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Apparent Crimes Part 2

Posted on Sun Apr 15th, 2018 @ 11:29pm by Deacon Kane & Reessem Nubohn KIA & Lieutenant Selina Fenruse & Ships Doctor Luka Mahone (Mirror)

Mission: Mission 6 - Azzia
Location: Deck 4 - Senior Officer Quarters
Timeline: MD 8 11:00

Meanwhile in the corridors outside of the crew's quarters

The sounds of items crashing and breaking could be heard throughout echoing as the Garda ransacked both Dix's and Micheal's cabins. Anything they liked, they were talking as 'evidence', anything they didn't they smashed on the deck. Both groups had signaled Ojha that they'd confiscated anything that was of interest. What they didn't know was that the noise they were making was drawing attention, and in there greed and avarice they stupidly left their assault rifles leaning unattended in the cabin's doorways

Dixoho's Cabin

It wouldn't take long for someone to approach the commotion in Dixoho's cabin, quietly kick the rifles to one side, and wait to be noticed. Luka had one hand on the same length of tubing he had brought along with him, and another on the phaser pistol he had gathered from the armory.

Of course, he didn't expect to get noticed right away. Levelling his phaser at the nearest one, Luka decided to speak up. "I don't think that's yours."

The the three officers froze upon seeing the human brandishing a weapon. "Detective Inspector," one said into his comm, "This is Poddar at position 2, we may have a situation here."

"Poddar!" a second said, then looking at Luka she carefully raised her hands. "Sir, lower your weapon," she said as she slowly approached Luka, "My name is Officer Usha Harish. We are police officers executing a search warrant. I have a copy of the warrant here," she added indicating a sheaf of folded papers tucked into her belt, "I am going to hand you these papers so you can examine them."

Behind Harish, Poddar took up a position blocking the right side of the third officer who carefully removed her sidearm ready in case the situation went sidewards, not ready to admit to herself how much it already had.

Selina stepped into the doorway and held out her hand putting her phaser down. It wasn't every day a pregnant woman held a phaser up at what could be seen as a boarding party. "This piece of paper doesn't mean you can search a ship under an Imperial Mandate." She had looked into what they could and couldn't do as soon as she had heard them come onboard in the PaDD that every Officer in Charge passed onto the next one.

Faced with two armed crewmen, Harish was ready to tell her men to ease down and walk away. They had already secreted the two PADDs and the four or five data sticks they found, like Ojha told them to do, but before he could say anything Poddar panicked.

"Harish, break left," Poddar yelled, causing Hardish's training to kick in as he rolled to the floor. The third officer brought his weapon to bare on Luka, firing but missed. Poddar, on the other hand broke right drawing his sidearm. Not listening to Harish's orders to stop, he drew a bead and fired catching Selina squarely in the chest.

Luka went to dodge the blow meant for him, dropping the long pipe as he went. While he looked ready to pick a fight, the doctor had no intention of allowing harm to come to Selina, not while she was carrying child. If he had fired a shot or lashed out, there would have been a chance she was caught in the crossfire. But, he hadn't counted on panic to ensue among the ranks of the guard.

"STAND DOWN! STAND DOWN! I REPEAT! EVERYONE! STAND DOWN!" Harish yelled, then pointing his weapon at Poddar screamed, "You stupid worthless afterbirth, you WILL drop your weapon or I swear, I will drill you myself!" then looking in horror at the pregnant woman convulsing on the deck yelled, "This is breach team 2, I repeat this is breach team 2, Medical Emergency crew deck, civilian down!" Poddar shot the woman at point blank range with the weapon's highest stun setting, they were now really and truly boned.

Luka was over at Selina’s side in an instant, phaser set down on the floor at his side. He had an eerily calm expression on his face, hand on Selina as he did a visual examination of both wound and body. “I’m a doctor, so your medical team will not be needed,” he spoke in an unsettlingly calm tone, eyes raising to meet Harish’s gaze, “But I recommend you not take more than what your warrant allows, and get out before the rest of the crew comes in.”

Harish looked over at the pair while her men got back to their feet, "DIVVIE-365, this is Breach 2, Cancel Medical, I repeat Cancel Medical, civilians have refused transport, Wave off the Meat Wagon." Harish signed as she touched her comm three times to signal Ojha. "DIVVIE-365, this it Breach 2, objective complete. Signal emergency recall." Officer Harish wanted to say something to the doctor as he attempted to stabilize the woman, but the transporter bean interrupted her before she could say anything that she knew would be less than useless.

Luka waved off any commentary, gaze returning to Selina. "I'll make sure both you and child are alright. I promised him I'd look after you and that's what I mean to do."

Reessem was being escorted back to where she was meant to be when she saw Selina lying on the floor with only Luka there. She broke away from her escort and ran to the man. "What happened?" She demanded seeing Selina twitching and barely conscious.

Luka didn't look up, a frown on his features. "The friendly side of the Azzians decided to pay a visit, and some of the more trigger happy ones took shots at us." With the same leveled calm, he gestured to the door with a nod of his head. "Caden's room should be closest, doctor wise. There should be a grey and white doctor's bag sitting atop the table as you walk in. If you would, please, pick that up for me. I don't want to leave Selina's side."

The teenager looked on worried, she had never been near a pregnant woman let alone a sick woman. "One deck down, two compartments left," Reessem said softly as she ran off down the corridor returning in minutes with a heavy looking bag dropping the bag next to the man. "Is she okay?"

"She's in shock," Luka explained as he took the offered bag and sifted through it for a tricorder and a hypospray canister. "The blast stunned her, but there's a chance we could lose either her or the child if we're not careful. I'll have to induce a coma, until we can get her to Sick Bay and determine how much damage has been done and how to remedy it. And with this mess, there's no telling how long that will take." There was a pause, before he narrowed a gaze at Reessem. "Did they get to you as well? Are you alright?"

Reessem nodded understand just how bad the situation had gotten. She was fine, everything was fine with her. "I am fine. I've just never been this close to someone who is pregnant and now she might be dying." The thoughts just spilt out her mouth before she could argue.

Luka shook his head. "She's not dying. Not on my watch."

"What happened?" A rough voice demanded. Reessem looked up to see the Captain striding down the corridor. He stopped dead seeing the blonde hair, he ran the last few meters to the pair.

Grimly, Luka returned to his work, pressing the hypospray against Selina's neck. "Our Azzian friends decided to do more than simply retrieve the items they were meant to obtain, so Selina and I stepped in to address that. Shots were fired, and she was hit, and I do not trust the Azzian doctors when their police force is so reckless."

"What is wrong with her?" The Captain demanded barely containing the anger he felt. These people were going to hear from him that was for sure. He was operating under something out of there jurisdiction. "How can I help?" He added as he stroked the blonde hair out of her face.

Luka's brow furrowed at the thought of having to explain himself again. "She's likely in shock, and will probably suffer from trauma. I'm not certain of the extent of it, as I have to get her to the Med Bay, preferably sooner rather than later." He slid one arm under her back and another under her knees, making to carefully pick her up. "I can get her there, but I need someone to help me make sure we don't have any other Azzian upsets."

The Captain silently stood up and picked up the fallen phaser. Nothing more needed to be said, one way or another he would get them to Sick bay and get Selina the help that she needed.


Selina Fenruse
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Reessem Nubohn
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Luka Mahone
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