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Never Know What You Need Until It Falls Into Your Lap Part 3

Posted on Sat Feb 24th, 2018 @ 5:15am by Ka'see 'Cassie' Anderson & Johnathen Anderson Jr

Mission: Liberation
Location: Earth, Scotland
Timeline: Pre Ishimura - 2240

It was getting close to midnight and Cassie was curled up in her favourite chair, reading an old-fashioned book while Johnathen watched something on the screen built into the wall. She had made something simple for dinner after grabbing more wood in from inside. “I am sure my mum kept men’s clothing here when my father used to visit.” She finally realised. “I could go see?” She offered, thinking he would need clothes other than his cadet uniform.

Turning off the news broadcast, Johnathen looked over at Cassie and smiled. "That would be great, thanks." Secretly, he hoped That her father had some regular clothes, and not just Vulcan robes. However, he would wear whatever Cassie gave him, without complaint of any kind.

The woman disappeared off into the large darkened cottage, returning with a pile of regular clothes a little while later. “I think they are ok lengthwise.” She murmured putting them down on the couch next to him. She looked tired but sleep was hard to come by unless she was exhausted.

Standing up, Johnathen picked up a few of the items, trying to check for size. Held against his body, he thought that they just might work. He took the jeans, one of the t-shirts and heavy cardigan sweater, plus a pair of black, heavy knit, wool socks. He then turned back to Cassie. "Which room should I change in, yours or your parent's?"

“You can sleep in my room.” She said gently nodding as he checked the sizes. They looked okay to her, her father was pretty willowy as much as the other man was. “If you're tired, feel free to go to sleep. You don’t need to stay up.”

Johnathen nodded. He was tired, after all. However, his comfort was not what was important at the moment. "Are you sure? I'll stay up if you need me to...?"

“No. I’m gonna try and have a shower and then sleep.” Her mum's bedroom was ensuite, so it wouldn’t be noisy for him if he was in her old room. She would have offered the guest room but she had piled stuff in there last time she was home to give to charity shops.

"Okay," he replied, stepping towards Cassie and gently hugging her. Ad he released her and stepped back, he jokingly said, "Well, you know where to find me if ya need me." He then turned away and carried the outfit he had selected to her bedroom. When he got there, he swung the door closed, unaware that it had quietly swung back open partially. He was also unaware that from the right angle, he could be seen via his reflection in Cassie's closet door-mounted, full-length mirror. His back was to it ad he first laid the clothes carefully on the truck, positioned at the foot of the bed, then while he stripped out of his uniform, folding it and placing it on the trunk as well. In just his Starfleet-issue blue boxer briefs, he climbed into Cassie's bed. Turning off the bedside lamp as he did so.

Cassie stopped dead as she glanced into her bedroom and saw him already undressed. Changing her mind on disturbing him to get her bag, she quickly went into her mum's bedroom instead, taking in the familiar room with its comforter that she could almost smell her mum's perfume on she swore. She knew it was her mind playing tricks, but it was nice to feel like her mother wasn’t completely gone.

Johnathen lay quietly in Cassie's bed, slowly looking around the room, in the dark, to see the various items that belonged to his friend. Interlocking his fingers behind his head, he glanced up at the ceiling, his mind racing on what he could do to help Cassie. His mind also raced over the sensations he felt when he hugged her in the living room. While he had hidden his reaction well, or so he hoped, he had found the contact exhilarating, and her soft perfume quite stimulating. Sure, he had always thought she was attractive and smart, funny, sweet, and those! Those eyes were so hypnotic.

Jumping slightly, Johnathen shook himself out of his daydream. He chastised himself for the weakness. Now was certainly not the time, or place, to act on those impulses. He was her friend, and he would behave accordingly. As his mind started to quiet, he finally drifted off to sleep.

The woman quietly had a shower in the small room and slipped out sitting on the bed in a towel. She leaned out for the glass but as she did, she misjudged the distance and she hit out smashing against a glass of water on her bedside. She gasped holding her bloodied wrist to her and blinked in the darkroom stunned.

A few seconds later, Johnathen, still wearing just his underwear, knocked on the door. "Cassie?! Are you okay?!"

The woman didn't answer, as she sat stunned staring at the dark green blood that was spilling from her wrist onto the floor. it looked like a mess to anyone else.

Not hearing a reply, Johnathen burst into the room. Quickly glancing around the room, he saw Cassie just sitting there, staring at her wrist, which was bleeding freely. "Shit!" He immediately rushed over, grabbing a piece of clothing that was just laying on the bed. Once he reached her, he quickly wrapped the garment tightly around her wounded wrist, putting pressure on the gash.

Lifting it up above the level of her heart, Johnathen tried to look into Cassie's eyes. "Cas?" He tried to get her attention. "Cassie! Do you have a first aid kit?!"

"John..." Cassie softly whispered, suddenly coming back to herself. "In the master bathroom." She said nodding towards the door as she realised how much blood was around. "There should be a regenerator there."

