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Troops Summoned And Scared

Posted on Sun Feb 4th, 2018 @ 12:06am by Captain Rueben Gregnol & Lieutenant Selina Fenruse & Chief Armoury Micheal Robertson & Executive Officer Valiyi Uhin

Mission: Mission 5 - Liberation
Location: Deck 6 - Crew Bar
Timeline: MD 04 05:45


Reuben stood on the table looking at the crew bar that he was using as an impromptu meeting space. He put his fingers in his mouth over the dull road of the crew talking about the voices and suddenly the crew count increasing despite no one added. Operations and even himself had checked the computer for an error but nothing ship related seemed to be amiss.

"Okay... enough." He said after the whistle didn't silence everyone. He looked at the Chief Armory Officer, having already discussed it with him when he woke him earlier. "I know people are scared but we are going to do a Code Charlie search of the vessel for stowaways."

Micheal took his cue and moved to stand next to the Captain, facing out towards the assembled crew. Raising his voice, so all could hear him, he said, "Alright, people. There will be three separate groups. Each group will be responsible for a single section of the ship. One will search the engineering spaces, one will search the cargo holds and one will search the newly discovered labs. During the searches, everyone will be paired with another member of your group. buddy! At no time will anyone be alone. Should you somehow find yourself alone, contact either myself or one of my armoury officers immediately. This is for everyone's safety! Thank you." He looked back at Reuben.

"Get yourself into the teams and start searching the area that you are assigned," Reuben said climbing down going to Selina quickly. "I want you to return to engineering with one other engineer and lock yourself into the control room." He instructed softly not wanting to alarm anyone else. The Blonde nodded, she knew the drill having discussed things like this with the Captain weeks ago when she had first come onboard. She nodded and quietly slipped out the Crewbar grabbing the Engineer at the same time by the arm not giving them a chance to join their group.

Paul just shrugs and waits to see if anyone wanted to pair up with him, he's not expecting anyone will but he's been surprised before.

Braden had been sitting quietly at the back of the room. He sighed and walked forward "Well Paul you want to come with me to the newly opened labs? It is time you got involved in that work anyway." He smiled "I suppose we could pass through the gardens on the way, see if any ghosts have been gnawing on veggies."

Paul nods, "Indeed. Despite the reports of Anaphasic beings wanting organic energy sources, I doubt they'll want the plants. But I would like to check on my first batch of totally sythol made from organic compounds."

Braden nodded "well make sure you share some with Quang Tran. We have a sort of deal with him to share and share alike." He spoke as they walked toward the search area. "Tell me, Paul, what do you make of this situation."

"Historically speaking most ghosts turn out to be a misunderstood lifeform. But myself I'm flipping between wanting to catalogue what is causing the problems and giddy to run. It seems Luxon was afraid of ghosts and that has carried over. Its a weird sensation, curious fear," he scratches at this eye implant's edge. "Then again I know exactly how many skeletons are in my closet so if the ghost exists I'll know the form it will choose to attack me."

"That is the cure for fear, knowing what is behind it." Braden really feared very little, he had very little curiosity either. He considered the circumstances and worked to what he felt was a logical conclusion. He had no doubts at all whatever this was it was not supernatural. Just the same it was a problem and needed to be solved, that was what he planned to help accomplish. Walking into the gardens he picked an apple and began chewing. We have to stay together Paul so go do what you wanted and I will watch your back.

Tran overheard the others. He had reluctantly gone back down below. He had been acquiring supplies. Anything he remembered his grandmother ever having used. he overheard the last part of the two men's conversation.

Tran spoke as he approached. "I wouldn't say that. My people have long stories of things like the wandering dead. And I know what I heard down here. Is it ghosts? I don't know. But I do know that I haven't heard anything like that down here. I want to know what is behind it as well. I just think it might help to have more than one plan."

Paul nods and fiddles with some of his questionably legal in federation space equipment,"You might be right sir, but often the wandering dead in those stories were early civilization responses to various diseases they did not understand yet. Although there is a parasite that turns insects into literal zombies, so its possible to do that and is scary as all get out." He walks back with a flask that looks a little damp, "Okay I'll admit I'm not a bartender. But cheers...I hope."

The Captain turned away from the crew to Uhin and pulled her aside from the crowds to get a little degree of privacy. "You need to go to the bridge relieve everyone apart from the Helmsman and seal the Bridge." He instructed in a light voice.

"This is what a communication upgrade throughout the ship could easily fix," Valiyi informed, tapping her left shoulder, in an area, a commbadge would have been, her tone jovial enough for anyone to believe her joking, "but I shall take a small detour to the Bridge, of course."

"You have no idea how much I wish we could sometimes." The man replied thinking that maybe it could be what they used the next lot of latinum for after fuel and food. It was a gesture he made often enough out of habit even four years later.

"Connections, dear," Valiyi concluded, turning on her heel and heading for the Bridge. There would be no argument, but gentle suggestion instead.

"Dear..." The Captain muttered as she walked away. He couldn't believe he had just been called dear by his first mate of all people. He shook his head as he looked at a crewman watching him, the young man quickly looked away. He didn't need the Captain growling at him.


Reuben Gregnol
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Valiyi Uhin
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Paul Cullars
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Braden MacCloud
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Selina Fenruse
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Quang Tran
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