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Spring (bay) Cleaning

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Mission: Liberation
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: MD-27

Three days on board, but barely a chance to check out his new workspace, save from the brief shifts to get back into a medical mindset, Lhaes was now facing a full shift in the old vessel's medical facility. Still not used to wearing civvies on duty, the Romulan looked a tad uncomfortable the first minutes he stepped inside but versatile due to his profession, he was able to quickly fall back into his role.

Grey eyes surveyed the mostly stripped space and he shook his head in dismay. "How is this place going to function with only two beds and no real equipment to speak of?" he muttered out loud. "Do these things even work?"

Cate had been adding information to a patient's file on a PPaD when she overhead the new CMO lamenting about the equipment on board. With a polite chuckle, she walked closer "We get by. Thankfully nothing has been too serious to treat. How do you think the medical teams handled it back in the day? I'm an army brat and I've heard stories. Making burr holes with a plain old drill out in the middle of the desert." she winked as she put the device onto the counter "Dr. Catelyn O'Malley." she smiled sweetly as she introduced herself.

"Lhaes Sommers," the Romulan returned the introduction, "my parents are farmers. And this place seems a total mess and save for the beds completely stripped of equipment. How are we going to see patients, are the beds properly calibrated or are they only set to register known species from back in the day?" He gestured to himself. "How does it register a Romulan?"

"Just like anyone else." she half smiled "I've done with my best, along with a few med techs. We've managed so far, but we do need more equipment...desperately." she sighed out loud "Farmers, eh?" she asked as she saved the rest of her files and placing the device at her station. "It's been a particularly busy day, so pardon the mess. I usually help everyone clean up, but the day had gotten away from me." she shrugged gently "First day I take it? Welcome aboard." she smiled sweetly.

"First day I get to explore this facility yes," Lhaes nodded, "thank you. We need to get this place cleaned up and running, though truth to be told, I am at a loss on where to start. This is my first time as medical chief and uhm...on a quaint ship as this..." He cast her a sheepish smile. "Suggestions?"

Cate folded her arms and pondered a moment “Well, I’ve only been here for about 6 months or so....there’s no telling what’s on this ship. What do you say we check it out? Look for equipment... I’m sure here’s more; there’s got to be.” She replied softly as she a hand through her long, golden tousled hair “I’m to have another MD on board. So, what day you? Up for the challenge? Maybe get some coffee as well?” She grinned, happy to meet the new CMO.

The Romulan blinked in open surprise. "Six months... and there have been no modifications?" He shook his head in dismay. "Then we had better get to work on cleaning this place up but yes...after coffee. Where is the best place to go for a decent cup? Does this bucket have decent replicators, or do we make do with the old fashioned replimat?"

"The replicators are fairly well, I can get a decent latte that doesn't make me want to vomit, so there's something. And I've done the best I could with what I've had here." she replied as she folded her arms. She had done her best, given that she hadn't been on very long. This ship was an antique, and a beautiful one at that. She had been used to the newer ships, but this one had just called out to her. She loved it here, even with all the crap that had happened recently. "Care to join me?" she asked softly.

"Oh yes. Is the coffee on this ship any good? Or am I better off going or tea?" He smiled brightly, his grey eyes sparkling. "how about after we've had coffee, we to and tear off the bulkheads and see what we can find in the hidden places?"

"Oh they're both just barely drinkable, but either does the job." Catelyn laughed "And totally agree. Let me grab some pants. I definitely don't want to do this in a dress." she shrugged as pointed to her clothing "I'll grab a shirt and pants after. Shouldn't take long." she smirked as she pulled her hair up into a low messy bun. "We only have replicators for dark roast, earl grey and green tea. If any of those suit your fancy, then we're in business." she chuckled as she walked out of the bay.

" normal tea available? Eartl grey gives me a headache...and green tea has no taste." He shuddered at the idea. "Oh take your time, I'm not going anywhere. You should wear your hair more often like suits you."

"That's just what I know of." she replied softly as they walked into the halls "We can see if there's an oolong or something." she chuckled softly as she was complemented on her hair "Oh, a mess?" she laughed as she tilted her head "So, I heard you were here with your kids, how are they liking the ship so far?"

"Well they're only five years old, the girls anyway so anything is awesome, cool and huge to them. My boy is just one year old, he has no opinion on matters just yet. I'm going to have to find a balance between being a doctor and being a father. Maybe I'll just keep them with me in the office, which is probably safer than leaving them at home. At least...under current circumstances?"

Cate smiled warmly as he described his children "Perfect ages. All about discovery, adventure..." she gleamed into a laugh as she found the area with coffees and tea "Finding balance is the tricky part. I can only imagine." she winked as she leaned over to grab a mug "Okay, looks like for coffee we have breakfast blend, dark roast and medium; and for, grey, oolong, and...white." she smirked as she handed him a cup "I think you're the only one on the ship with kids..not that it's a bad thing at all." she said quickly to correct her statement. "But it's's nice to hear about tiny 'humans'." she gave a wink.

Lhaes smirked back. "Except they're not Human," he countered, "I guess I'll go for medium roast because I have no idea what white tea is." He placed his cup in the replimat and reclaimed it when it was filled. "Well....anytime you want to have a go at parenting...." He let the offer hang as he sipped the coffee.

“Ha! I’m good with parenting..” she laughed as she grabbed her mug, sipping the hot liquid carefully “I’m the oldest of four. Practically raised them while my parents busy with work. Love kids.” She smiled warmly to the Romulan. She chuckled to his comment on white tea “It’s a silly blend we had back on earth. It nearly has no taste. You must add a sweetener in order give it any taste at all.” She smirked “Any time you need a break, let me know. Kids have this magic ability of bringing out energy...until you’re drained and in desperate need of a nap. So,” She asked as she leaned her hip onto the table “I’ll change and we’ll head back. The adventure of dusting off old equipment begins. I feel like I’m going on a archeological dig of the medical proportions.”

"Well..I suppose we call it that....the Archaeology of Sickbay." he lifted his cup up to her. 'We should toast to that."

Cate laughed at that "Ha! Yes, toast! It'll be fun. Maybe next time, we can toast with a better substance in the glass." she chuckled

"We could always brew our own coffee...if someone can engineer us a proper coffee machine?" Lhaes gave her a once over. "Should I change too?" he wondered out loud, not quite sure why the woman chanced twice now.

“That shouldn’t be too hard.” She smirked as she began walking back to the sickbay. “I only wanted to out of the dress was all. Probably not good to search in something constricting.” She shrugged “You’re probably fine?” She asked softly “Ready?”

"Well I never wear a dress so I suppose I'm fine," Lhaes grinned, "I don't mind getting my hands dirty at all...or my clothes. That's what replicators are for right?"

"Exactly." she winked as she lead the way "For what it's worth, I think you'd look lovely in a dress." she laughed as they entered the sickbay once more "All right, Dr., lead the way..." she smirked as she grabbed her flashlight.

"Is that a challenge?" Lhaes countered as he walked out first. "Alright....let's get this done.”

“If you’re up for it, Doctor! Now, let’s have some fun..” she winked as she turned on her flashlight.

Catelyn O’Malley
SS Mary Rose

Lhaes Sommers
Senior Medic
SS Mary Rose


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