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Falling Through The Ceiling To Find New And Interesting Things

Posted on Thu Feb 22nd, 2018 @ 4:54pm by Dixoho Saa & Reessem Nubohn & Leiddem Kea & Chief Armoury Micheal Robertson & Executive Officer Valiyi Uhin

Mission: Liberation
Location: Deck 7- New Areas
Timeline: MD 04 07:00

Reessem was bored as she walked through the darkest area that she had seen so far on Rosie. It was the newly opened areas of the ship but as of yet, it hadn't been connected back up to the main part of the ship so power only worked every now and then in certain areas. "This looks like a drug lab." She commented to anyone and everyone as she shone her flashlight around of the rooms.

"Perhaps we are," Valiyi commented toward the rear of the group. She peered into the dimly lit area. "... I would recommend not touching anything."

"Unless you know what you are dealing with," Adrian chuckled, green eyes bright with curiosity, "I wouldn't mind having a look inside, perhaps we can find some useful research here?"

Valiyi turned on Adrian, gaze narrowing. If she had to use her Starfleet voice, she would. "Do not touch anything until we have a proper assessment on what's going on."

Reessem jumped as she heard a thump and then lots of male voices shouting. "What was that?" She wondered to the group that was with her. No other teams were in this area.

Adrian shrugged, his attention still on the lab find. "I have no you want to go check it out?"

The ship's Armory Chief bolted past the group, heading farther down the corridor. Not waiting for subtleties, Micheal drew his disruptor, checked the setting, aimed, and fired at the troublesome doors. In an instant later, a large, ragged, hole had appeared where the doors once stood. Rushing in while the metal was still cooling, Micheal quickly moved to Dixoho's side. After checking for, and finding, a pulse, Micheal next checked for any broken bones or any massive blood loss. After not finding any, he gently cradled her head. "Di?" He whispered. "Come on baby, talk me. Let me know you're okay."

Dixoho didn't move as the man tried to move her a little. Reessem rushed forward and knelt next to the man. She glanced up amazed that her friend had fallen through that hole.

"Are you alright?" Climbing in after the rushed Chief of Security came Valiyi, adopting an expression of concern, gazing upward at the ceiling. "... What happened up there?"

Micheal looked up at Valiyi and replied. "We were investigating the cargo bay above and discovered a rusted section. While we were discussing it, the deck plating underneath Di gave out, and she fell through to this deck. Go get medical, now!"

And that was something Valiyi would not take. While she had great concern for members of the crew, she was not about to be ordered around. "I understand you have a personal investment in this situation, Mr. Robertson, but a cool head would do you some good about now." While she did, she turned to the others gathered about and made a gesture to go find a medic.

Micheal almost told the woman to go stuff it, however, he was solely concerned for Dixoho at the moment. Perhaps if the opportunity presented itself in the future, he might say something.

Finally, Lorenzo caught up with the rest of his team, panting he took a moment to catch his breath before he gestured upwards "We found some corrosion in the cargo bay. She fell through where the floor was weak." He peered fearfully at Saa, "Is she alright?"

Reessem leant forward and touched her neck. "She is breathing." The woman confirmed. That was positive in her books, breathing meant still alive. She caressed the red hair out of her face surprised to hear the words out of the security chiefs mouth.

Cate wiped beads of sweat from her forehead as she searched through the halls. Her blonde hair had been tied back into a messy bun as she stepped around in her white tee, dark pants and black boots. Hearing someone call out for medical, her head shot up as she leapt toward the calls.

"Give me some room please!" she demanded as she arrived at Dixoho. "Hey Dix.." she spoke softly as the group cleared up room. Kneeling down, she placed two fingers on her neck, feeling for a pulse. She waited for a moment as she counted "She fell through some weak flooring?" she asked, looking up to Reessem. "Pulse is low." she remarked as she looked back to Dixoho as she grabbed her small flashlight from her medbag attached to her hip. "Dixoho, I'm going to flash a light in your eyes, okay?" she spoke softly as she held the woman's eyelids open. "

The woman who been half stirring suddenly went still and her breathing wheezed slightly as Leiddem appeared on Cate's shoulder. "She's the one I was telling you about... the weekly checks... What is that noise?" The man suddnely demanded distracted by the sudden noise of energy being pulled through a system when it had been quite before.

Cate nodded as she checked continued to check the woman over “She needs to get to the medbay, stat. She’s got a concussion, among other things.” She sighed “She needs oxygen...”

Everyone in the room turned as the transporter suddenly burst to life and the oh so familiar sound of a sequence being reconstructed could be heard. For a long moment, figures could be seen before it faded again leaving the room deathly silent.

Her blue eyes widened as she dropped her flashlight, taking it all in. “What. In. The. Hell...” she breathed in shock. She continued to stare until the episode had faded.

Adrian, who had been watching the proceedings from the doorway, since he'd been told specifically not to touch anything, looked up at the transporter. "That was...interesting," he managed, eyes never leaving the location of the spectres.

"Beyond interesting," Valiyi agreed, stepping forward to examine the transporter pad for evidence. "... Alarming as well."

Hearing the transporter system hum to life behind him, Micheal turned his head, while still remaining at Dixoho's side. As his eyes finished their movement to the transporter chamber, he saw the briefest flashes of several transport signatures beginning the process of coalescing, then they vanished again. Needless to say, he was completely speechless at the sight.

Lorenzo's jaw moved up and down several times, although no words came out. After several moments he was finally able to speak " was that in there?"

"So who wants to tell Gregnol about this?" Leiddem wondered regaining himself quicker than the rest of them from the shocked and surprise.


Catelyn O’Malley
SS Mary Rose

Reessem Nubohn
SS Mary Rose
(NPC Gregnol)

Leiddem Kea
SS Mary Rose
(NPC Gregnol)

Dixiaho Saa
Chief Navigator
SS Mary Rose
(PNPC Gregnol)

Adrian Sage
SS Mary Rose
pnpc Lhaes

Valiyi Uhin
First Mate
SS Mary Rose

Micheal Robertson
Chief Armory Officer/Bounty Hunter
SS Mary Rose/Shuttle Alexandria

Lorenzo Di Julio
SS Mary Rose



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