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Happy Meal

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Mission: Liberation
Location: Mess
Timeline: MD-26

Not really supposed to wander away from either their assigned location for day care, or their family home, Sommers twins had decided upon themselves to take their little brother out for a stroll. The five year old girls had managed to put their one year old brother in a stroller and pushed it across the ship. Having grown up on star ships, ironically they knew how to get doors to open and being part of the crew complement meant that the computer responded to them.

"I'm hungry," Liviana muttered, "I want to go eat. Daddy's too busy anyway to look after us. I want to see the ship and go eat."

Evaste nodded as she did her best to push the stroller ahead of her. "Isn't there a mess or something? Computer, direct us to the mess." Arrows appeared along the wall which the girls could follow.

Exhausted from their trek, the two girls arrived at the ship's mess, wearily pushing the stroller - which contained a now very awake and energetic boy - inside.

Lorenzo heard the doors to the mess hall swish open. He poked his head out through the serving window and saw three children, one of whom was in a stroller. He grinned and called out to them. "Hello young ones, is there something that I can help you with?"

"Food?" one of the girls piped up, while the other pouted. "I want to sit down," the second girl added, "and I want fries....daddy never makes us fries."

Lorenzo smiled, hie eyes twinkling, he gestured a the empty mess hall "Feel free to take any table you want" he said "I can make fries for you, would you like anything else to eat too?"

The girls looked at the tables, then at eachother and then at the chef. "We can't reach the table," Liviana pouted, "the tables are too big for us...And Galan won't be able to get anything at all...he can't even eat by himself yet."

"The tables are too big? That is not a problem, follow me" Lorenzo led the children to a table near the serving hatch, one that was specially designed for members of short races and children. "Here you go, this table should be the correct hight for you." He smiled at them.

"Now, did you say that Galan can't feed himself?" Lorenzo made a show of looking thoughtful for a moment, then his face brightened as he had an idea "Perhaps," he said "you could help to feed him, what do your parents usually give him?"

"Uhm.." The girls looked at each other. "We can help... usually daddy feeds him...small chunks though, he's not got all his teeth yet.." In the stroller, the toddler looked up with dark brown eyes and smiled brightly. "We only have daddy, we have no mommy...and Galan's mommy up and left... it's just daddy and us."

"Just dad and you, I understand" Lorenzo nodded as he returned to the kitchen to prepare the fries. He positioned himself so that as he deftly sliced the potatoes he could see the children through the serving hatch. "What sort of food does Galan eat?"

"Anything we do, except all...mashed up? He's not got all his teeth yet," Evaste replied, "have you never fed babies?" She bit her lower lip, looking away. She knew that question, quite possibly, had been rude.

Lorenzo smiled at the inquisitive child, "Do not worry young one, I can make food that he can eat, and it is not my first time preparing food for one as small as he is." He tossed the sliced potatoes into a container and looked at the children "Now, how do you like your fries, crispy or soft?"

"Crispy!" the girls called in unison, "with apple sauce? Do you have apple sauce?"

"Are there othere children on board then? We aren't the only ones?" Liviana added.

Lorenzo chuckled at the enthusiasm of the young girls "Crispy with apple sauce, of course." Lorenzo though for a moment about their other question. He hadn't been on board for long and hadn't met many of the crew members yet. "I am not sure if there are other children on the ship, but I am sure that there probably are." He picked up the sliced potatoes and placed them in the cooker. "Your food will be ready in a couple of minutes."

The girls smiled, while Galan waved a tiny fist around, before sticking it in his mouth. "I'm Evaste," one of them finally said, "and this is Liviana." The girl took on a proud expession. "Daddy's a doctor."

"A doctor" Lorenzo looked impressed "Good people doctors, always ready and willing to help people. I think that if I were not a chef, then I would like to be a doctor." He smiled at the girls "do either of you know what you would like to do when you are all grown up?"

The five year olds looked at each other, then back at the chef. "I want to be a spy," Evaste announced, "just like-"

Liviana elbowed her and glared at her. "I want to be a doctor," she declared.

"I was going to say just like Galan's mom," Evaste whined, rubbing her side. "His mom's a spy remember...I heard daddy talk about her to she stole his...Deeanay?"

"Deeanay?" Lorenzo thought for a moment "Do you mean DNA?" Moments later the fryer pinged, signaling that the fries were fried. Lorenzo grabbed a pair of plates and piled them high with the fries. He collected a bottle of apple sauce and a small bowl of mashed potatoes for Galan.

Lorenzo carried the food out of the kitchen and set the plates down before the girls. "Enjoy!"

Liviana Sommers
Evaste Sommers
Galan Sommers
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