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I Am Not Adorable

Posted on Sat Feb 24th, 2018 @ 4:19am by Jeassaho Kea

Mission: Liberation
Location: Deck 16 - Engineers Office
Timeline: MD 04 05:45

"So you are my search buddy?" Jeassaho asked as she slipped out of the Engine Control Room to where the man who was going to search Engineering with her was waiting already. "I'm Jeassaho... I think I have met your children." She murmured introducing herself. She had met his children but hadn't had the chance to meet him yet. She had discovered them in the Hydroponics Bay and they really were adorable.

"Lhaes Sommers." he replied, "and it seems so. However, I have not been in this particular engineering section before...I actually never had any business in any engineering during my prior career. Engineers usually came to me, if need be." He smiled. "It's quite possible you have seen my children, while young they are capable of tending to their own for a few hours. Do you have children?"

Jeassaho paused at his question about children a chill falling over her as she thought about Alexi. "No... sadly I don't." Having children onboard brought up Alexi more and more as he would be about the oldest age now if he had survived the event that had ripped apart his parents. "Well they are the only children onboard," Jeassaho said softly as she led the way towards the work shop.

"They are?" Lhaes perceived a sense of sadness from her but chose not to press further; he was a doctor, not a counsellor and he had appearances to keep up. "I didn't know that. I'm the only parent they have as their mother disappeared on me. Both of them..." He gestured inside. "What exactly are we looking for?"

"Yeah, there are no other people on board under the age of 16," Jeassaho said simply with a shrug as she stopped and looked at him. Had he not been listening. "Stowaways just like Reuben just told us. The computer thinks there are more people onboard than the ships list is." Jeassaho pressed the door release and led him into the first works shop. Most were not used but they still needed searching through.

The Romulan nodded, though he still couldn't fathom there being more people. He wasn't sensing anyone in the room beyond the woman. "You check the bulkheads left, I check right," he said as he knelt next to a hatch and ripped it away.

The woman nodded picking up his stray thoughts about not sensing anyone. She wouldn't raise it but she wasn't sensing anything either. She held up her phaser and put a flashlight in her mouth so she had a hand free to open the bulkheads as they went.

Unlike her, he didn't have a phaser on him but safely tucked away in his left boot was his Honour Blade, which was only a grasp away from use. And he had his kailune, though he had only informed the captain of their presence on his person. He did, however have a flashlight with him which he switched on to peer inside. Satisfied the place was devoid of any living beyond the proverbial space rat, he replaced the hatch and went over to the next. "So...what do you do on this ship?"

"I am an Engineer. I am the watch keep for Alpha shift and a Damage Control specialist for when things go wrong." Jeassaho thought it was pretty obvious from her jumpsuit but this man had only been onboard a month so she could understand.

"So you would say you know this place like the back of your hand? Any places we should search too that haven't been covered yet? Any places where things could be easily stashed away for safekeeping?"

"Like bodies?" She asked thinking back to the time she had discovered the body of the Science Officer in the Jeffrey tube as he succumbed to the virus. "This isn't our first search. We've done a few and no I wouldn't know her like the back of my hands. She is a hot mess of dead ends and things in the wrong place." Jeassaho grinned.

"Then perhaps we should start by putting things in the right place in here, and record what we find along the way?" The Romulan arched an eyebrow at her as he crawled semi-inside the next crawl space.

"Not our job. We need to search this area." Jeassaho wasn't going to start messing with things in semi-darkness. It would only cause injury to both of them and searching wasn't worht that.

"Then we comb the place...we should do a grid search. Though I still don't see what we're going to find if scans already turned up nothing." Lhaes shrugged, crawling back and closing up the hatch.

"You aren't kidding are you?" Jeassaho looked at the man and burst into laughter, it was a pearl of laughter that started off small before she was laughing hysterically leant over a workbench. Every person who came on the ship they truly believed the ship worked, there were so many dead ends and split corridors the ship was a warren run and then those areas were not all able to be scanned. It was too amusing after a few months of seeing peoples reaction when they fully understood where they were.

Turning, Lhaes gave her a most serious look. "Why would I be kidding?" he asked, then arched a single eyebrow at her. "Are you alright?" he asked, seriousness turning into concern. "Did I miss something here?"

"You... you are so..." Jeassaho looked around and then settled on him still laughing. "This ship is that old... the sensors don't work like that as the ship is modified... plenty of blind spots... You are adorable." The Betazoid finally said as she held her stomach as it ached from laughing.

"Well then....perhaps we should find a way to document the blind spots and just search those, shouldn't we?" he offered, still not sure why exactly he was getting laughed at. "I'm not...adorable..."

"You really think like Starfleet." Jeassaho said trying to sober up and stop laughing but it started again every time she thought about him thinking Rosie compared to a normal Starfleet ship. By the deities this man had a long and hard learning curve. "No... you really are adorable." Jeassaho commented on as she stood up properly and avoided looking at him. It would be the only way.


Jeassaho Kea
SS Mary Rose
(PNPC Gregnol)

Lhaes Sommers
Senior Medic
SS Mary Rose


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