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Be My Little Spy

Posted on Mon Nov 5th, 2018 @ 6:17pm by Christopher Byrne & Captain Rueben Gregnol

Mission: Shattered
Location: ISS Gaman
Timeline: MD02 17:00

The frustration was building in Sera. The Gaman was supposed to be gathering searching for the new Cardassian threat, not playing repair shop for every ship in Starfleet. Even if that ship was commanded by the famous Butcher of Betazed, the Gaman was still the Gaman. Once the doors to Main Engineering opened, Sera stopped to look for her Assistant. "Vriaral," Sera called out as she noticed the man standing over a console, "What's the status of the Fenrir?"

The Trill looked up as he heard his first name called by the woman across Engineering, No one called him Vriaral most people called him Tabaal. He slowly stood up at a far more leisurely pace than normal. "Not a clue. Seems to be the same but there is a communication blackout still." He said softly.

Shajing her head a bit, Sera replied, "Something isn't right." Taking a look at the console before her, she added, "Starships don't just break down and blackout communications for no reason." By nature, she was a suspicious person. It was a trait that had benefited her in the past, and this situation was causing her internal alarm klaxons to sound. "What have you got on them so far?" she indicated the Fenrir model on the console.

"Of course something isn't right Butcher of Betazed is involved for one thing." He hissed to her before he changed the model on the console to the Fenrir's Engineering area. "It all seems fine to my scans but with the comms black out who can really know."

Sera thought for a moment, there was obviously something going on that they weren't being told about. "Have you calibrated the sensors to scan outside the usual sensor range?" She tapped the screen to indicate the cargo holds, the Bridge, and Brig, "With a point-zero-one increase in output of the core, we can focus some passive scans onto these areas. No need for the Butcher to catch wind that we are onto them."

"You are very bad Sir," Vriaral said with a small smirk as he started to set about in running the scans. He was quite happy where he was in his position, no one else wanted it right now and he didn't want Sera's position so it worked for now.

"And that makes you my accomplice," Sera pointed out. She didn't get where she was by sticking to the rulebook, she got to her position by getting her job done. If a few rules and courtesies were broken, it was not a real problem. "Anything?"

"Nothing new there then." The man commented on with a small grin as he shook his head. Nothing changed normally, it was the same routine normally, this away mission would be a welcome change if it went to plan. "Could always send me over as 'help'?" He wondered softly a plan already in his head about how it would work.

"You sure you're not half-Betazoid?" Sera replied. She nodded toward a spare engineering kit nearby as she added, "Who better to take a look than our resident warp field expert?" She could already see Vriaral sneaking over and finding all sorts of secrets in her imagination.

"Not I am all Trill." He said without a second glance at her. "I am sure they won't mind if I go over and help." He was sure of that, it wasn't often he got to escape the Gaman but it would be fun just to mess around with the ship. "Just make sure they don't shoot me over there for just turning up."

"Shoot back," Sera replied. "If I lose you, I'll have to trust one of them," she motioned her head toward the group of engineers huddled around a few consoles just out of earshot. "I'll clear it with the man upstairs, the Butcher wouldn't dare cross an Admiral yet."

Vriaral snorted as she said yet. That was what he was worried about, Gregnol wasn't one to think before he went and did something. It was why he was loved and why he was fear. "Yet is what I am worried about." He muttered looking over his shoulder.


Lieutenant Sera Williams
Chief Engineer
ISS Gamon
(PNPC Byrne)

Lieutenant Vriaral Tabaal
Assistant Engineering Officer
ISS Gamon
(PNPC Gregnol)


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