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Warm Hearts...

Posted on Sat Feb 3rd, 2018 @ 3:17am by Johnathen Anderson Jr & Ka'see 'Cassie' Anderson
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Mission: Ishimura
Location: USS Ishimura, Officer's Mess
Timeline: 29th June 2243 0823 hours


Johnathen entered the officer's mess, looking for some breakfast. He was finally able to enjoy a day off, his first in about two weeks. Life on a starship was full of things that needed doing. Of course, it could be worse, he could have been in engineering.

Looking around the small compartment, he smiled and nodded to his friends that were present. Then his smile grew as his eyes landed on the backside that he was very familiar with. Moving over to the young woman, he gently laid his left hand on the small of her back. "Morning, sweetheart. How's your shift going?"

The woman froze at the touch before she heard the voice turning slightly to look at him as she leant over the table in an interesting position from trying to grab her jacket without having to walk around to retrieve. "I thought we were keeping things quiet?" She wondered softly enjoying the hand on her back. It had certainly been interesting since he had come into her life.

The young helmsman shrugged and smiled at the beautiful hybrid. Then he leaned in a whispered. "I think after last weekend, half the ship probably knows. Kinda difficult to keep a secret when your roommate, a notorious gossip, walked in on us."

Cassie slowly rose and looked at her uniform sleeve for a moment. She blushed a little, her olive complexion doing nothing to hide it as she remembered the moment her roommate had walked in to find her in a position that left nothing to the imagination. “Well... yes...” She blushed more, trying to get the image out of her head.

"Hey.." he said softly as he lifted his right hand to gently caress her left cheek. "You don't have to be embarrassed by anything. I'm certainly not. I am proud to say that we are together. You deserve someone who wants to be with you." He meant, of course, Cassie's estranged husband. Realizing that there were more eyes and ears around than needed to be with this level of conversation, he dropped his hand to take her left hand, gently pulling her with him as he turned to leave. "Come on, honey, let's find a quieter spot."

The woman gulped letting herself be tugged away from where she had been about to retrieve her uniform jacket before heading to bed after Gamma Shift. “Nath...” She breathed as they got out into the corridor.

Hearing the name that only Cassie called him, Johnathen looked back and grinned a little sheepishly. "Oops! Thought you had your jacket. Wait here..." he released his hold on her hand and hurried back inside the officer's mess. He returned a few seconds later, carrying her jacket. Taking her hand again, he said, "my roommate is on duty right now. He'll be gone for the next ten hours. We will have plenty of time for...well...anything."

The woman frowned. She hadn’t had a chose to wait anywhere but where she was. Cassie shook her head. “Your roommate has changed shifts then?” The woman let herself be led to the turbolift.

"No," he replied as they moved. "Sam got himself in some hot water with Commander Philips. So, as punishment, he's gotta work double shifts for the next week. It was either that, or he gets court-martialed. He does his punishment without any issues and the whole issue gets forgotten. Won't even be annotated in his file." They reached the nearest lift and the doors slid open with a hiss. He stepped aside, to allow Cassie to enter first.

“Oh...” She said focusing on that instead of what he had been saying before about wanting to be with her. The woman had heard rumours about his roommate but she hadn’t heard the full story.

Once Cassie entered the lift, Johnathen followed. The doors then closed. Grabbing the control handle, he said aloud, "Deck six, port side." The lift started moving. Looking over at the young woman, he smiled. "Yeah. Besides, he spends most of his time with Johanssen anyways. So, we have all the time in the world."

“Unlike you, I am back on shift at midnight,” Cassie said softly. “I’m not on a rest day.” She teased him a little, despite them both working on the Bridge at similar times they were on different rest days.

Reaching out and pulled to him, the young pilot breathed in her soft perfume. "Well, midnight is still a long way away." He then kissed her, deeply.

The older woman was surprised by the kiss. Almost as surprised to find him the day she had after their last meeting when she had explained she was getting married. She pulled back from the kiss as the turbolift stopped and opened.

Breathing a little heavy, Johnathen again waited for Cassie to exit the lift first, then he followed. Moving up on her left, he gently took hold of her left hand. A few minutes later, they were in his cabin.

