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Let's Dance! Part 1

Posted on Sun Jul 15th, 2018 @ 6:46pm by Captain Rueben Gregnol & Ka'see 'Cassie' Anderson & Jasper Offermans

Mission: Sabotage
Location: SS Mary Rose, shuttlebay
Timeline: Immediately following "You Are Cordially Invited..."


Johnathen was happy beyond description. Finally, after years of ups and downs, joys and heartbreaks, he was finally married to the woman of his dreams! As they sat in their wedding chairs, at the table reserved just for the two of them, the young helmsman happily scanned around the shuttlebay, seeing all of their friends, both old and new, plus a couple guests that were merely using the Mary Rose as a way to get to their next destination. All had been invited, as per the newly married couple's request.

Turning to Cassie, Johnathen smiled even warmer. Whispering so only she could hear him, he asked, "Well, Mrs. Anderson Junior, are you happy? Has today been as perfect for you as it could be?"

Cassie turned to look at him and nodded. They hadn’t had a moment to themselves since they been married but she couldn’t deny it was perfect and do much more than she could imagine it would mean. “Cassie Anderson does have a ring to it doesn’t it.” She mused.

Johnathen smiled again at his bride. Reaching over, he took her left hand into his right. He then brought it up to his lips and kissed it gently. As he lowered it back down, he nodded and replied. "It certainly does." He then chuckled. "Do you suppose the captain would mind if we request a larger set of quarters?"

The woman smiled at the affection from him and blushed just a little. "You don't need to." A voice said leaning across Cassie's shoulder putting a card in front of them. Cassie turned and saw Reuben already retreating so she picked it up and held it out to her husband.

Johnathen took the card from his bride as he watched the Captain walk away from their table. Looking first at Cassie, then the card in his hand. Carefully, he opened the envelope, and then pulled out the simple, yet elegant, folded card. Opening the card, Johnathen held it so Cassie could read it with him.

The message inside was short, yet touching. Reuben expressed his wishes that the young couple would have many years of happiness and prosperity together. He also wrote that the V.I.P. quarters that they had used after their earlier bonding were now their officially assigned quarters, which they could move into at their convenience. Also, he added, once they were ready, he would grant them a three week, fully funded, honeymoon at any location of their choice.

Johnathen looked over at Cassie, surprise in his eyes at the very thoughtful gift. "Wow!" Was all he could say at the moment.

"How is he able to do that?" Cassie asked equally just as surprised still.

Johnathen replied with a shrug of his shoulders and a shake of his head. "He's the Captain. He can do whatever he wants!"

Cassie nodded, that was a good point. The man was in charge and knew things far above there page grade. Sometimes it was easier just to nod, smile and go with the flow.

Now this was more to Lhaes's liking. Aside from the booze which he knew was going to flow, and the hangovers his staff would be fixing in the morning, he did like the other part of such parties: dancing. He looked down at his shiny and polished boots and considered that they might just be fit for dancing. either that or he'd be paying for trying in the morning.

Deacon approached the wedding table cautiously, unsure of human traditions. Catching the bridal couple's attention, he smiled and approached them, bowing and placing his hands on his forehand, followed by his lips and then his heart. "Johathan, Cassie, though I don't know you well, I pray to my heart of hearts that your union is a long and happy one. And I ask that you accept this gift." he added placing a small box in front of them.

Opening the box he presented them with a small silver figure of a somewhat romanticized vision of a smiling vulcaniod woman in a long dress holding what looked to be a rounded cauldon above her head. "This is a 'Kunigunde'," he explained, "Newly married couples use it to toast each other at the same time with some liquid going into the chalice here." he said pointing to the cauldron that the pair couple now see was on a swivel in the woman's hands , "And the rest going into the skirt so both could rink at once." he then placed a dusty bottle of blue liquid on the table, "This is one the last bottles of 'Romulan Wine' I have." he added scanning the label with a far off look in his eyes, "It's just something very nice to toast with." Smiling, he bowed and saluted the couple again before leaving them in peace.

Johnathen tried to say thank you to Deacon, as soon as he realized just how meaningful the gift was. "Wow" he exclaimed quietly as he turned to Cassie. "This is a very thoughtful gift!"

Cassie looked surprised at the gift. They barely knew the man but he had been so nice anytime they had met. “More than thoughtful. It is beautiful.” She agreed taking it from her husband to look at it more carefully.

Jasper stood to the side looking on as the guests brought their gifts and congratulations. He waited until the physician had moved away from leaving his treasure for the couple and then moved in, "well congratulations Cassie and Johnathen." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small box small. It wasn't only about five centimeters in length and only about three wide and tied with a golden cord, "I thought you two might really like this."

The box contained a computer chip he had carried in his pocket while aboard the U.S.S. Ishimura. It contained images of the three of him together and the crew they knew well. "I've got something for you. It's not much but I think you both will enjoy it."

Cassie got up as she as she saw it and walked around the table to him and in a gesture unusual to her hugged the man tightly. He had been one of her few friends through the three years on the Ishimura and she adored him dearly for that. "It is a lovely gesture." She said squeezing him just a little more.

Johnathen sat, wide-eyed, for a beat, and then stood up as well. He and Jasper had joined the Ishimura at the same time, straight from the Academy. Moving around to the front of the table, he waited for Cassie to finish embracing Jasper, then he went in. "Aww, Jas. Now I understand why you were always snapping those pictures. Never change, amigo."

Jasper cherished the hug enjoying the warmth and returned it just as warmly. He took Johnathen's hand fighting back some tears that wanted to spill from his blue-grey eyes. There were more than memories here, there were bonds of friendship forged through good and bad times. These would only grow stronger as they found their way through a new time and place together.

Seeing the young couple, Lhaes approached them as well. "I'm going to have to owe you a gift," he apologized, "because I have no idea what to present you with. Perhaps, when I get to know you a bit better I can present you with something appropriate." Contrary to his nature, the Romulan offered Jonathen his hand. "From the brief time I have known her, I have come to see her as a remarkable woman. You had better take care of her and treasure her as you've vowed to do."

Taking the offered hand, Johnathen's smile faltered slightly. Just who did the Romulan think he was, leveling that threat at Johnathen, who, by the way, had been loving and cherishing Cassie since before Lhaes' father was even born. He was about to say something before Cassie intervened.

"I am pretty sure my husband knows that thank you. You only see me as remarkable because I overpowered you." She said with a smile as she looped her arm through the human's keeping him close. She could tease the Romulan now about what had happened because she was so secure in her relationship with Johnathen.

The Romulan chuckled, grey eyes sparkling with amusement. "Oh definitely, that must be it," he agreed, his chuckle turning to a smile.

After Lhaes left the couple, Micheal stepped up next. "Congratulations, you two," he smiled happily. Anyone who really knew the Armory Chief would be able to see the slight twinge of pain in his eyes, though he did not let it stop him from being happy for the young couple. "When you guys decide on where you would like to go for your honeymoon, my shuttle is yours to use. Rebecca is programmed to take you anywhere you'd like."

Cassie looked taken aback by peoples generosity of gifts. "Thank you.... Um don't you and Dixoho want to go somewhere instead?" They had only known these people a few months but they were truly treating them like family.

Micheal gave Cassie a lop-sided grin as he replied. "Don't worry about that. When the time is right, we will go somewhere together." He handed the couple an isolenear chip, whip would allow them access to his shuttle. He then congratulated them again and moved away from their table, heading back to where he was sitting next to Dixoho.


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