Johnathen nodded. While inside he was freaking out, on the surfsce, he seemed pretty cool and collected. He had learned first aid from his parents as he was growing up. As shittle pilots, they always stressed to him the importance of staying in control while in an emergency. Also, unlike starships, when shuttles crashed, the survivors would need to be able to treat any injuries themselves, while waiting for rescue. "Okay," he replied as he stood. Pulling her other hand to hold pressure over the wound, he instructed Cassie, "keep pressure on this and keep it elevated. I'll be right back."

Moving quickly to the master bathroom, Johnathen did a quick search for anything that resembled a first aid kit. He found it in the first place he searched, the cabinet under the sink. Grabbing the rad case, he looked open the lid and did s quick visual inspection. Nodding to himself, satisfied that it was a well-stocked kit, the young pilot carried it back out to the bedroom. After moving Cassie to a cleaner location on the side of the bed, he knelt down in front of her.

The first thing he pulled out of the kit was a hypospray. He found and loaded the appropriate vial for pain control and pressed it against Cassie's upper arm, hearing the telltale hiss of the injector pushing the drugs into her body. Next, he grabbed a vial of blood clotting agent, loaded it and injected it. He then carefully removed the garment from Cassie's wrist, keeping the pressure on her arm above the injury to help mitigate further blood loss as he treated her.

Carefully, he inspected the wound with a pair of tweezers that he had taken from the kit. He found and removed a few small pieces of glass. Then, satisfied that no further foreign bodies were present, he grabbed the disinfecting spray. After applying the medicine, he pulled out the handheld regenerator. Slowly and with steady deliberation, he began to close the wound.

After about five minutes, the gash was completely closed, and her flesh, while slightly discoloured, was clearly on the road to recovery. Looking at his work, Johnathen nodded to himself. After giving Cassie a final hypo, this one filled with antibiotics to fight any possible infection, he put everything back in the kit. He then stood and returned the kit to the bathroom. The sound of running water could be heard briefly, then he returned with a moist washcloth. He began to clean the dried blood off of Cassie's flawless skin. His touch was both careful and tender. Finally, he looked up at I to her eyes. There was a different look in his eyes now. It was more than the friendship they had been there earlier. Now, there was concern and

"How are you doing?" He asked, gently holding her hands in his.

Cassie shivered as she realised she was only sitting on the bed in her towel from her shower, with her hair tied up damp around her. She looked at the man kneeling down in front of her. It was nice of him to do this. She was so confused about how it had happened, but she was finally relieved that he was here, and it wasn’t just because it was someone, it was because it was him. He had been nothing but charming and kind to her that day and for the life of her, she didn’t understand why?

Most people treated her with indifference, not sure whether to approach her as a human or a Vulcan. Most of the time, it didn’t matter. She had the strengths of both species, she thought softly, the indifference of the Vulcans to how people felt about her but the passion of humans to fight if she needed to. “You… you don’t need to do that.” She whispered. She was still wet enough that another shower wouldn’t be such a big deal.

"Come on," he stood, taking her by the hand, and led her back into the master bathroom. With care, he sat her down on the side of the tub. He then began the process of running her a warm bath. "I know you just showered," he said as the tub was filling, "but a nice warm bath will do you wonders now." After a few minutes, the room was filled with steam. Johnathen's body glistened with perspiration. Taking Cassie by the hand again, he stepped into the tub still dressed in his underwear, and helped her in, still wearing her towel.

"Okay," he began, "I'm going to sit down. If you sit down in front of me, I will give you a shoulder and neck rub. Unless you would prefer to just sit in here alone?"

The woman let herself be led into the familiar large room. It was the best bit around the house, the sunken tub. She had spent many hours on leave reading books there. "You should really go back to sleep, Johnathen. An average human adult needs between 7.5 and 8 hours of sleep per night." She said, surprised by the sudden realization that they barely had any clothes on.

"Hush you." Johnathen's tone was both soft and caring. "Don't worry about me. All that matters right now, is that you're taken care of. Please allow me to do that."

"I can't." She said softly looking at him confused. It sounded a little nastier than she had meant it; she just couldn't endure another second of his kindness or another second of her cowardly reserve. Was this his angle get to her when she was at her weakest? She thought him genuine but now like a protective shield, the thought came to.

"Okay," he replied with a soft smile on his face. If he had detected any venom from her words, it didn't show. "Then I will step out and leave you to relax." Without any objection on his part, he carefully stepped out of the tub. "If you need anything, please call me." That said, he left the bathroom, closing the door behind him to keep the warm air inside. He then went straight to the kitchen and found some cleaning supplies. Returning to the master bedroom, he began to clean up the mess.


Cassie McAvoy
Science Track - Biology
Starfleet Acdemy (Senior Year)
(PNPC Gregnol)

Cadet Johnathen Anderson Jr
Starfleet Academy (Sophomore Year)
PNPC Robertson


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