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The Voices Are Real Part 2

Posted on Mon Feb 19th, 2018 @ 2:34am by Captain Rueben Gregnol & Dixoho Saa & Executive Officer Valiyi Uhin & Caden Isaacks

Mission: Liberation
Location: Deck 1 - Bridge
Timeline: MD 03 18:00

Reuben stretched out a little in his seat on the Bridge. Nothing unusual had happened in days apart from some cargo falling over in one of the lower cargo bays thanks to some bad stacking on some antigrav pallets but it was nothing special. “Saa how long till we get to Trill?” He wondered his trail of thoughts taking him from the cargo they were carrying to where they were carrying it too.

Dixoho turned from where she had been looking over the helm control over the helm operators shoulder. She turned and smiled a little at the Captain’s eagerness to get rid of the cargo they were carrying. It was nothing more than medical and agriculture equipment but it was the first legitimate work that the ship had gotten that hadn’t caused any damage to ship or crew. “One week, 1 day, five hours… do you need seconds Sir?” She wondered looking at the Captain then the first mate as she came in.

"Now please, this is of utmost importance-"

"Yes Ma'am."

"So I would expect a little less grumbling while we're in the middle of it."

"Of course, Ma'am."

As Reuben and Dixoho were debating, Valiyi came striding in, with the dark-haired field medic in tow. The latter seemed a little less concerned with his surroundings, eyes transfixed on the PaDD in front of him. Valiyi nodded toward the Captain. "I hope everything is in order, Captain."

"Everything is fine here. Saa here wants to know if we want seconds in our estimated time of arrival at the Trill Homeworld." The Captain looked at little jolly for someone who had been up a long time. "Are you okay? Can I help you Isaacks? " He wondered seeing the man looking at his PaDD.

Valiyi gestured toward the young medic, who looked less pleased to bring up the issue at hand.

"Sir, it's the crew..." he started, in a low mumble, "... We've had reports of many of the crew members hearing voices in the ship."

That attracted Dixoho's attention and she span on her chair and looked at Caden. She didn't see the man much and when she went for her weekly lung check he was normally quite rude but Dixoho couldn't place the look on his face there and then. "Have you heard them?" The Captain wondered if there was a leak of some toxins or something that was giving people delusions.

Caden's brow furrowed. "No sir, not a thing. I haven't been out of Sick Bay but to eat and sleep, myself, and there are several reported cases of people hearing things. I think some have been seeing things as well, but I haven't received anything clear on that."

Reuben rose from his chair in the centre of the bridge and nodded at the younger man. "Understood. Da...thank you for bringing it to our attention. I will check in with a few crew members." He said thinking of grabbing the medical files from people the last few days.

The medic narrowed his eyes for a moment, deciding to shrug it off and give Dixoho a critical gaze. "Don't forget your check this week, Miss Saa. We've got the analyzers calibrated for you properly this time around."

The redhead just glared back at the man and his gaze. She never missed it, it was part of her contact for being employed. "Like I would miss your company." She commented on turning back to the charts.

"I think we need to look over a few files." The Captain said to the XO as he indicated towards his Office. It was one of the few places on the ship the XO and Co could talk.

Valiyi gave a small nod. "Of course, Sir."

Once they were in the privacy the Office held, Valiyi frowned. "I've overhead many of the crew complaining about the same sort of voices. Medical's report does check out, and everyone who has reported these voices seems to be of sound mind."

"Computer..." The Captain announced and then frowned as he realised it might look like a Federation Ship it was nothing like a Federation Ship. He frowned and went to the console in the room and pulled up the crew listing and number. "Ah..." He frowned. "How many crew should be have onboard?" He asked over his shoulder.

"I am not certain. A good handful, at least. Twenty five... thirty so far, I would think?" Valiyi's eyes lit up at a sudden thought. "Have you found stowaways?"

"Computer says 40." The man said stepping back from to see the number changing up and down between 32 and 40. "I've never seen anything like that before. It is moving too quickly." The former Executive Officer had never seen a computer sensor do something like before. It was a solid number normally, the sensors on Rosie were pretty reliable when it came to bio signs.

Valiyi took a step closer to the screen Reuben was observing, frowning at the results. Reuben may have had utmost faith in his scanners, but the First Mate knew better than to not investigate. "... We should make sure there isn't anything wrong with scanners before we make any leaping assumptions."

Reuben wanted to react to her thinking he was stupid but simply nodded. He was becoming the diplomatic Officer again instead of the rough and ready man that his captivity had left him thinking he needed to pick his battle instead of just shooting her down. "Well, you are technically in charge of Operations." He hinted with a grin. Mahone was in charge of Operation and until he got a new Chief of Operations she was it.

"..." The Betazoid's inky stare went absolutely expressionless for a few moments, before she held up her hand. "If I check our scanners, we will be in need of new ones. Isn't there someone in Operations who can do that instead? Or Engineering, where the engineers are who know how to calibrate... and check details such as that?"

"You are head of Operations until we get someone for it." He reminded before rolling his eyes going to the communication that was built in and doing a shipwide announcement for Fenruse to report to the Captains Study. The woman was going to think them crazy, to say the least.

Valiyi's eyes flickered with realization before she gave her head a shake and shrugged her shoulders. "Your pride is going to get the better of you one of these days."


Reuben Gregnol
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Dixoho Saa
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Valiyi Uhin
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Caden Issacks
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