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Another Day, Another Part...

Posted on Mon Feb 19th, 2018 @ 6:37am by Johnathen Anderson Jr & Jasper Offermans

Mission: Ishimura
Location: USS Ishimura
Timeline: 2245 (t-2 months to Cloud)

Jasper stepped off the turbo lift onto deck seven. The corrodor lights flickered above him and he glanced up at them as he walked over towards a wall mounted console and opened the hatch. He sighed as he looked at the darkened lines from fried conduit connections, "second time this week," he muttered.

Walking down the adjoining corridor, Johnathen noticed the flickering lights. He then heard the grumbling to his right. "Hey," he said, as he approached. "What's up?"

"Oh nothing much," Jasper said letting the grin return to his face, "it's just the second time this week that they've managed to blow out this connection box." He chuckled and shook his head as he looked back at the mess he needed to repair and then back at his friend, "how's things going with you Johnathen? Anything new in your world?"

Johnathen simply shook his head "Naw. Just going to grab a bite before my shift starts." He glanced over Jasper's shoulder and into the open circuit box. "Man, I thought these Constitutions were supposed to be top of the line. How'd we get shoddy parts?"

"This is the second wall unit on this corridor to go in three days," Jasper replied as he removed a replacement from his uniform pocket. He glanced over at his friend and added, "if you hold up a minute I'll go with you."

"Sure thing," Johnathen replied cheerfully. "Can I help in any way?"

Jasper chuckled as he handed the replacement part to Johnathan. "Sure, can you hold this for a minute? It won't take but a few seconds to get this burned out one off of here." He retrieved a tool from his belt and began to twist a ring on it then touched it in a few places to the circuit board. "Won't take but a minute, just have to pop the old one off and put this one on."

Johnathen took the part and watched as Jasper did his work. "So, Jasper," he began. "How're things going with you and that new nurse, what was her name again?"

"Karen Williams," Jasper answered as he gently pulled the thin panel away. "We have another date tomorrow night," he chuckled, putting the damaged unit in his pocket. "She's a lot of fun but between you and me, I don't think she's really feeling it if you know what I mean."

Reaching out to take the replacement part he added, "haven't you been seeing someone Johnathan?"

Johnathen smiled warmly. "Yeah, Cassie McAvoy. I tell ya, Jay, she is everything to me. I feel alive when I'm with her and lost when we're apart. She makes me strive to be a better man." He handed the part over. "So what happened between you two? You looked pretty close last weekend down in the bowling alley."

"I'm not sure what happened but she seems to be, well different, like I said or did something she didn't like but won't tell me what it was," Jasper replied shrugging his shoulders. "Sounds like you've been bitten by that love bug though," Jasper replied with a laugh as he began to install the new panel. "Lucky man I think," he added as he closed the panel lid. "There, now let's get something to eat. I hope he's got some fried chicken today."

Johnathen nodded. He didn't tell his friend that his relationship with Cassie had started back at the Academy. No one but the two of them knew that part. "Yeah. I really have." Slapping Jasper's back as they started to head towards the mess hall, the young pilot remarked. "Don't worry, Jay. I'm sure we'll find you a nice girl when we stop over at Starbase Twelve next week. Provided we can keep her blindfolded long enough." He laughed as he teased his friend.

Jasper laughed as they traveled with his friend. "Yeah, I was hoping to get in a fight with a Klingon so I could get some plastic surgery and fix up this nose."

It didn't take long before the ops officer stopped and activated the door to the mess. "Seems I haven't eaten in a hundred years."

Johnathen tilted his head, studying his friend's profile. "Yeeeaaah. Sorry, Jay, but it'll take a bit more than that." He chuckled good-naturedly as he followed the ops officer into the mess hall.

Jasper laughed good naturally at Johnathan's remark as he glanced around and made his way towards the serving line, "well I suppose there just going to fined me as the lovable person that I am with or without plastic surgery."

Johnathen chuckled again. He and Jasper had quickly become very good friends after they joined the Ishimura. While a passerby might take their playful barbs at one another as serious insults, those that truely knew the pair would know that there was a level of respect underneath everything they said and did to each other.

Once the men had their food and were sitting, Johnathen leaned closer to Jasper and lowered his voice. "Don't tell anyone, but next time we go on leave, I'm going to get Cassie something really nice. I just don't know what yet."

"Wow," Jasper said with a chuckle, "Starfleet must be paying you better the me." He walked over towards a table and slid his tray onto the table and then took a seat, "do you have any ideas yet as to what she might like?"

Johnathen chuckled. "Naw, I've made a few deals on the side along the way. As for what she would like, well, as she is half Vulcan, that makes it difficult sometimes. However, I think I might have an idea, just that I'm not sure."

"I've got some investments sure," Jasper said with a chuckle, "I can't say I've been real lucky with them." He took a drink of his water and glanced at his place, "prime steak isn't bad, but I still want my fried chicken."

Johnathen smiled as he took another bite of his steak. "I enjoy fried chicken too, but steak is king!" He emphasized his words by lifting a piece of steak into the air, in a salute, before eating the juicy morsel. As he chewed, he suddenly had an epiphany. "I got! I know what I'll get her!"

"You do," Jasper said with a chuckle, "please don't tell me you are going to get her steak dinners." He tilted his head a bit as he looked down at his plate long enough to cut off a small portion of his own with a knife and fork, "I thought Vulcans were like vegetarians?"

Johnathen grinned as he replied. "No, no, no. Nothing like that." Putting the fork down, he picked up his napkin and wiped his mouth. He then took a sip of his drink and continued. "No, I'm going to find a piece of antique scientific equipment. She's one of the smartest people I know, and she's a scientist. I think she'd really appreciate something like that."

"Antique equipment?" Jasper questione, pulling his eyebrows together. "You sure about that Johnathen? Not sure how many girls want an obsolete piece of equipment." He chuckled and took another sip of his drink. "'Course, your the one with the steady girl, so don't listen to me in this."

Johnathen grinned at his friend and saluted him with his own drink. He had a lot of planning to do. He wanted to find just the right piece. It had to be something that spoke to her strongest interests, her fondest wishes. In no uncertain terms, it had to be perfect.


Jasper Offerman
Operations Officer
USS Ishimura

Ensign Johnathen Anderson Jr
Helm Officer
USS Ishimura
PNPC Robertson


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