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Long Distance Call

Posted on Fri Aug 3rd, 2018 @ 7:29pm by Captain Rueben Gregnol

Mission: Sabotage
Location: USS Archimeded/SS Mary Rose
Timeline: MD -14 18:00

Jeestroyet sat in the small quarters feeling for the first time in a few months like she was at peace and best of all at home. She keyed in the communication key that Lheas had given her and was surprised when a woman answered. “Um… Can I talk to Lhaes?” She wondered softly confused by the woman there but she seemed very young but she nodded.

“Hold on for a moment,” Reessem said just as surprised to see a pretty woman contacting the ship via subspace for the Doctor. It took a few moments before the man in question appeared on the screen.

“Hi…” She said smiling at him relieved to see the man.

The man wasn't wearing any uniform, at least nothing akin to Starfleet as he answered the comm. Instead, he seemed to be in scrubs. "Jees!" he smiled brightly as he sat down, turning the monitor towards him. "Gosh you are a sight for sore eyes, how have you been?"

“Hey.” Jeestroyet smiled relieved to see that he was okay despite looking tired and not in any type of uniform. “Well you haven’t made contact despite all the changes so I thought I would check in on the last communication relay you gave me. Lots have been going on. I’ve got some big news but more importantly, how are you?” She wondered softly looking at him as she tucked a lock of hair behind her ear.

"I'm doing well...I'm a civilian now as you can see." Since this wasn't a secure channel he wouldn't be able to tell her that this was all part of a cover and he wasn't truly a civilian. "Made it to the senior medic and I'm actually enjoying the job. The little ones are settling in nicely as well, and though this ship being close to ancient, it's home." He smiled at her, his expression softening as she tucked her hair away. "What big news do you have?"

“I can see,” The was a surprising thought but he didn’t seem to want to go into it at all so she let it go. If he was happy she was happy. The woman slowly stood and showed her bump to the man letting him see before she sat down again.

The Romulan's eyes widened visibly as she stood. " two tied the knot after all then?" he chuckled, "and he better be good to you. How far along are you now?" Instantly, he went into doctor mode. "Are you having frequent check-ups? Are you eating well?"

“Not married.” She said settling back down amused that it was everyone’s first thought. “We’ve had moments,” Jeestroyet admitted going into the story about how her attacker had been caught on the base and how in her confusion she had jumped to some pretty big conclusions thinking Hanudi was involved. She didn’t even tell him about the whole leaving the base issue as that was just a big mess that she could see the man would get defensive on her behalf over it. “I was pretty ill after it all. Lost my telepathy to keep the baby safe.” She admitted.

Nodding, the Romulan studied her for several long seconds. "What are you taking to keep the fetus safe?" he asked, "and safe from what, exactly?"

"Our child had an unusual amount of Psilosynine present in response to my stress. They've lowered the amount that I produce so telepathy. I'm technically blind at the moment. " She knew he would know that Psilosynine was the primary neurotransmitter found in the brains of Betazoids. "With Hanudi ' being a Dal’chi they aren't sure on the ramifications of our two species conceiving a child. It is the first union that has been recorded." She added with a shrug as she touched her bump.

"I'm sure it'll all pan out Jees," he reassured her, "and perhaps as the child grows, your medication can be adjusted and eventually stopped. How are you coping with being blind though? I know from experience that it can be very frightening to lose that extra sense."

"They've had to cut it already so it doesn't hurt either of us." She admitted thinking for a moment how nice it was just to have a normal conversation even if he was hundreds of lightyears away. "It is strange and scary." She added. It had been scary at first but now she just felt a strange calmness around herself.

"Well if they are scaling back, then before long you'll be having full use of your senses again dear," Lhaes deduced, "and how is Han under all of this? Is he taking good care of you?"

"Sometimes." She shrugged a little. They were only just talking again after the Camelot issue let along anything more.

The Romulan's eyes narrowed as he stared at her. "What do you mean...sometimes. Do I have to come over there and knock some sense into him? Slip him one potion or the other so he will take better care of you?"

"He um... made the choice to leave Starbase 80 without me." She admitted. "So I was left with the choice of either have the baby alone or go with him." It wasn't easy to talk about with Lhaes had always been honest and one of the reasons she adored him.

"Wait what? He left without consulting without you first?" He raised both eyebrows at her. "What sort of man leaves behind his pregnant woman?"

"No he made the choice just expecting me to follow. Didn't take me into the decision making process. He has learnt his lession." She assured him softly giggling at the term pregnant woman.

" he expects you to just go wherever he goes?" Lhaes narrowed his eyes at her. "Learned his What'd you do to make him see?"

"I've been poorly. I have no telepathy thanks to getting myself so stressed and producing an increased amount of Psilosynine." She admitted glancing back as she heard a chime in the distance.

"Meaning?" Lhaes prompted, wondering what got her distracted as he didn't hear said chime in the background.

"Aren't you medically trained?" She teased a little. "I'm technically blinded at the moments without my telepathy. It's either that or my baby gets hurt." She said ignoring the chime. They would come back another time if it was that important.

"Yes I'm a doctor but that doesn't answer my question though," he chuckled, "how did you make him see and learn his lesson? I also have no real concerns about you're being blinded as that'll go away the further you progress in your pregnancy and you can lower the dosage along the way. And I do know how you feel, honestly, I do."

"He saw me hurt and ill." She hoped he had learnt his lesson cause if anything happened she would leave and return to Betazed.

"Ah yes that will do it." Lhaes nodded in understanding. "As I said, he had better be taking care of you Jees, or I'll need to have a word with him for sure."

Hanudi was more than looking after her now that things were settled down. "I am sure he would appreciate the word, either way, you are a father after all," Jeestroyet said softly thinking on everything that had been said between her and Hanudi. it was complicated but she loved the man to bits.

"If he wants advice I'm not sure I'm the right person to ask," Lhaes smiled, "after all my wife abandoned me under the pretense of keeping us safe. And my first partner just up and left without saying so much as goodbye. I'm pretty sure you won't do that to him."

"I mean more bringing up children," Jeestroyet said with a small roll of her eyes. "I won't do that to him without a good reason." She assured softly thinking back to the nights she had tossed and turned thinking in through.

"Ah..well you know I'm willing to help if he has questions but again I'm not sure I'm the right person to ask. You have each other, I'm a single parent..." Lhaes gave her an encouraging smile. "You'll be fine Jees. He's a good man, you could've done far worse for yourself."

"Oh I could have could I?" She wondered leaning into the screen a little as the chime went off at her door again.

"Yes ma'am," the Romulan replied, referring to her 'beloved' ex who was hopefully rotting away in a dark and dirty cell somewhere. "There's someone at your door..."

"Yeah... I guess that is my hint to leave you be." She smiled and touched the screen in an intimate gesture between them.

Lhaes touched the screen in return. "Be well Jees and remember, I'm only a call away if you need a friend."

"I always need you Lhaes." The woman assured as the connection was cut and the Federation symbol replaced the man's face on the screen. Sometimes you just needed someone outside the circle to put things in perspective.

On the other side of the connection, the Romulan smiled to himself, realizing that he was missing something. Perhaps, it was time to go talk to his handlers, and return to Starfleet.

Lhaes Sommers, MD
Senior Medical Officer
SS Mary Rose

Jeestroyet Atraix
Morale Officer


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