did and shrugged at he PADDs around the place. She did not know this man but she knew one no one would have gotten past Leiddem who was in duty and two no one who knew Gregnol would refer to him as Captain Gregnol without some sort of first day excitement so this man had to be the new chief of the boat.

“I am Livaam.” She admitted stepping back to let the man into the space. It was easy to see that 2 people lived in the space and that under all the PADDs that it was a tidy space apart from the art corner that seemed completely opposite of the rest of the room.

Jack's eyes crinkled at the corners, signalling a friendly smile beneath his rugged exterior. "Ah, Livaam it is then. My apologies for the mix-up," he said, stepping forward, albeit cautiously, given the cluttered surroundings. His gaze flitted briefly to the art corner, the chaotic creativity of it contrasting with the orderliness of the rest of the room.

"Quite a setup you've got here," he remarked, a note of appreciation in his tone. "There's something to be said for spaces that reflect the duality of a person's nature – organised yet artistic. It's a combination not often seen." His eyes met hers, a glint of respect evident. "Makes me think I've got a lot to learn about the crew of the Mary Rose, and how best I can be of service."

He cleared his throat, taking a moment to adjust to the unusual situation he found himself in. "Now, Captain Gregnol didn't specify why I should report to you. But I figured, if nothing else, it's a good opportunity to get to know key members of the crew. And if there's something more specific on the agenda, well, I'm all ears." He paused, waiting for her direction on where the conversation might head next.

"It is Nollel Livaam by the way." The blonde admitted with a smirk knowing exactly why Gregnol had not revealed her first name. He was using her as a test to make sure that people were respectful to everyone on board. She was the perfect tester of this as she was young and not exactly the type of person who was out on a ship like this. "Thankfully my husband is not bothered and does not mind all my equipment being here now." She was determined one day to have a better space but the little nook he had created for her was perfect for the stage of life she was at right now.

"He will have sent you to me to arrange your quarter allocation." She explained indicating for him to take a seat as she started rooting through the PADDs that she had.

Jack gave a short, appreciative laugh, "Nollel Livaam, then. Thanks for the clarity." He couldn't help but appreciate the slight mischievous twinkle in her eyes. "Seems I'm stepping into a ship full of character, from the top down. Keeps things interesting."

He took a moment to glance again at the art corner and the space around, noting the details, "Your husband sounds like a good man. It's important to have a piece of home, a personal touch, wherever we find ourselves out here in the vastness."

As she mentioned quarters, he nodded, realising the practicality of the matter, "Of course, quarters. Should've guessed that might be the first order of business." He took the offered seat, observing as she sifted through the PADDs. "Take your time," he added, a touch of his signature grin playing on his lips. "It's not every day I get a welcoming committee as dedicated as this. Makes me think I've landed in the right place."

“Chief Engineer onboard I am sure you will meet him at some point or other.” Nollel assured as she started flicking through available quarters as well as as what his job role and emergency roles were. No good putting him so far from his emergency duty station that he logistically couldn’t get there. “What do other ships do for a welcoming committee?” She wondered not having really experienced it herself. She had been a museum employee and worker then suddenly shipped off to be a bride before landing on New Laurium working for Equinox Industries Headquarters before ending up back on SS Mary Rose.

Jack leaned back slightly in the chair, crossing one ankle over the opposite knee. He considered her question for a moment before replying, "Well, every ship has its own traditions, I suppose. Some have formal orientations, others just a quick handshake and a 'good luck.' There's the occasional initiation ritual, both the fun and the... less fun varieties." He winked, amusement evident in his eyes.

"But in all my travels, the best welcoming committees have always been the ones that felt genuine. It's not about the fanfare, but the sincerity behind the greeting. The sense that you're joining a crew that's got your back, and that expects the same in return."

He eyed her curiously, a playful glint in his gaze. "And how about you, Ms Livaam? What sort of welcome did the SS Mary Rose offer you? Or did you just swoop in and make this place your own?"