Cassie had never forgotten the human when she had been forced to walk away... her Human... her Nath. How could she? He had turned her whole world upside down, filled up her soul and her heart making her a lot more vulnerable and human. In short order, he had gone from a sweet romance, to her reason for living and breathing. She worked better when he was part of her life, she fought harder and excelled at her learning. She enjoyed life more and even understood the whole universe better when he was part of her existence. Somehow the man had snuck into her thoughts and life without even her realising. "All alone." She said softly.

Johnathen smiled at her. It was something he did alot. Smiling. However, since he met Cassie, he seemed to smile more and brighter. No matter how bad he was feeling, the simple touch of her hand on his skin had the power to melt all of his troubles away. Even during the few arguments they had had, they always seemed to come out on the other side stronger, more in love with each other. He felt as if he could do anything, so long as she was by his side.

Moving closer to her, he reached out and pulled Cassie to him. "This is my favorite place in the universe, " he whispered softly, his pulse quickening as he felt her body heat mix with his.

"I thought your favourite place was that place we went on shoreleave and..." She left the thought there as that had been where she told him what her family was demanding from her. She had told him sternly that she had to leave him, she'd run in the opposite direction, telling him that she would all but eradicate any fond feelings she had for him if he discharged himself from the academy and followed her. She claimed she was not worth it. Especially as she was promised to marry someone else, she did not even see him off on the day he left to return to Earth, back to the Academy whilst she went to her first assignment.

Johnathen saw the conflicted feelings darken Cassie's face. Reaching up to softly caress her face, he asked, concern on his voice, "Sweetheart! What's the matter?"

His voice instantly pulled at the strings of her heart, twanged them like an untuned banjo that had once played such sweet music. Cassie held her breath, she knew this could be an unwelcome reminder but she was honest. "I was thinking about when we said goodbye or more precisely I said goodbye."

The young helmsman have Cassie a sad smile. That had definitely been their darkest day. Kissing her deeply and passionately, he tried to banish that day from her memory. After a few moments, he pulled away far enough to both breath and say, "That is the past. This is our present. Let us enjoy it while we can."

Cassie nodded. She knew there would be another day like that eventually. The little ship bubble that they had created wouldn't last forever, she was married to T'vir.

Seeing that she was still upset, Johnathen suggest something. "Look, why I don't start a nice hot shower for you. That way, you can freshen up and be able to fully relax. Would you like that?"

"Can I have your favourite shirt after?" She wondered softly. It might be his favourite shirt but she loved it more.

Smiling warmly, he replied, love in his gaze, "Of course you can!" He slowly released his hold on her body, so that he could go and start the shower. About a minute later, he returned. "Shower is ready, my love."

Cassie smiled as she moved further into the quarters and looked around at the familiarness of it all. It was like they slipped into each others life after a two-year gap without even a second thought. "Thank you." She said smiling shyly.

"You're welcome, sweetheart." He gave her a warm grin as he spoke. "Did you eat dinner yet? I could go get you something while your decompressing. Unless you'd rather I stayed?"

They had different views on Gamma watch and what to call the meal at the end of it. "You mean breakfast." She grinned at him never having smiled much until she met him. Her Vulcan side had been in control until this human and offered to give her a lift to allow her to get home for her mother’s funeral.

"Whatever your heart desires," he bowed playfully, secretly hoping that she'd ask him to join her in the shower instead of food.

"You.... Just you." her voice was shaking as she remembered the last tearful conversation they had, had. How many long distance calls she had rejected from the Academy as she prepared to get married. She was thankful that T'vir had rejected her idea of wedding bands now that she thought about it.

Johnathen's chest swelled up a little, from the inhale of air he took after hearing both the words that Cassie had just said and how she said it. Slowly, and deliberately, he moved to stay in front of her, the desire that he had in his eyes for her was unmistakable. As was the hunger. Slowly, gently, he started to undress her. There were no words. None need to be said.


Ensign Cassie McAvoy
Science Officer - Biology
USS Ishimura
(PNPC Gregnol)

Ensign Johnathen Anderson Jr.
Junior Helmsman
USS Ishimura
(PNPC Robertson)


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