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Protective Medical

Posted on Sat Dec 9th, 2023 @ 5:54pm by Captain Rueben Gregnol & Chief Engineer Michael Burnstein & Chief Helmsman Kalahaeia t'Leiya & Liha t'Ehhelih

Mission: Fractures
Location: USS Ishimura Sickbay
Timeline: 2243
1346 words - 2.7 OF Standard Post Measure

The medical team, initially stunned by their appearance, quickly mobilised to address the unexpected patients as they were escorted into sickbay and the compartment sealed off which left everyone confused when one of the patients disappeared before Commander Roxanne Warren could even begin a scan over her. The medical officer would not have believed her own eyes if she had not seen the woman fade away in front of her with her own eyes leaving her stunned before she turned back to the 2 women and the unconscious man.

“I… well this is certainly different.” She surmised her accent slipping through the standard she was speaking. “You all saw your friend disappear right?” She asked finally taking in how they were all dressed in unfamiliar attire that blended fabrics that she had never seen before with sleek and for lack of a better term futuristic designs.

"...Yeah." Kali finally said after a moment of pause in which none of the three remaining women spoke; there didn't seem to be much point in pretending they hadn't seen it.

"Fvadt!" Liha cursed at seeing the doctor vanish. It was followed by more florid Romulan cursing as she realized this left them with just century old Starfleet medicine and whatever Beya had picked up in her studies.

For her part, Beya limited her reaction to a subvocalized "Chastity", but put her best face on and reached out to place a hand on Burnie's arm. She didn't understand the physics of any of this twisty time stuff, but it couldn't hurt and just possibly it might keep her with Burnie if one or the other started to slide off elsewhen like Evelyn. Besides, as an Orion she was firm believer in the power of touch. It might not do anything to keep Burnie anchored to her, but it might somehow convey to him that he wasn't alone.

That was good enough for the doctor as she started to get down to business as one of the security teams disappeared off to let the Captain know of the disappearance and the fact that the new people were not stable in being there in his opinion. “So what happened?” Warren started to question as she ran tricorders over them.

"Not entirely sure." It was technically true: Kali did not really know exactly why Burnie reacted badly to any sort of time travel or temporal particle exposure, since that appeared to be classified to the nth degree from what Divash had said.

"He was in medbay a few days ago because he encountered some sort of temporal phenomenon in..." she stopped, realizing that explaining the Grotto probably violated a dozen temporal rules, "...a cargo hold. He was initially like this, but eventually started to recover. Whatever it was must have gone off again and sent us all here."

"Unfortunately, the reason it affects him is apparently all kinds of classified." Liha frowned down at her friend's still form. "Work with someone for years, and he never even mentions that temporal anomalies can scramble his brain..." A corner of her mouth hitched in wryly fond smile. Concealing weakness like that was almost Romulan. No wonder she'd taken to him despite all the other lunacy.

“Men have a way of hiding stuff like this. They do not want to seem weak or anything less than macho that does not matter if they are human or Vulcan .” The doctor's eyes quirked up as she surveyed the two women and the words that she used. She was not sure that the security officer would appreciate anymore mentioning of it.

Liha puffed a laugh. "'Macho' is not a word I'd associate with Burnie."

“Well let’s see if we can at the very least make him comfortable if it’s all classified,” Warren said kindly as she started to run scans on the man. “You three can take a seat I’ll scan you next.”

"I'll assist, if you don't mind," Beya said, pleasantly but in the quick manner of brushing off of an order as if it hadn't been understood. "I'm a medic, and with the doctor ...gone... he's under my care."

"I do mind but I will allow you to help but let me make one thing clear you are all under my care." The Doctor answered with a kind smile as she started to scan Burnie. It seemed an easier approach than starting with the women. "Human... mid-30's... Anything unusual around him other than a classified brain injury?" She asked Beya as she now had an assistant it seemed.

"No, at least not in his unclassified records," Beya replied, mouth going a bit sideways at the idea of any medical issue being censored from medics. "He's a few concussions, some broken bones, various incidents of radiation exposure..." she looked up, summarizing in a way she was sure a Starfleet doctor, even one from a century ago, would understand, "...he's an engineer."

Warren looked at her and laughed. "Of course he is. Half my shift is dealing with Engineers who think they can outwit engines." She commented. "So any of you feeling unwell or anything?" She wondered.

"We are fine," Liha stated firmly. " Burnie's the one who needs attention."

Kali said nothing, since Liha seemed to have covered it and whatever she might say would only draw attention to them, which she wanted to avoid.

Warren looked up from the scans on Burnie to level the woman who was trying to act firm with a look. “He does but he is stable so if there are issues with you guys I can help” She commented rubbing her tricorder over the man again. “Stable apart from almost being out of sync.” She summed up the only way she could.

"There are no such issues. We are fine." Kali assured after the second inquiry, adjusting her syntax ever so slightly from her usual, trying to sound a bit more like...well, what everyone in this time period would assume she was.

“Of course you are.” The human commented. “But you look like you are in no danger.” She added before starting to scan Burnie more deeper.

"We appreciate your concern, Doctor," Beya replied more diplomatically. "The main thing here is to keep the patient stable. He's ...sensitive... to temporal disturbance and may take hours to recover." Providing he can recover here... Was the condition only triggered by temporal events or was it sustained by being out-of-time? She made a mental note to find what the medical training program had on temporal effects. Hmmm. "Would it be possible to scan for chroniton radiation? Ambient levels might give an indication."

Warrne looked at the green skinned woman and nodded. She much preferred her less sullen approach to things that the open hostility of the Vulcan. How strange they were in the future? She wondered before starting on the chroniton radiation along with other scans. “It’ll take a little bit of time.”

Take a little time? Liha felt an eyebrow rising. No wonder uncle Vaebn had so much patience - he'd served in this era. Though she knew future tech should stay hidden, her own patience was severely enough tested that she began surreptitiously pulling the specialty scanner she'd stowed in her tool belt after Burnie's first incident a week ago.

Standing across from her over the biobed, Beya caught the movement and gave a fractional shake of her head, then tipping it down at Burnie who was beginning to stir. She saw Beya leap to her feet ...and then disappear, just as the Orion disappeared as well.

Blinking, Burnie winced at painfully bright lights, the scattered impressions of a thousand moments in time jumbled like they'd been put in blender and then poured back into his brain leaving a pounding headache as whatever Frankenstein magic Divash had worked from Devidian cell scans finally unlocked him from that. The face over him wasn't familiar, and he looked around just in time to see Kali suddenly fade away. "Wha...?


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