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Damage Control Kea

Posted on Fri Dec 8th, 2023 @ 8:58pm by Leiddem Kea (*) & Chief Armoury Rormu Yazlin

Mission: Fractures
Location: SS Mary Rose
Timeline: December 2397
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Leiddem leaned against the cold bulkhead of the dimly lit storage area, glancing at his wrist chronometer for what felt like the hundredth time. The neon glow of the lights above barely illuminated the compartment which cast shadows everywhere which reminded him of holoworld and when it had all gone a bit wrong. He adjusted his shirt and sighed, wondering if his new boss had forgotten about their meeting.

He had only received a cryptic message to come to this secluded spot. Leiddem had little information about but the secrecy surrounding the meeting place had piqued his curiosity and sent his imagination racing. As the minutes stretched on, Leiddem's anticipation mingled with a growing sense of unease as he wondered if he had gotten the location wrong as he had picked up the note after waking up from night shift. The distant sound of approaching footsteps echoed in the empty storage area, and Leiddem's heart raced as he hoped that he was going to get some answers.

"My apologies, mister Kea," Yazlin started talking as soon as the doors parted. Her silhouette contrasting against the brighter light of the corridor beyond. It obscured her features at first glance, making her seem like a shadowy figure with a lot of hidden agendas. "You must be wondering why I asked you to meet me here." She tried to remember the culturally appropriate way that Betazoids greeted each other, knowing they were a lot more physical than other species in the Federation she opened her arms in an invite to a hug.

Leiddem looked down at the woman smiled as he realised what her opening her arms was about and simply held out his hand. “I have been around humans, Vulcans and every other non touchy feely species for over a decade to not require that but I appreciate it you considering my customs.” He said shaking her hand gently before he returned to the subject. “I do indeed wondering why they were there,” it was unusual.

"I'm Rormu, I only recently joined this vessel as the head of security." Yazlin introduced herself with the firm handshake. Their voices echoed across the storage bay. "There's some supplies here that need to get to the gunrange and the gym. I was hoping you could help me out." She had taken stock of the available supplies, and even with a holodeck there was something about raw physical exercise that didn't seem to carry over completely. It probably had something to do with the safety protocols, which were obviously an amazing idea. She pointed out a couple of crates that were stacked in the corner. Normally the operations team would gladly do this, but it was an opportunity for her to get to know one of her more senior staff, so she had asked them to leave it. "Have you been working for the Captain long?"

Ah, so he was there for his ability to carry stuff and not for his ability to have led the security department through the last six months. He could understand why Reuben was the way he was but it did sting ever so slightly to be just there to haul stuff when he was so much more. He moved over and hauled them into his arms. "Since 2393." He said. "Get the doors and I'll be able to carry them."

"No need to show off." Yazlin made her way over to the corner that had the cargo-crates. "Let's split the load, many hands and all that." She took up two of the cases and left the other two for the man she had sought out to meet. "Quite some time then. What do you like best about working on the Mary Rose?"

“This is not me showing off.” Leiddem assured with a smile relaxing just a little as he let her take two of the cases. “My family is all here.” He commented. He had more family but Jeassaho and Reuben were the people who accepted him more than anyone else.

Yazlin nodded at that, she couldn't imagine having to work with her family but she could understand why some people appreciated being close to them. "Must be nice to be able to be close to those who you care about." She wondered if her father would appreciate her efforts with the Fenris Rangers. It was similar to his plight during the Occupation. It wasn't something he wanted for his kids, that's why he fought. Perhaps the whole ordeal had changed something in the Rormu's genetic code though. "I get turned around in these corridors, they all look so similar. Which way?"

“Jeassaho and me were always the black sheep of our families. We never fit in with the rest of our siblings or parents so it made sense.” He would not have believed the road he had set out on but it had led him to where he was now which was great. “This way.” He pointed towards the right. He could remember his first couple of weeks on board and how lost he used to get so it was understandable.

"What did you do to fall out of grace with your family?" Yazlin knew she probably wouldn't be getting the full story, or even any story at all, but it didn't stop her from asking. Slowly they were moving through the corridors, it always seemed like there were more dimly lit than they ought to be.

“Became a marine.” The man said with a shrug as he used his knuckle to press the door release to the turbo lift. The door slide open and he went inside first, he normally would have held back a little and let her in but the cargo crates made it difficult. “Jea became an engineer so we did not fit in with the doctors. How about you? How did you end up with Indigo and Teav as friends?”

Yazlin stepped into the lift with him, glad in this moment that it was a more modern upgrade without the need to verify their identities with the palm readers. "Born into a world whose only mode had been survival and rebellion for the past half century. That was still coursing through my veins but my parents envisioned a more peaceful future for their children. Joining the Militia was already frowned upon, but when the integration with Starfleet started I felt it was time to forge my own path."

He could not blame her family after the dominion occupation of Betazed people had hoped the same but more and more young people joined Starfleet to make sure it never happened again. He almost wondered what would happen if everyone young disappeared and it was just left to the older generations. “Ah seems like this ship is thriving with people picking own paths. Now if only we could convert it to energy we’d be able to forgo fuel stops.” The Betazed declared relaxing more as he requested the computer take them to the correct deck.

"Comes with the territory of running a civilian vessel, I reckon. Especially on this side of the quadrant." Yazlin was sure that all the people she'd met out here was either running away from something or towards something. Never had come across someone perfectly happy exactly where they were. It said more about the circles she moved in than the state of the universe. It was sometimes hard to remember. "So, before meeting me, what did you expect your new Security Chief to be like?"

Well wasn’t that the million-credit question did Leiddem have any idea of what he wanted from a security chief? Well, he wanted them to stay which was the biggest need but who knew what else he wanted. “Well, I guess someone who is looking long term would be nice.” He admitted. “We have not had a lot of luck there. People looking for quick credit or selfish.” Selfish was the last person to hold the position but he was sure the woman did not need to know that sorry tale.

None of those things really described Yazlin, which was a good sign, it was also a clear sign that he had just listed things he didn't want, it spoke of a weary approach to her as the new head honcho in his department. "If you were made Chief, what would be the first thing you'd change?"

Leiddem shrugged a little. "I would up the training schedule across the ship." He said truthfully. "Get drills running regularly with different simulations." It had always been a thing when he had been in charge that the training and Drills increased to keep skills sharp and to provide crew with training in different situations.

As the lift doors opened for them to let them out on the right deck Yazlin nodded at the suggestion. "It's always good to stay in shape. On a ship like this it's important for everyone to be on top of their game when it comes to security." As they headed down the corridor the new Chief started to wonder if she was still going in the right direction so she slowed down slightly to allow Leiddem to take the lead there. "Why don't you set up a training drill? Would be interesting to see what you think we should focus on."

Leiddem stopped dead in the doorway looking a little dumbstruck that it had been left to him to organised. He had never been defaulted to on the ship when there had been a department head on the vessel people normally just came in and pissed all over him to get ahead. “Me? Are you sure here boss?” He quickly asked as he followed quickly in several strides to catch up.

"I don't joke when it comes to matters of security. Draw up a plan, let's see what this crew is made of." The doors to the armoury opened as they approached, Yazlin put the containers she was carrying on an empty surface before she turned to face Leiddem and directed him to do the same. "Thank you for your help, mister Kea."

"Anytime," The man said stuck a little dumbstruck for now as he put the container down. He had never had a first meeting go quite so well with a new boss. When was the penny going to drop?


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