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Never Know What You Need Untill It Falls Into Your Lap part 5

Posted on Fri Mar 2nd, 2018 @ 5:08am by Ka'see 'Cassie' Anderson & Johnathen Anderson Jr

Mission: Liberation
Location: Scotand
Timeline: Pre Ishimura - 2240

:::continued from part 4:::

After breakfast was finished, Johnathen began to clean the dishes and kitchen. As he did so, he looked over at Cassie, who was still sitting at the dining table, and asked, "Okay, what do you need to do today? Tell me everything, please, and I will help in any way I can." He then added, "And before you say again that I don't need to do anything, don't. I know I don't have to do anything. The point, is that I want to."

"I have to pack up my mum's things. I am going to rent out this place until I decide what to do." She admitted as it would be useless to her whilst she was at the Academy. Most of the bits and bobs were okay but there were some personal effects that needed to be put away into storage or given over to Charity shops for other people.

Nodding, Johnathen responded, "Okay, so let's do it. We will go as quickly or as slowly as you need." He paused for a second before continuing. "What about the funeral? Is there a ceremony that needs planning?"

"It has been organised by my father." She admitted hoping with all her heart that the man realised at the end his wife was human and that had been why he had loved her for her fire and spirit despite his need to change her. "He wanted to do something to help and with classes and studying I couldn't organise it."

Johnathen nodded as he listened. "Well, when and where is the ceremony? Is it here on Earth, or on Vulcan?" He finished washing the dishes and began to dry and put them away as they spoke.

"It is here. My father arranged it for here. " She assured softly. Vulcan was just too far to go in a week and get back to school and her father would never let her miss any part of school as it would affect her future opportunities. "Mum died last week." She admitted thinking of all the exams and events that she had attended with her grief hidden behind her Vulcan curtain.

Johnathen's features softened when he heard the additional news. "Cassie, we had lunch at least twice last week... Why didn't you say anything then? I'm sure the Academy would have been understanding and let you take all the exams they had last week!"

The woman shrugged, it didn't matter. "It was only right that i took the exams at the same time as all the other participants." Cassie didn't see how it could be good and proper if she took them at a different time to everyone else.

While he didn't like it, Johnathen kept silent. He guessed that he could see the logic in the whole thing, he just couldn't see how Cassie could be Vulcan. But then, he remembered that she was Vulcan. Finally nodding, he asked, "Well, you said that the service was here, but when is it?"

Cassie could feel the man working through arguments, could feel the cogs in his mind working to try and comprehend just how cool she was being. "Um, day after tomorrow. You really don't have to stay Johnathen." Cassie didn't mind being there alone. She didn't mind loneliness, it was a theme in her life and it just didn't matter that much.

Johnathen stopped what he was doing and moved over to gently lay his right hand on Cassie's left shoulder, his eyes taking on that look of care and concern again as he responded. "Cassie, I want to stay. For you. You are my friend and I care about you. Please stop trying to push me away. You are not alone here, and you don't have to go through this alone. I am by your side, to support you in any way that I can."

"You don't need to waste your vacation though." She pointed out softly as she turned a little to look up at him. He had such caring eyes despite his cocky attitude in class. "Your family must be wondering why you didn't go home?" She knew her mother would be wondering if she didn't come home for Burns Night or St Andrews Day.

Johnathen smiled warmly again. "Any time spent with you is not wasted, Cassie." He found that being in her presence, he was the calmest he ever was. There was something about her that centred him. While he couldn't figure out how he did know that he wanted to stay for however long it took to figure it out. "Naw, my folks already know that I'm helping a friend this week. I called them while you slept on the flight here."

"You don't even know me," Cassie said shaking her head as she moved to start emptying a cupboard of books and paperwork. They knew each other through class and sometimes had lunch with a group of people after that class but they barely knew each other. She didn't know his hometown or where he grew up, those things were important to human relationships and she knew none of it.

The young Human shrugged. "I know enough to know that you're a good person and someone I would like to get to know better." Moving to grab another empty box, he continued, "Ask anything and I'll answer."

"Anything?" She wondered softly turning to look at him as she knelt on the cold floor. There were somethings she knew it was better not to know, better not ask, that had been one of them. "You might not like what you see once you get underneath the surface, Anderson." She told him softly.

He moved closed and knelt down in front of Cassie. Gently reaching out and taking her hands in his, Johnathen replied. "Anything. I will tell you everything there is to know about me. I want you to know it all. Conversely, I want to know everything there is to know about you. I want to be someone that you look at more than just a friend. I want to be the person that you go to feel safe and secure. To feel loved." He inhaled as he finished, realizing that he had just laid all of his cards on the table. Whatever happened next would determine whether he becomes happy, or just goes on, feeling like an utter fool.

"I've never had that. Never..." Everything changed as she said that. Her voice sounded almost shaky like a lost child's, alone and abandoned in some dark, cold place. If her face had been stone before, now it looked shattered and human now.

Before Johnathen could respond to Cassie's sudden vulnerability, the front door of the cabin opened, and a tall, stern-looking, male Vulcan stepped inside. He was dressed in the typical robes that his people were known for. His eyes locked onto the young pair kneeling on the floor, in close proximity to one another, and he strode purposefully into the living room. "What is the meaning of this?!" While it was said that Vulcans do not express their emotions, he was clearly as agitated as Vulcan would get.


Cassie McAvoy
Science Track - Biology
Starfleet Acdemy (Senior Year)
(PNPC Gregnol)

Johnathen Anderson
Starfleet Acdemy (Sophomore Year)
(PNPC Robertson)


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