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Bump On The Head

Posted on Tue Jun 26th, 2018 @ 8:30am by Captain Rueben Gregnol & Chief Operations Tucker Youngblood & Luka Mahone

Mission: Sabotage
Location: Deck 7 - Sickbay Complex
Timeline: MD 02 08:00

Gregnol looked at the man lying in the bed and then glanced at the two men who among other patients had been tasked with getting the man back to full health and as quickly as possible. He was lucky that Mahone had come looking for his sister and had found them at the right moment to fix up firstly Dixoho and now Tucker. “I am glad you found us at the right time Luka.” The Captain said softly as they prepared to wake him up.

"I suppose so." Luka's focus lay upon the console on the wall next to the biobed. "First your comatose patients, and now this. You definitely can't advertise yourselves as a quiet ship with all that I've seen and heard recently." He met Reuben's gaze. "Luckily the damage was mostly minor, and he should be able to get to work as soon as he has his bearings."

"Too much history for that." The man commented on stealing a glance at the three people in question that had been released from the transporter. "Good cause I need our Operation Chief back to action to find the fault on this ship." Jasper was doing a fine job but he needed the help seeing he was still learning current systems.

There was a groan from the bio bed as the tall form laying on it began to come back to consciousness. All he could feel, as the heaviness of sleep began to lift, was a pounding pain in the front of his head. Two hazel eyes opened and began to blink as he looked up at the ceiling and let out another groan. The last thing he remembered was getting into his new quarters and nothing after it and now it seemed he was in sickbay. He became aware of some forms around the bio bed and he blinked at them, trying to place them.

"What happened?" He managed weakly.

Reuben appeared over him. "You tell us. We found you in a corridor knocked out cold." The Captain wondered talking to him whilst the Doctors worked away. He barely knew the man but he was his Crew despite how short term that had been so far.

"The last thing I remember was setting down my stuff in my new quarters and getting settled," Tucker answered the man. He blinked a few more times as the room started to come into focus. "Were we attacked?"

The Captain shook his head quickly stepping back to let the Doctors check his head. Not really attacked though having a Saboteur on the ship was just like being attacked from within just not as noticeable until something as big as the ship halting happened. "Da just not in the way you would expect. We dropped out of warp with no warning and are currently dead in the water so to speak."

"As I said," Luka piped in, scanning his medical tricorder over Tucker's form. "Never a dull moment. But, Mr. Youngblood, I'm going to want to perform a few tests before we clear you for work. I don't expect your injuries are going to be enough for permanent damage, but we should definitely see if your motor skills are as they should be. You took quite the blow to the head."

Not a neurosurgeon nor in any way versed in the workings of the brain, Lhaes was happy for Luka to do the talking in this instance. Instead, he stood to the side of the bed to monitor the man's vital functions. "Can you tell us how you feel?" he asked quietly, "any nausea? Any other aches that may have resulted from your tumble?"

"I feel like someone tried to use my head as a basketball," Tucker answered honestly, he took a moment to focus on the two doctors and the only thing he could come away with was that one of them had pointy ears. "If the ship is dead, I need to get to work, I don't have time for tests."

"You have time for tests," Luka insisted, glancing to Lhaes for support in the matter. "The ship will still be dead in deep space when we're done with this, Mr. Youngblood. I don't want to come find out that you've fainted in a potential safety hazard. And then we'll be without your help, which I believe we can't be without. A few extra minutes to let me run these tests will not hurt you or overall ship health."

The Romulan doctor nodded in confirmation. "We need to be absolutely certain that you have suffered no damage from your bump on the head," he stated calmly as grey eyes fixed themselves on the man. "And if you think you have no time, then you will make the time. Either way, you will allow Doctor Mahone to run his tests."

Tucker wanted to argue, but with the way he was feeling they were both right and he didn't have the energy to be his normal stubborn self. Besides, if there was something seriously wrong with him he might end up worse off that just fainting again.

"Does your equipment have power?" He asked. "Shouldn't you have already done some of these tests?"

For a short moment, Luka's eyes flickered to Reuben, silently shooting the Captain a look of annoyance, before he mustered a polite and levelled tone to Tucker. "If we wanted to wake you up early and risk damage to your brain, then no, these tests could not just simply be done. Much like your systems, the human body does need time to boot itself back up, and if it does not do so properly, it'll just mean right back to the biobed before you realize it. Now I'm not going to ask again. Keep yourself seated so we can get this done quickly."

The Captain had stayed quiet for a long moment letting the doctors talk and then bully him into submission when it didn't work the Captain simply spoke up. He wasn't afraid to tell the new crewmember how this worked at all. "He stays until you clear him, Mahone." He didn't want head injured crewmen wandering around with a possible saboteur around.

"I wasn't trying to leave?" Tucker arched one of his brows and looked over at the Captain. "You said the ship was dead, I was concerned sickbay's power was offline. Far be it from me to tell the doctor how to do their job."

"Dead in the water and not moving. We have power for now." The Captain commented on softly as he stepped back. "I have things to get on with report to the Bridge when you are released from there care." He needed to catch up with Jasper and find out what was going on there.

Lhaes turned to Luka. "He is your patient doctor, are you able to handle it from here? Or do you require further assistance." The Romulan smiled to indicate that while he was senior he was perfectly happy to trust his staff to do their job without him looking over their shoulder.

Luka cleared his throat, stepping forward, tricorder in hand. "Then all the patient has to do is hold still."

"Fine by me Doc," Tucker replied as he closed his eyes, hoping this didn't take long.


Lhaes Sommers
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Tucker Youngblood
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