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Re-materializing in Another Time

Posted on Tue Jul 3rd, 2018 @ 9:19pm by Luka Mahone & Captain Rueben Gregnol & Chief Comms Kendra McIntyre & Ka'see 'Cassie' Anderson

Mission: Sabotage
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: MD -05 0329 Hrs

It was the dead of night, and one that had proved quiet. Luka had kept his end of the deal with the good Captain Gregnol, working hard to see if there was any way to revive the old Starfleet crew from a time long past. For the most part, he came to the conclusion that there was little he could do without the use of time.

So when one of the biobeds let out an alerting beep, the neurosurgeon gave a start, carefully nearing the bed as if the occupant was going to leap up and strangle him right then and there. Eyes narrowing, he tapped at the console on the bed. "... Hm..."

Instead of waking up to the golden beams of rematerialization, the dimmed overhead light brought on some confusion. The person tapping on the side of her bed was completely unfamiliar and didn't look to be Starfleet. Being dematerialized for a century and a half kept her from thinking completely clearly, so she leaped from the biobed and reached for the Human. "Where am I?" she asked, half threatening half frantic.

"What was originally the Ishimura." Luka didn't seem phased, taking a step back from the Andorian woman with an expressionless gaze. "There's quite a bit to explain, though I do recommend you sit yourself back down on the biobed so I can make sure you're alright, or at least before you fall over. You've been in a coma for a couple of weeks. Once you do so, I'll call the Captain, and you can ask any question you'd like."

"Originally the Ishimura," Kenda echoed. The realization hitting her like a phaser blast, "What year is it?" She expected to hear that they were in drydock as the ship was repaired to continue it's mission to Orion.

"2395. You were found on accident, ironically, so it's good you were found now." And with that, Luka took the remaining steps to the nearby comm on the wall. "Captain, one of the comatose patients has awoken well before schedule, but she's well enough to make demands and move, so I'll go off on a limb and say she's alright to speak with, and you'd answer all the questions much better than I would..."

It took the Captain barely ten minutes to appear in sickbay with a sleepy looking Cassie in tow. "She's awake?" The man said seeing the Andorian looking around.

Keda nodded a bit. She was in shock with her current situation. She was now a person out of her time and this ship, if it was hers, was her only connection to the past.

"Kenda... it's me Ensign Ka'see McAvoy." The hybrid said softly as she stepped into view. Johnathen would hate her using her maiden name but the woman needed to hear familiar stuff. "You are safe."

The Andorian's eyes looked up with a slight bit of hope. Forcing a smile, she replied, "The plan worked, we survived." She had not yet accepted her new circumstances, generations had passed in the few minutes since she had last seen Cassie.

"We did Anderson and Offerman have woke up as well. You and the others slipped into comas when we came out." Cassie explained with a small smile as she squeezed the woman's hands. "We are on the Ishimura but it isn't Starfleet anymore... It is a Civilian ship called Mary Rose." Cassie didn't think she could cope with the reason why they had been in the ship so long.

Kenda squeezed the Cassie's hands, a slight tremble giving the only sign of the emotions inside. She wanted to meet the others who had come out of transporter loop. "Is the Federation still here?" Kenda asked, needing some a connection to her life before this.

"Of course. Weathered a few wars but they are very much active." Gregnol finally spoke up having watched the two women closely as he exchanged soft words with Mahone about her condition.

"This is the Captain of this vessel," Cassie explained refusing to let go of the woman's hand when it was obvious she needed some support. It was most likely why she had been pulled out of her bed instead of the men.

"Captain," Kenda nodded toward Rueben. Her sense of duty still required her to show respect to the chain of command. "Am I part of the crew now?" she asked, ready to find purpose.

The Russian smiled a little and sat down on the bio bed next to her looking more and more thoughtful by the second. He would give her the same offer as he gave the others. "If you want to be sure. You were communications right?" He could use someone in communications but the decision was hers. "Take some time to think about it all. I'll happily drop you off somewhere and we can get you sorted with Starfleet if you wish. You don't have to make that big of a choice now."

"My commission is served and I'm sure everything is different than when I left," Kenda started. "I accept your offer," she answered without hesitation. With her new predicament, she might as well start her new life where her old life began. Her face read determination and her instinct told her that this new service would get her used to the 24th Century.

"And here I was thinking I'd have to use a sedative." True to his comment, Luka held in his hand a hypo, which he was ready to use on the off chance Kenda decided to leap up and get at him again. But it was swiftly put away as he realized that was going to be less of an issue. "Now that you've officially accepted, I'm going to go over a couple of minor tests, things that shouldn't take too long, and then you can go about your way."

The Captain nodded, he wouldn't tell her otherwise when she looked so determined to be allowed to stay. He would leave it to Cassie, Jasper and Johnathen to help her adjust to the current time and stuff. "I will leave her with you then Mahone." The Captain murmured leaving it there.

Kenda simply nodded her head. The Captain was the senior officer, even if they didn't use ranks. However, she was still nsure as to how thankful she should be. For all Kenda knew, she had just signed on to a group of outlaws, though she thought high enough of Cassie's character that her half-Vulcan friend would not tie herself to criminals.



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