“Which time? As a passenger or when I became a crew member?” She wondered hinting that there was so much more beneath the surface than the blonde elegy artist. Snort people knew she had joined as a passenger blowing up the cargo bay to stop her wedding and then joined the crew four years later to first repay her debt, both mentally for herself and then physically for the actual destruction she had caused.

Jack quirked an eyebrow, clearly intrigued. "Ah, so there's a tale or two hidden behind those eyes, is there? Alright, color me interested. Let's hear both stories if you're willing to share. Every journey, whether as a passenger or crew, leaves its mark. And I've always believed that knowing the stories of those around you weaves a tighter bond." He settled back, his keen eyes reflecting genuine interest.

Nollel grinned a little and sat down to work as they spoke. He would find out eventually and it was always better to hear it from a source. "I joined as a passenger back in 2393 within the first year of the ship getting Gregnol as a Captain and I was on my way to a wedding..." She paused a little remembering the anger she had felt over being forced into doing something she had not wanted to. "My wedding. I was meant to reaffirm the joining of Ardana as a Planet and well I did not want to do it so I rigged a bomb to give myself some time to avoid it and work out a way to escape." She admitted blushing a little. "It was pretty small and local to the cargo bay but yes that is how I met Gregnol and Kea and why when we met the second time on New Laurium they were less than happy to see me of all people."

Jack chuckled softly, shaking his head in wonder. "Now that's an entrance if I've ever heard one. A bride-to-be blowing up a cargo bay to avoid her own wedding? Sounds like something straight out of a spacer's tale." He leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees. "It's not every day you hear about someone willing to go to such lengths to change their fate."

"Needs must." Was her simple response.

His expression grew more thoughtful. "Life sure has a way of putting us in situations we'd never expect, doesn't it? And I've learned that desperate times can push people to take drastic measures. Sounds to me like you had your reasons." He paused, glancing at her art corner. "Seems you've come a long way since then, finding a way to create beauty amidst chaos."

He leaned forward slightly, eyes twinkling. "And how did that transition go? From runaway bride to essential crew member? I'd wager that's another tale worth hearing. Gregnol might've been less than thrilled at your second meeting, but here you are, part of the crew and in charge of quarter allocations. That's quite the turnaround."

Nollel had never really spoken to him about it but it had happened naturally over time to the point it had not been noticeable. She was a good admin and the ship had been a need of it so it had just become the norm to her. "Good admins are in short need." She said simply. "They had a need and so did I. Worked for the best for everyone involved."

Jack nodded slowly, taking a moment to absorb her words. "That it did," he replied, a knowing look in his eyes. "Life has a funny way of making things fall into place, especially when you least expect it. You've got grit, Nollel. Not everyone can take their mistakes and turn them into a path forward. Shows character."

He leaned back, fingers drumming thoughtfully on the armrest. "You know, it's interactions like this that make joining a new ship all the more fascinating. Behind every door, every corner, there's a story waiting to be told. And here I am, just starting to peel back the layers. Thank you for sharing, it's given me a fresh perspective on the kind of crew I've joined."

“I always share it so people do not under estimate me.” She pointed out. People assumed blonde and pretty meant a push over but that was very much not her.

His eyes glinted with mischief. "Though, I do hope my introduction to this ship is a tad less... explosive than yours." He chuckled, letting the warmth of the humor fill the space between them.

“I ended up here and met my husband and found a family. This ship has such a history of doing things that change your mind about the universe.” She said with a shrug as she held out a PADD to him. “I can show you where this is.” She offered.

Jack took the PADD, glancing down at the details briefly before looking up at Nollel with a genuine smile. "Seems the Mary Rose has a knack for pulling people into its orbit and reshaping destinies. Yours, maybe mine, and probably many others aboard."

He stood up, adjusting his jacket. "Lead the way, Nollel. It'll be good to see where I'll be bunking. And thank you, not just for the quarters, but for sharing a piece of your story. Reminds me that every member of this ship brings something unique to the table." He gestured to the door, ready to follow her lead. "After you."


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